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Options February 29, 2012: Marathon Week 2: with co-hostess Bethany

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Akron Family  Silly Bears   Options S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT  0:04:21 (Pop‑up)
Andrea Boyer and the DLG Project  Words   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  0:16:43 (Pop‑up)
The Fall  Nate Will Not Return   Options Ersatz GB  0:18:50 (Pop‑up)
The Monkees  Cuddly Toy   Options Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.  0:24:51 (Pop‑up)
Julian Lynch  Terra   Options Terra  0:27:08 (Pop‑up)
Kitty  First Time   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  0:40:25 (Pop‑up)
Alma Cogan  Never Do a Tango With An Eskimo   Options The Best of the EMI Years  0:45:53 (Pop‑up)
Mike Doughty  Vegetable   Options Yes and Also Yes  0:52:09 (Pop‑up)
The Fall  L.A.   Options This Nation's Saving Grace  0:56:20 (Pop‑up)
Amanda and Brandy  Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  1:06:55 (Pop‑up)
The Caravelles  New York   Options The Complete Caravelles 1963-1968  1:09:35 (Pop‑up)
Tom Waits  Kiss Me   Options Bad As Me  1:20:06 (Pop‑up)
DJ Keili  Effort   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  1:23:25 (Pop‑up)
McCoy Tyner  Impressions   Options Trident  1:36:56 (Pop‑up)
The Baby Dolls  I Have Confidence   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  1:41:43 (Pop‑up)
Juliet  My First Hardcore Song   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  1:42:27 (Pop‑up)
Nina Simone  Mood Indigo   Options Little Girl Blue  1:55:45 (Pop‑up)
A Great Many  T&C in Oakland   Options The Tullis & Clark Expedition  1:59:18 (Pop‑up)
Missy Craner  What's Love Got To Do With It?   Options I Want To Be A Singer (Irwin's 2012 marathon premium CD)  2:02:37 (Pop‑up)
The Old Codger  Money   Options Hotcakes and Hot Mamas (suppressed 2004 (album)  2:03:47 (Pop‑up)
Suburban Lawns  Janitor   Options Suburban Lawns  2:06:27 (Pop‑up)
Chris Millar  Okay, I'll Do It For Two Smokes and a Bite of Your Sandwich   Options Gutterballs  2:22:03 (Pop‑up)
Juliana Hatfield  Outsider   Options Only Everything  2:21:42 (Pop‑up)
Fountains of Wayne  Strapped for Cash   Options Traffic and Weather  2:24:41 (Pop‑up)
Dirty Beaches  Lord Knows Best   Options Badlands  2:42:19 (Pop‑up)
James Canupp  I'm Amazed   Options James Canupp  2:50:14 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/29/12 3:02pm pierre:

Bonjour Irwin
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Week Deux, here we go!
Bonjour pierre! Ça va?
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:07pm pierre:

ça va Matt, i've peldge and won @Ken's show, so i feel i'm on a good day !
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

ELP, Indie Rock style.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Wonderful! I've already won two things, on Joe McG's and Julie's show, so I humbly take myself from the running--give others a chance to win something!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:09pm Cecile:

Or Sparks if they grew up on granola instead of snark.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:09pm Woo:

Without Davy Jones there would be no one named David Bowie.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: That's another good one!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@Woo: Yes, RIP Davy Jones, to those not already aware.
Down to three Monkees now...
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:13pm trying to follow:

Who...? Donna Redwig?
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Like Charlie Sheen!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:14pm Loser:

I knew this was too good to be true...(slinks off dejectedly)
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:15pm Speech Impediment:

Bethany--the Betht of Any Co-Hotht!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:15pm Caryn:

@Woo: very true
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:16pm Van in DC:

What? No ustream? :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:19pm Speech Impediment:

Oh yeah, Spill Fector.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Oooh, "Words" given the Vancouver student treatment.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:20pm still b/p:

Andrea's wearing her glasses too far down her nose.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Cuddly Song!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:29pm Irwin:

Nilsson wrote it.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey, what happened to ARIES in that list??! Davy stopped just before that!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:29pm frenchee:

thank you Irwin! A little bit of my childhood just died.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:29pm Michael:

He was the cute one! Like Paul!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:30pm Woo:

Stipe said REM should go into the Hall of Fame before the Monkees. Still waiting.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, Nilsson wrote some cuddly songs. "The Puppy Song" is another of my favs from Harry's bouncy material.
Thanks Irwin!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:31pm Woo:

Sorry, I mean REM should NOT go into the HOF before the Monkees
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:32pm hamburger:

hall of fame is stoopid :3
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:36pm New York Post:

Yeah, way to blow our obituary headline, Bethany!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:36pm Ike:

Hey Bethany, not too soon! Please, MORE jokes about dead celebrities! Thanks in advance.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:45pm Tom Dumb:

Is there anyone like a Pete Rose that's banned from ever entertaining the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? The whole thing is such a joke.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Like a child version of Natalie Cole's vocal--if only she'd picked a less creepy song to sing!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:46pm seang:

fall of haim
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:47pm Present day Kitty:

And afterwards, after you rolled over and began snoring, leaving me in the wet spot, I vowed never to sing that song again.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:48pm Van in DC:

"from time to time" You mean like from almost song to song?
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:48pm Channeling Irwin:

I don't know if you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but vinegar sure as hell tastes better on FRIES than honey!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:49pm Busta Assonance:

I thought of, for like a second, about getting Irwin's DJ premium, but there's something kind of creepy and pervy sitting around listening to songs of little girls.
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:50pm Logician:

"Sex is more fun than logic. One cannot prove this, but it IS; in the sense that Mount Everest IS, and that Alma Cogan ISN'T."
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:50pm Van in DC:

Fun song
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:51pm Matt from Springfield:

LOL! Go Alma!! I gotta get that song!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:52pm Clara Fire:

..never do a POLKA with a polar bear...
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:52pm Yvonne Slimslax:

Shadow Plaid IS BACK
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:53pm frenchee:

Shadow plaid!
it's kinda blurry, Bethany!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:54pm Caryn:

@Matt: then get Bethany's premium!
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Is it on Bethany's premium this year?
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:55pm pierre:

WFMU : where you can listen to music and learn a bit more about shirts !
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:56pm frenchee:

Here's a nice shadow plaid blazer, it would look great on IC:
  Wed. 2/29/12 3:56pm tr/sh:

I appreciate Irwin's musical honesty. Or is it integrity? I'm too sleepy to know the differentce.
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 3:58pm bethany:

Ike: I can't read if you are being sarcastic? Yes? No?
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 3:59pm bethany:

Drawing soon for The Fall's 3CD Nation's Saving Grace album and Mike Doughty's Yes and Also Yes, for anyone pledging $15 or more to WFMU!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:03pm Z Man:

No, this is MY happening!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:04pm Ike:

Bethany, no, I'm not. Although saying something that seems like it should be sarcastic and is actually sincere accidentally fits in with Irwin's tone pretty well... heh. Anyway, potentially-offensive humor is the best way to deal with celebrity death in my opinion.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:04pm Tim:

If everyone who was ever in The Fall pledges we should hit $2 million
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa--Irwin can provide voices for his own mole cartoon!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Cats in heat, and plaid jackets. Don't let this invaluable community resource go away!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:06pm hamburger:

wow trash can cat even!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:07pm Laura L:

People, get your pledges in, Petromalt isn't free, you know!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:07pm Ebert:

I created you Z Man and I can destroy you!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Amanda and Brandy were good at noise early on, but hadn't quite found their voice yet. Their enrapturing, all-consuming voice!! WAWAAAWAWAAA!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for introducing me to The Caravelles, Irwin!
A very incredible female voice! Different from Amanda and Brandy of course, but still beautiful!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:16pm Mobb Deep:

Matt, did you pledge?
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:20pm Matt from Springfield:

I've pledged across many shows this Marathon--pledged to Irwin last week...and will soon drop another this week!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:22pm Laura L:

And it's bare-hands anatomy... no latex gloves... Someday you'll be dead too, Irwin! But I'm not a necrophile--death is just a fact of, um, life.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:22pm Scuttle:

Death wields a scythe! Cuttin down us wheat-people
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:22pm rrg:

When I was about 10, my Dad brought home a stack of failed promotional 45s that a friend at work had given him. It was all looney stuff that my siblings and I enjoyed for years, and it included a cover of "Never Do a Tango with an Eskimo" (not Alma Cogan, though) so that's a song that I've known for decades.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:24pm Joke!:

I stole this record once. My doctor told me I needed to start lifting Waits.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:25pm badness:

And he's
Leroy Brown
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:25pm Z Man:

Oh mighty Ebert thou art a Frankenstein indeed who wouldst not create for his wonderwoman a willing partner!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:27pm rrg:

I have a question. Last week I pledged pre-show to Irwin's show and at the time I set up a "prize account" (or something like that) that I was offered.

Does that mean that I can make additional faux-pledges now to get in the running for some of these goodies? If so, how do I do that?

Or does it mean something else? And if so, what?
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:28pm pierre:

DJ Keili has a superior voice !
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: I think the prize account is equivalent to a Mouse pledge ($365) and doesn't offer any premiums, but gets you in the running for ALL prizes offered during the Marathon. Any other pledges you make (for swag for example) would be in addition to. At least that's what I think...
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:31pm Test-eez:

A train leaves Jersey City carrying forty bolts of shadow plaid fabric and traveling at 45 miles per hour. What is x, what is y, and who will kiss your belly on Leap Day?
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:32pm rrg:

You mean that I've automatically been in the running for everything flogged on all shows, all the time?

That seems unlikely. Surely I have to stake a claim, or something.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:32pm Laura L:

Irwin was bothered by Chang & Eng the most--he values his independence!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:33pm rrg:

Yes, it's serious, but the Mutter is also a house of horrors, which is why it's so cool.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:33pm Gone Plaid!:

  Wed. 2/29/12 4:33pm popo:

spent like 4 drawing classes there in college, each one 3 hours...back in the days of psychedelic levels never dwindling down very far...needless to say a lasting affect
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:35pm popo:

that's because your a pill popping republican
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:36pm Laura L:

Well, true, it's all that Chang & Eng ever knew and so was normal for them, but they always asked docs if they could be separated.... they wanted to be abnormal to their normal.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:36pm Ralphine:

rrg & Matt from Springfield: My understanding is that the prize account doesn't automatically get you in the running for all prizes. The account allows you to make faux pledges in specific shows that total less than your original pledge in order to get in the running for the drawings. Put something like "prize account pledge" in the comments for a web pledge (or tell the phone slave that the pledge is on your prize account) and check the "bill me later" block for your faux pledges.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:38pm David B (the other one):

Reading the letter I got, if you did the pledge before Feb 20th, you can make phone/online pledges during shows to enter contests.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:38pm Ike:

@RRG & Matt: and you still get all appropriate premiums/swag for the original amount pledged. But not twice over, of course.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:38pm rrg:

Thanks, Ralphine. I'll try that. Maybe easier if I do it through a phone slave.

Or maybe not.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:38pm mike noble in dc:

and a slice of einstein's brain
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:39pm mike noble in dc:

and a collection of human skin leather products made by some rather morbid new jersey doctors.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:40pm rrg:

My good friend Renee French wrote the book "The Soap Lady" based on the Soap Lady in the Mutter Museum.

Once in a while I like to drop a name.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:40pm David B (the other one):

The WFMU Marathon Prize Account: "Pledge $365 or more and you'll get everything offered at your pledge level while remaining eligible for on-air prize giveaways (not listed in this brochure) that are offered during the marathon. with this account, any pledge you make by phone or online will be considered part of, not an addition to the pledge made here. make a paid or monthly pledge with this form or online by feb 20th to activate the prize account"
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:40pm Laura L:

Their death cast is at the MM and their connected liver too. Also a chair. May you not turn to adipocere and become a Soap Man, Irwin!
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:42pm still b/p:

When I was a kid, I read in the Guinness Book that Chang and Eng fathered this # of kids and that # of kids "respectively," and I confused it with "respectfully," assuming it was a reference to dignified and mutual courtesy during procreative acts.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:46pm chris:

nice transition, Irwin
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:46pm Slammer:

Man takes his 11 year old daughter to the doctor.
"Doctor, i'd like you to put her on birth control."
"But shes too young to be sexually active."
"I wouldn't call her sexually active, she just lies there."
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:47pm rrg:

"How do you get down off an elephant? You don't get down off an elephant, you get down off a duck."

I always thought this was funny, but until I was a grownup I thought that it was funny because it was a non-sequitur, not because it was a pun.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:52pm rrg:

There's a Springfield in NJ too, you know.

I'm just sayin'.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:54pm Sam:

I think down comes from geese, not ducks
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:54pm G:

Was that a putdown?
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:55pm Sam:

You can also get down from tree roots, as in "root down"
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:56pm rrg:

Hey, that's not nice. About Ms. Andrews.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:56pm BrushMark:

Irwin, do you know of Abigail & Brittany Hensel?? Truly a remarkable rarity (two headed girl). Gonna try to pledge but the cats want sushi today
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:56pm Kool:

Get down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57oBC_WLsYA
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:57pm G:

Sam must know the system of a down.
  Wed. 2/29/12 4:59pm rrg:

You can get down from lots of birds. "Eiderdown" is from a particular duck species, for instance.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:02pm fred von helsing:

Quadrotors play the Bond theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sUeGC-8dyk
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:03pm G:

Anniversary of Tullis and Clark. Didn't they start here the week after marathon last year?
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:03pm Matt from Springfield:

It's the Tullis & Clark Chopped & Screwed remix! I love this one!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey FVH!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: It was the week after last year's Marathon, which was Mar 16 2011. This year the anniversary show would be Mar 14.

"What the hell does Dan Tullis and Joe Clark have to do with a Joe Morello tribute? Irwin, get out of that shoebox!! You're already actin' crazy enough today!" as I said at the time! :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, this girl is on the premium! She's a legend from this show!
One of, "Irwin's Girls".
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:07pm rrg:

That suppressed album should be a Marathon prize.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:08pm moo:

i learn of every celebrity death from the fmu playlist
i'm glad davey jones got to cameo in that great brady bunch movie back in the old 90s
can't wait for irwin premium!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:09pm rrg:

  Wed. 2/29/12 5:10pm moo:

  Wed. 2/29/12 5:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Greatly enjoy the Brady Bunch 90s movies! More so than the 70s show, fer sure!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:11pm moo:

(was thinking of davey and goliath)
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:12pm hopey:

I remember back in the day everyone thinking it was "oh, my genitals".
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@hopey: Back in the day, as in, a few weeks ago? :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:13pm moo:

it's both!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:14pm G:

The FM signal carries so far in those northern latitudes :-)
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:16pm G:

completist ( = severe OCD)
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:22pm Ike:

Did Bethany just coin the word "Irwinian?" Fantastic!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:23pm Lucas:

Hello all! Keep pledging guys, we are doing it!!
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 5:30pm bethany:

Irwinian, yes! Tony kindly went down to grab me a plate of food for dinner. "Dietary restrictions?", he asked. "No peppers or Irwins." Not kidding. You say ONIONS, I say IRWINS!"
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:33pm fred von helsing:

Hey Matt von Shprinkfielt! Now iz ze time in Finnland venn ve go für biers!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@FVH: And in about an hour is the time in Springfield when I go for beer!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:38pm Ike:

I agree with Irwin on that one. Julie Andrews is excruciating on that album, BUT I bet Zoe will like it. Can't say for sure, but that's my guess.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:39pm rrg:

i would have liked it too. I'm sure of it.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Tom Lehrer: Never Do A Masochism Tango With A Sadist!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:41pm rrg:

Another Crystals tune was "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)". Probably also Spector-produced.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:43pm rrg:

"Oooh, now you've got ME sayin' it!"
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, rrg is not kidding!

"He Hit Me, Then He Fired A Gun Above My Head"
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:49pm Ike:

@MfS, so you haven't heard that terrifying, creepy, catchy song? One DJ played it just a few days ago, perhaps to spur pledges for yet another copy of the Phil Spector box set prize, IIRC.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:49pm Zippy:

Not as good as Francois Hardy's version, but decent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unzmw94Ju4o
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Bryce: Whatevs.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:52pm William in St. Louis:

Hey, we really aren't Miss-oor-ah...I don't know why some people insist on saying that, it is like one of those "warshing machine" things, I guess. Big ups to WFMU!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike: No I didn't! Who played that--that's interesting, but so FMU (probably only FMU..)

Apparently Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote that in response to Little Eva (their babysitter) and her abusive boyfriend. She said she stayed because she felt love when he hit her.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:52pm Brass Knuckles:

Play some more Amanda. That should get even people who aren't normally fans of the show to donate in droves.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

OH WOW, James Canupp! Evangelizing to dogs with his supersonic tone!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:54pm hamburger:

holy. crap. !!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:54pm other david:

oh my...
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:54pm rrg:

We're still here!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Brass Knuckles, heard you're in Brooklyn from a pledge?
That makes you "BK from BK"!

And, I so agree about Amanda! The uniqueness and power of Amanda is kind of what kept me tuning back into Irwin's show when I first listened to FMU.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:55pm disastrogirl:

That is what Mansquito would sound like.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: We're still here, *miraculously* :)

Greetings hamburger and OD! The other side of the pond is making their way in!
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:56pm rrg:

We did our best. Leave us alone, already.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:56pm hopey:

@Matt from Springfield: I've heard the song recently played on a satellite radio station that plays a lot of girl groups.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:58pm Caryn:

I'm so on the fence about getting Irwin's premium. For it: some of the tracks, especially little Björk. Against it: the other tracks. Hmm...
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@hopey: The Shangri-Las, "Past Present and Future". They said it's not about abuse, but about the "angsty" mood of a teenage girl. But the tone of that one is so morbid, and the lyrics kind of disturbing.
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:58pm rrg:

@hopey: what satellite radio station is that?
  Wed. 2/29/12 5:59pm rrg:

G'night, all.
  Wed. 2/29/12 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Irwin and Bethany!
Only FMU Marathons are so fun!
  Wed. 2/29/12 6:00pm Brass Knuckles:

Yo, Matt. There's also a BK near me. BK BK BK
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