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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Monkees  Circle Sky (live version)   Options Head  Rhino  0:00:00 )  
Preacher's Kids  Summertime   Options Wild Emotions  Get Hip  0:04:06 )  
Orlons  Surfin'   Options various - Hey, Beach Girls! Female Surf n' Drag 1961-1966  Ace  0:06:23 )  
The Electric Mess  You Make Me Raw   Options s/t    0:08:52 )  
Dirty Looks  Love Comes In Spurts   Options The Complete Stiff Years: Dirty Looks/Turn It Up  Stiff  0:11:34 )  
Cheap Dates  Get It Tonight   Options     0:13:25 )  
Marvelettes  Strange I Know   Options The Ultimate Collection  Motown  0:16:27 )  
Marvelettes  Too Strong To Be Strung Along   Options various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 2: 1962  Hip-O Select  0:19:20 )  
Marvelettes  Beechwood 4-5789   Options various - Hitsville U.S.A. box  Motown  0:21:24 )  
Southern Culture on the Skids  Highlife   Options The Kudzu Ranch  Kudzu  0:33:02 )  
Triple Hex  365   Options s/t  Thigh High  0:37:22 )  
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers  Fire's Still Burnin'   Options The Kneeanderthal Sounds of Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers  Voodoo Rhythm  0:39:40 )  
Tom Jones  Burning Hell   Options Praise & Blame  Lost Highway  0:42:31 )  
Peter Case  Ain't Got No Dough   Options Wig!  Yep Roc  0:45:59 )  
Compulsive Gamblers  Whole Lotta Woman   Options Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing  Sympathy for the Record Industry  0:49:57 )  
Eddie & Ernie  I'm a Young Man   Options Lost Friends  Kent  0:53:07 )  
Ronnie Hawkins  Southern Love   Options Mojo Man/Arkansas Rockpile  Collectors' Choice Music  0:55:59 )  
Urban Junior  Two Headed Demon   Options Two Headed Demon  Voodoo Rhythm  1:04:53 )  
Long Hair  Cheese Tweezer   Options Superstition's Willing Victims  Forty Seven Records  1:07:40 )  
Wounded Lion  Belt of Orion   Options s/t  In the Red  1:08:56 )  
New Pornographers  Togetherness   Options Play Outrageous Cherry 7"  Matador  1:11:27 )  
Outrageous Cherry  The Song They Don't Want You To Sing   Options Stay Happy  Rainbow Quartz  1:13:42 )  
Volebeats  We Don't Like To Forget   Options s/t  Rainbow Quartz  1:17:23 )  
Jay Banerjee  Dear Donna   Options BAN-ER-JEE - Just Like It's Spelled    1:20:42 )  
Insomniacs  Mind Eraser   Options Just Enjoy It!  Blood Red or Screaming Apple  1:30:50 )  
Insomniacs  Get Up and Go   Options Just Enjoy It!  Blood Red or Screaming Apple  1:32:08 )  
Insomniacs record release show Friday Feb. 4 at Maxwell's Hoboken NJ - with the Grip Weeds!  
Insomniacs  Get Better   Options Just Enjoy It!  Blood Red or Screaming Apple  1:34:46 )  
Grip Weeds  Long Way (To Come Around)   Options Strange Change Machine  Rainbow Quartz  1:37:44 )  
Sights  Take & Take   Options Most of What Follows Is True  Alive  1:45:12 )  
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3  Consider the Source   Options Northern Aggression  Yep Roc  1:47:57 )  
Rainy Day Saints  As the Stars Fade Away   Options Reflected  Get Hip  1:53:05 )  
Monotonix  Summers and Autumns   Options Body Language  Drag City  2:02:47 )  
Monotonix  On the Road   Options Body Language  Drag City  2:05:13 )  
Monotonix  Deadly Weapon   Options Body Language  Drag City  2:09:54 )  
Monotonix  No Metal   Options Body Language  Drag City  2:14:01 )  
Movie Star Junkies  Loneliness Like Clouds Above   Options In a Night Like This 10-inch  Kill Shaman  2:17:17 )  
Subsonics  Why Don't You Give Up On Flowers   Options Die Bobby Die  Slovenly  2:20:42 )  
No Bunny  It'll All Come Back To Haunt You   Options Raw Romance  Burger  2:22:51 )  
Waistcoats  You Know Better Than Me   Options We Are The Doctors  Larsen  2:28:05 )  
Satelliters  Outta Here   Options title cut  Soundflat  2:29:39 )  
The Othermen  I'm Drunk   Options Just Pallin' Aroun' with the Othermen  Killed Diller  2:32:06 )  
The Limiñanas  Down Underground   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  2:33:54 )  
Night Beats  Shadows In the Night   Options 7"  Trouble In Mind  2:36:40 )  
Unnatural Helpers  Girl In the Window   Options Cracked Love & Other Drugs  Hardly Art  2:40:00 )  
The Sins  Odd Man Out   Options Smash Crack-Up Pop  Ouroboros  2:42:01 )  
Conspiracy of Owls  Ancient Robots   Options s/t  Burger  2:45:43 )  
Bobby Fuller  Pretty Girls Everywhere   Options El Paso Rock: Early Recordings Volume 3  Norton  2:50:12 )  
The New Dimensions  Deuces and Eights   Options The Best of  Sundazed  2:52:41 )  
Ann-Margret  It's A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In)   Options various - Destroy That Boy! More Girls With Guitars  Ace  2:54:45 )  
Endtables  Circumcision   Options s/t  Drag City  2:57:05 )  

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/3/11 12:06pm Parq:

A cover of Unnatural Axe? Too freakin' much. Are Preacher's Kids from Boston too?
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:07pm Handsome Harry:

Danged iffin' this ain't just what the doctor ordered. Great compilation from Ace.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:08pm Joe B:

Parq, Oxford Miss
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:11pm Parq:

Thanx, Joe. Just curious about how much they would know about "when the college kids get out of the city".
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:12pm Joe B:

Oxford is U. of Mississippi town
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:13pm Cecile:

Home of the Oxford American.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:20pm Cecile:

famous last words, Marvelettes.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:21pm Dee Gee:

yes, r.i.p. Gladys Horton.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:24pm glenn:

i may have to reconsider my shangri-las as best girl group ever position.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:24pm Carmichael:

Joe + rekkids = life is good
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:37pm randy in NC:

  Thu. 2/3/11 12:38pm Cecile:

Glenn, a cartoon for you. LOL. http://ht.ly/3MORX
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:45pm Cecile:

this is better than the last cut i heard from this album, but still. Tom needs an overstuffed backup that will fight him back.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:47pm Parq:

'Cile, I was just sitting here wondering what TJ really thought of the Vegas mlieu in which he earned his fame. I'm sure he enjoyed all the tail, but I suspect that in his heart of hearts, he would rather have been a rock & roller. Well anyway, beats the coal mines.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:49pm Cecile:

Sure does, Parq! But his voice is so big that he either needs to sing a capella or in front of an orchestra. Nothin' in between. IMHO.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:49pm glenn:

see, i like angry birds. thanks. funny stuff.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:50pm BillyJam:

loving the music Joe.......missed you for that time you were off the air......
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:50pm glenn:

did you notice how tom claimed songwriting credit on some of those 100 year old gospel songs?
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:53pm Cecile:

I know you do, glenn! I thought you'd like the mashup. Look closely - the piggies' eyes blink.
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:55pm glenn:

i can't figure out why the pigs are green though.......
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:57pm Cecile:

Green eggs and ham?
  Thu. 2/3/11 12:58pm Cecile:

Collectors' choice and Wounded Bird release the strangest things, but they're pretty dang cool...
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:01pm glenn:

two reasons to love ronnie hawkins 1/ robbie robertson. 2/ roy buchanan.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:02pm glenn:

but i still like dale hawkins better.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:04pm Cecile:

So what's happening with Collector's Choice? I had a phone call...
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:05pm issac in Tijuana México:

this show just goes by too fast, by far my favorite WFMU
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:17pm Joe B:

Thanks Issac, Billy Jam, Hi Glenn, Cecile, Parq, Randy, Dee Gee, harry, Carm, thanks as always for tunin in!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:20pm Cecile:

you're welcome, Joe!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:20pm Carmichael:

The pleasure's all mine!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:21pm glenn:

i've noticed that some of these songs have as many as SIX chords. i think a rename of the show is in order.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:23pm Cecile:

Joe, you have some Jonny Polonsky around there?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:35pm Carmichael:

If you have the Shanachie collection Punk Lost & Found, ANYTHING on there is a sure-fire winner.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:37pm LF:

First time listening, I'm new at WFMU in general. Enjoying very much, cheers from Brazil o/
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:44pm Mike East:

This show's just what I need to keep me going. Today's a rough one at work. Anyone in NYC own a White Washburn guitar they want to rent out for the weekend? Oy. Great tunes, Joe. Love the Holmes.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:46pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Joe! Late to the show but I wanted to say hi and keep on rocking! Also, on 7SD yesterday Andy Breckman said "Joe Belock, nobody knows who Joe Belock is...". Sheesh, the nerve of that guy...
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:46pm Handsome Harry:

Great show today. Mike East hit it right on the button.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:46pm glenn:

why does it have to be white?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:47pm glenn:

i have a gretsch white falcon.
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:47pm Billy Jam:

who's Andy Breckman?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:48pm Bad Ronald:

Nice one Mr Marmalade!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:49pm Billy Jam:

ha hah ...how are you Bad Ronald?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:49pm Joe B:

Andy did use 3CM in the Willie Nelson Monk episode. Not my name though!

Hi LF! welcome! Thanks Mike, harry, BR!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:50pm Cecile:

so Joe, wha'appen with Collector's Choice? No reissues or what?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:51pm Bad Ronald:

Doing well man, looking forward to your remote tomorrow. I saw you played a remix of "Jam is the Man" last week thanks!

How're kicks by you?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:52pm Billy Jam:

Yeah love that song you recorded BR. All good out here in sunny Cali with Three Chord Monte as my soundtrack
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:53pm Joe B:

re Collectors Choice - all I know is they forced the main guy out for no reason, figure some corporate gutting going on is all. I assume the worst with those kind of things
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:53pm Carmichael:

WTF was that?!?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:53pm Joe B:

Monk soundbyte
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:54pm Gary Mitchell:

ken freeman 3 chord monte KGNY, ha!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:54pm Cecile:

Oh, ok. in-fighting, maybe?
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:55pm Bad Ronald:

Sweet! Hopefully I'll have a new CD to send to you and Joe later this year...
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:55pm Mike East:

Needs to be like the "Wayne's World" guitar....
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:58pm Guhguhguh:

Play some Audacity!
  Thu. 2/3/11 1:58pm Mike East:

btw - that White Falcon looks like a sweet guitar! Won't work, though :(
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:02pm glenn:

i'm in t.o. anyway. tim horton was a pretty good defenseman, and he sells good doughnuts, but i didn't know he was a songwriter.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:03pm glenn:

the white falcon is a truly fantastic guitar.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:03pm Guhguhguh:

so bummed about them monotonix. best live shows ever, play "body language" thats the jam.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:03pm Guhguhguh:

so bummed about them monotonix. best live shows ever, play "body language" thats the jam.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:03pm Carmichael:

Gretsches kick ass. I have a '69 Duo Jet, exactly like Harrison's on the cover of Cloud Nine. Except no Bigsby tail ...
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:04pm Handsome Harry:

This track is slayin' me. They will be missed.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:08pm glenn:

i'd like a dual jet too. my next guitar is going to be a danalectro baritone.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:09pm Carmichael:

Have to go to lunch and say goodbye to yet another co-worker. California government .....

Thanks for the great show, Joe!
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:09pm glenn:

sorry. duo jet.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:14pm Cecile:

I remember their instudio. They were insane. Insanely great.
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:47pm Gary Mitchell:

nice one from the owls
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:58pm Guhguhguh:

king tuff?
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:58pm cosmic:

been listening out here on my cloud, and loving it! thanks joe. hey bad ronald, parq, cecile! been a long time!
  Thu. 2/3/11 2:59pm rubble:

excellent show!
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