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Playlist for 11 April 2012 Options | The Morose The Merrier: Slow Covers

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Fuxa  Our Lips Are Sealed   Options  
*   0:00:00 ()
Stina Nordenstam  Purple Rain   Options People Are Strange 
  0:06:22 ()
Dump  Pop Life   Options That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice? 
  0:10:07 ()
386 DX  Imagine   Options the best of 
  0:14:00 ()
Vanilla Fudge  Ticket to Ride   Options The Best Of 
  0:17:05 ()
Carney, Hild & Kramer  Name   Options Happiness Finally Came to Them 
  0:22:58 ()
Julie London  Louie Louie   Options  
  0:32:16 ()
Satanicpornocultshop  Candy Says   Options Anorexia Gas Balloon 
  0:34:51 ()
Lydia Lunch  Some Velvet Morning   Options  
  0:40:00 ()
Killdozer  Cinnamon Girl   Options Intellectuals Are The Shoeshine Boys Of The Ruling Elite 
  0:44:24 ()
Aerial M  Last Caress   Options  
  0:48:14 ()
Crispin Hellion Glover  Ben   Options  

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  0:51:40 ()
Bjork & PJ Harvey  Satisfaction   Options  
  0:54:40 ()
Rank Sinatra  Nothing Compares 2 U   Options  
  0:58:08 ()
The Feverfew  Heaven   Options  
  1:00:15 ()
Hawking  American Pie   Options Seventies Mutation (various artists) 
  1:05:19 ()
The Residents  Kaw-Liga   Options Stars and Hank Forever 
  1:10:13 ()
2 Many DJs  Kaw-Liga   Options  
  1:20:20 ()
Yann Tiersen & Neil Hannon  Life on Mars   Options  
  1:24:21 ()
Bette Midler  Do You Wanna Dance?   Options  
  1:27:21 ()
Cowboy Junkies  Sweet Jane   Options The Trinity Session 
  1:30:04 ()
Cibo Matto  Black Hole Sun   Options  
  1:33:35 ()
Chris Cornell  Billie Jean   Options  
  1:35:47 ()
Johnny Cash  Hurt   Options American IV: The Man Comes Around 
  1:37:57 ()
Sonic Youth  Superstar   Options Hits Are For Squares      1:41:49 ()
Kermit  Hurt   Options  
  1:45:46 ()
Les Reines Prochaines  Opfer Dieses Liedes (Wicked Game)   Options Le Coeur En Beurre-Doublegras 
  1:50:06 ()
Laibach  Across The Universe   Options  
  1:54:54 ()
Yat-Kha  Love Will Tear Us Apart   Options Re-Covers 
  1:59:10 ()
Spoek Mathambo  Control   Options  

Click for the full size image
  2:02:23 ()
Max Raabe  Tainted Love   Options       2:12:59 ()
David Bowie  God Only Knows   Options  
  2:13:35 ()
Moe Tucker  Danny Boy   Options  
  2:16:40 ()
Seu Jorge  Starman   Options The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou OST 
  2:21:55 ()
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  In The Waking   Options Rhapsody in Glue 
  2:25:08 ()
The Langley Schools Music Project  Desperado   Options Innocence and Despair 
  2:31:01 ()
Aztec Camera  Jump   Options  
  2:34:32 ()
tATu  How Soon is Now Slow Remix   Options  
  2:37:20 ()
Nick Cave  Helpless   Options The Bridge 
  2:43:32 ()
Effyou Faesbuwk  Physical Stretch   Options  
  2:47:53 ()
ZZ Top  Tush Stretch   Options  
  2:53:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
  2:57:49 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 4/11/12 9:01am Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Ken and all the listeners.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:01am bbell:

Morning Ken and all: xoxo, happy Wednesday!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:01am ¶ symbol:

I love this Fuxa song.
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:02am Ken:

Hello Barbara and Richard! Anybody have suggestions for great SLOW covers?
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:02am Vivian:

Morning Ken and all...working from home today. Only five steps away from decent coffee.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:02am Richard from Venezuela:

The Hillary duff version is also great.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:03am Ken From Hyde Park:

The news reports this morning mention that Ronnie Montrose died by suicide. Bummer.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:04am bbell:

Perhaps there is something on that Kurt Weill tribute album from the 80's
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:04am Vicki:

Warm Leatherette by J G Thirlwell from the Recovery 7" Box Set (I think it's in the mp3 library too?)
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:05am bbell:

Must go out of the house for decent coffee today! Can't keep my ears peeled all morning to the show, bummer!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:05am Cheri Pi:

that sucks about Ronnie :(
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:05am Braveness23:

Vivian, I'm working from home today as well and I'm chuckling because I also just realized that this means that I will be able to drink good coffee (and listen to WFMU on a great sound system instead of headphones)
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:05am Cheri Pi:

what Vicki said.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:06am Michele:

elysian fields - dancing in the dark
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:07am Ken:

Where's this 7 inch box filed Vicki?
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:07am Vicki:

Tainted Love by Coil
Some Velvet Morning by Lydia Lunch and Roland S Howard
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:08am Vicki:

er, I'll pop over :) I don't know - Brian will know it well - it's a black 7-inch box set, that's all I know - and full of cover versions including the JG one
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:08am Cheri Pi:

Heart of Glass/ Big Blood
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:10am Caryn:

Dammit, stream won't load! Well, I'll go back to my Bill Hicks and keep an eye on the playlist...
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:11am fred von helsing:

nights in white satin en francais
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:11am Vicki:

V/VM Lady In Red
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:12am Cheri Pi:

Caryn-the 20k Windows is working if you don't mind the sub-par sound quality. it gets the point across.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:12am common:

Thank you for the skinny motherfucker!! it's been years.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:12am ranjit:

THere's a couple good ones on the Stay Awake album of Disney covers from the 80s -
Bonnie Raitt - Baby Mine

Suzanne Vega - Stay Awake

And maybe the Tom Waits "Heigh Ho" - it's not slow but it seems to have the right gloomy feeling.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:12am Elvis Costello:

"Neat, Neat, Neat"
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:13am Ken:

Oh That's Right - The Flash stream is out this morning. I hope all the other streams are still working.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:13am Richard from Venezuela:

32k stream work fine.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:14am Cobra Dan:

Halcyon High - Tommy Gun Angel
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:15am ranjit:

Ooh, and Blue Rubies covering Prince's "When You Were Mine"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:15am Cheri Pi:

Office Equipment covering QUeen
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:16am Vicki:

PJ Pooterhoots - "Can't Go For That"
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:16am Ken:

Great suggestions, thanks! Now if I could only find 'em... keep them coming!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:17am Vicki:

Blanketship - various tracks on Motown Meltdown
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:17am Braveness23:

Oh my goodness, I did a cover of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' that would be perfect for this set.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:17am Andrew Waterloo:

Julie London "Louie Louie"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:17am Wendy del Formaggio:

The Frogs covering "Vacation". Scott W played it last week. it's great!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:17am Richard from Venezuela:

DeepSeaGreen – Ain't No Sunshine
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:18am Sam:

Hello!! It's a really good morning now that I get to hear 386 DX at long last again, my beloved 386 DX.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:18am still b/p:

El Paso by Devin, Gary and Ross...pace is downright glacial for a desert region.

Is Lana turning in the microwave at the hour of 1:12, or is she going to be microwaved for a minute and 12 seconds? What do the directions on the box recommend?
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:19am common:

polvo: Mexican Radio!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:19am Fun Boy Three:

"Our Lips Are Sealed" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:19am Vicki:

Anton La Vey "Gloomy Sunday"
Lydia Lunch "Gloomy Sunday"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:19am Cobra Dan:

anything chopped and screwed
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:20am Cheri Pi:

Tori Amos' raining blood
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:21am Vicki:

Felix Kubin "Hello"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:21am Mark:

please no Tori Amos
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:21am other david:

Circle's cover of "Here Come the Warm Jets" has been played a few times recently on WFMU, Eno's original is 4 minutes - theirs is 11 minutes :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:21am Cheri Pi:

Oh hello there Flash Stream!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:21am Cheri Pi:

what Mark said.
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:21am Ken:

Cheri, it's back?!!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:22am Elvis Costello:

"Psycho" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:22am Adler:

All streams 100%
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:22am Cheri Pi:

It;s thick and ropy as ever a stream should be!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:22am Cobra Dan:

Jackie-O Motherfucker-Something on your mind (Karen Dalton Cover)
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:23am iiiii:

"On the Lakes of Pontchartrain", The Be Good Tanyas
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:23am Caryn:

Crispin Glover doing Michael Jackson's "Ben"
David Bowie's "Even a Fool Learns to Love" (his translation of the song that became "My Way")
Karen Carpenter doing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:24am Vivian:

@Braveness23 Yes! Whenever I listen to Ken's show at the office, I have to turn it down during certain songs. My co-workers don't appreciate the music as much as I do. However, there is someone nearby who has no problem sighing and talking to herself. At that point, I turn up the music.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:24am Vicki:

Nurse With Wound "Rock and Roll Station"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:24am ¶ symbol:

Beck does a really good cover of Sunday Morning. Very slow.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:25am seang:

Morton Feldman
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:25am Vicki:

actually Sunday Morning by Satanicpornocultshop too
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:26am Ken:

Which Satanicpornicultshop CD is it Vicki?
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:27am Pete Townsend:

"Save it for Later" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:27am other david:

Jim O'Rourke - Women of the World
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:28am Vicki:

oh actually Ken it's Candy Says, from anorexiagasballoon or whatever it's called
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:28am Dave B:

  Wed. 4/11/12 9:29am q:

can - mary mary so contrary
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:29am Aaron in Jcity:

right there with you ken - drugs from the accident keeping me slow -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:29am Vicki:

Because by Big City Orchestra
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:30am eric:

gauze by red red meat
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:30am Rueandfork:

Steel Pole Bath Tub covers some Cars reaaal slooooow on their Unlistenable record.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:30am still b/p:

"In 2004, there were 225 confirmed (Lyme disease) cases in Maine. In 2009 and again in 2011, there were close to 1,000."
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:31am Dave B:

How about Laibach doing "Across The Universe"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:31am Vicki:

oh oh then you must play PJ Pooterhoots who covered Hall and Oates - I can't go for that
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:31am Cheri Pi:

H2O, the bastard!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:31am Neg-guh-tor:

Anika- nang nang

Sorry to hear about this persistent Lyme's crap.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:31am Hall and Oates:

Somebody broke one of our records? Nothing to see here, move along folks.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:32am ¶ symbol:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs covers Sonic Youth's Diamond Sea, one of my favorite songs evar
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:32am Vicki:

I've got a bad cold that's why I have a slow brain
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:33am Lee:

Joy Division's "Transmission" by Low
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Snortley:

Ken - try this:
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am earwax:

just play the originals at a slower speed
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Wendy del Formaggio:

pHoaming Edison's cover of "Wichita Lineman" here's a low-ish fidelity youtube link
But I bet the disc is in the record library, too.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Skirkie:

Bell X1 - I Fought the Law and Law Won
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Parq:

This London "Louie" is colossal. And if it's not too obvious, how 'bout Isaac Hayes doing "Walk On By"?
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Dave B:

Make an emergency call!
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Cheri Pi:

Justin Bieber 800% Slower
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:34am Caryn:

H & O covered Family Man on their album H2O.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:35am Wendy del Formaggio:

I like earwax's suggestion.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:35am Cecile:

Mark Kozelak doing AC/DC's Rock and Roll singer.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:36am colin:

Aerial M - Last Caress.

considerably slower than the Misfits original.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:36am kram:

My favorite cover of the Beatles Ticket To Ride by Cathy Berberian -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:36am Jim:

Does "Thank You for Talkin' to Me Africa" count? It's almost a cover of Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:37am Richard from Venezuela:

@Cheri Pi: Justin Bieber smile 800% slower. Terrific ambient classic.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:37am Wendy del Formaggio:

"Hanky Panky Nohow" by Yo La Tengo.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:37am Skirkie:

Passion Pit - Tonight Tonight

(sorta slow)
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:38am Lene Lovich:

"Tonight" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:38am Neg-guh-tor:

Butthole Surfers doing Hurdy Gurdy man
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:38am Cecile:

Neil Sedaka's 1975 cover of his own song - Breaking Up is Hard to Do
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:39am Cecile:

Killdozer - Cinnamon Girl
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:39am iiiii:

I'd file this one under
"Slow. Slowed. Stopped."

Björk and PJ Harvey covering
I can't get no satisfaction
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:40am still b/p:

Yes, play David Bowie's original Laughing Gnome at slower speed.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:40am Cobra Dan:

Any Killdozer cover
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:40am Cecile:

Einsturzende Neubaten's version of Sand.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:40am Vicki:

  Wed. 4/11/12 9:40am Neg-guh-tor:

Anika - I go to sleep
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:41am Cecile:

right on, Cobra Dan. I am I said would work too.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:41am Braveness23:

+1 for Einsturzende Neubaten's version of Sand
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:41am Jim:

Any of Cat Power's covers.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:41am Randy in NC:

Sweet Jane/Cowboy Junkies, Ticket to Ride/Vanilla Fudge (or actually almost anything by either...)
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:41am ¶ symbol:

Björk and PJ Harvey... killer combo
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:42am Ken From Hyde Park:

Johnny Cash covered Neil Young's "Pocathontas."
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:42am John Cale:

"Heartbreak Hotel" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:42am Mark:

you ought to perhaps also credit Roland Howard on this
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:43am Clown Eyes:

This song almost has me dialing 911. But that's what a great creepy cover of a great creepy song will do to you.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:43am iiiii:

"Walk on By", The Caprells
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:44am Mark:

Rowland that is
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:44am Cecile:

  Wed. 4/11/12 9:45am ¶ symbol:

  Wed. 4/11/12 9:45am Richard from Venezuela:

OMG!!. That emma stone gif <3
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:46am Nutmeg Girl:

What's wrong with me?
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:46am Mark:

Killdozer also covered "I Am, I Said"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:46am Cecile:

caryn, I never heard Crispin Glover doing "Ben". Big second on that request.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:47am Vicki:

Are You Experienced? by Caresse and Sickmob
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:47am Cecile:

Yup, and it's great Mark.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:47am Caryn:

@Ken: Dammit, can't find my "Ben" MP3, but here's the music video:
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:48am Cardamom Girl:

Cinnamon girl is a slut.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:49am Cecile:

hahahahahahahaha to both Aerial M and Cardamom Girl
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 9:50am Ken:

GREAT suggestions everybody! Man that Killdozer cover was GOOOOD.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:50am Keith Moon:

"In My Life" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:51am Cecile:

I <3 them so much. So misunderstood and underrated.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:53am Cecile:

Okay, he needs to make a whole album of Gilbert O'Sullivan and Davey Jones covers.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:54am Cecile:

this is the greatest fucking cover ever.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:54am Joe:

How about the cardigans Sabbath bloody Sabbath
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:55am Vicki:

Rank Sinatra "Nothing Compares To You"
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:55am Ben:

Challenge! That was not slower than Michael's! ..though it still was quite poignant.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:57am paul:

i second Rank Sinatra
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:57am Cecile:

Sonic/Ciccone Youth did get into the groove.
  Wed. 4/11/12 9:58am Vicki:

there are others on that album too!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:00am weiterso:

Sonny by Souled American has covers.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:00am Webhamster Henry:

Wendnesday is Kednesday!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:00am steev:

Tons of covers by the Residents, including a Heartbreak Hotel (on the King & Eye) that rivals Cale's.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:00am fred von helsing:

cardigan nina persson does a rad ass whole lotta love
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:00am eirikur:

Scott Walker did a bunch of good covers... Ain´t no sunshine was a good one..
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:01am JMD:

Any chance for The Residents Land of a Thousand Dances
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:01am Vicki:

Rod McKuen - Listen to the Warm
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:01am kram:

Tiny Tim "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:02am Webhamster Henry:

I was going to mention the Residents as well. Kaw-Liga on Hank & Stars!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:03am Bauhaus:

"Rosegarden Funeral of Sores" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:04am Lisa:

Ritual Tension's version of Hotel California?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:05am Chhh:

Felix Kubin does a great narcissitic cover of Lionel Richie's "Hello".
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:05am BDR:

Nouvelle Vague Great covers galore.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:05am Caryn:

The Divine Comedy's version of "Life on Mars?"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:05am JMD:

And what about anything on Michael Shelley's totally bitchin' DJ premium from this year's pledge drive?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:07am kat330:

Hi, Ken and kind folk! Here late but listening most all along. A busy morning.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:07am Webhamster Henry:

I'm waiting for the Dictionaraoke and of course,
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:07am Joe:

Cindy & Bert Der Hund Von Baskerville which is a cover of Paranoid (sorry Sabbath on the brain)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:07am Skarhead:

"When You Were Mine" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:08am Cecile:

3 teens kill 4 - Tell me something good
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:08am paul:

that robot reggae "some velvet morning" from the first 365 days project is mindblowing
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:09am kat330:

Going back a bit: Killdozer [fine Sturgeon novel, btw] & Neil may want a cinnamon girl, but a ghostwriter I know says "I wanna live with a synonym ghoul."
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:10am Joe:

Owwww!!!! Andy is going to be so mad :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:11am Cheri Pi:

Yes to the Baskerville!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:13am Joe:

How about Big Black covering The Model in honor of the Kraftwerk shows
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:14am Cecile:

oh, Talking Heads - Take me to the River.

right on, Joe! Or Snakefinger doing the same.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:15am Joe:

Ken Graphics this week are killer
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:15am Wired in Baltimore:

someone mentioned Mark Kozelek above -- I'm partial to the Red House Painters cover of KISS's "Shock Me":

... and if that wasn't obvious enough there is Pavement's grand cover of REM's "Camera":
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:16am ¶ symbol:

KEN I'VE FOUND IT. Purple Eve redoes Atari Teenage Riot's Speed --
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:16am paul:

red house painters "shock me" is GREAT
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:17am steev:

Another fav: Culturcide's Industrial Band (aka American Band) off Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:17am some other guy:

"We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" by Class
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:17am glenn:

gin and juice by the gourds.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:18am Otis:

killdozer(movie) was by kilgore trout, kat??
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:19am Priceless:

"Julie London somehow sang Louie Louie"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:20am Vivian:

Large amount of it legal tender? Or monopoly money?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:20am βrian:

We now that Paris, say, is in the listening area ...
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:21am JDELZ:

Ulver doing Black Sabbath's "Solitude"!! My favorite slow cover.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:21am Jim:

Here's a link to a YouTube video of Sly Stone's "Thank You for Talkin' to Me Africa."
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:21am schlockmaster:

I think SLAYER's version of IN A GADDA DA VIDA from the LESS THAN ZERO Soundtrack somehow qualifies, cheers from Germany!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:22am Sam:

Can you please hide the money somewhere that's accessible by public transit? Otherwise it's real favoritism towards car owners, who usually are already rich!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:22am Joe:

Diamanda Galas I put a spell on you from The Singer
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:22am Otis:

julie London did a great slow "yummy yummy yummy" way back.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:22am some other guy:

here's a link for that class song you're not gonna play :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:22am MD:

"Skulls" by the Misfits....done by Smoke Wagon...XOXO,,,
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:22am Sam:

Give us hard-working, biking, strap-hanging stiffs a chance at glory.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:23am Alice Cooper:

"Sun Arise" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:24am Joe:

Here it goes with you loop Chris Cornell doing a acoustic version of Billie Jean :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:24am Leigh:

Ergo Phizmiz - Survivor
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:24am reTodd:

The inexorably slow version of Do You Wanna Dance by Bette Midler. Cmon play Bette Midller
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:24am tim from champaign:

The Melvins cover of Alice Cooper's "Ballad of Dwight Fry" from the Lysol album. Slooooooowwwwwww.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:24am Joe:

@tim right on
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:25am Caryn:

I wonder if any of the covers from "Drifting and Tilting: The Songs of Scott Walker" are available online?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:25am Deepak:

Blondie's cover of Ring of Fire
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:26am Mark:

or The Melvins covering "Sacrifice" by Flipper from Lysol as well
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:26am Sam:

Did Mouse on Mars cover "Life on Mars"?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:26am BSI:

Sorry, just now joining the party.
it's certainly not "slowed down" at all (not by a longshot) but Cows did an impeccable 39 LASHES from jc superstar
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:26am Caryn:

I'm doing well with my suggestions this week!
I'd love to hear Ute Lemper's cover of Scott Walker's "Scope J":
But it is 11 minutes long...
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:27am Cecile:

This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren, Kangaroo, etc.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:27am Webhamster Henry:

Thanks for the Kaw-Liga pair! Segue suggestion: Seu Jorge's Life on Mars' .. or Joe McGinty's Witchita Lineman (McGinty & White' Songbook)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:27am Chinchilla:

Ken!! Cowboy Junkies' version of 'sweet jane'- apparently it's on 'The Trinity Sessions'
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:27am ?:

walk in silence joy division w/ ian curtis
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:27am caston:

creepy / bad / very slow cover of delfonics "didn't i blow your mind this time"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am kram:

Shockabilly's "Eight Miles High" from Colosseum -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am paul:

his name is alive "man on the silver mountain"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am ?:

Hammock: Black Metallic
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am Lee:

Blonde Redhead cover of Serge Gainsbourg "Slogan"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am steev:

Oh, and Peter Sellers' 'She Loves You'. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am Vicki:

A particularly special version of Sweet Georgia Brown:
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am earwax:

frente doing bizarre love triangle
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am miss cheri:

hey ken & caryn g'morning
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:28am Cecile:

Bobby Freeman did the original, so the Ramones version was a cover, too.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:29am Caryn:

Is that gif from "Jules et Jim"?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:29am Otis:

caryn, godard band of outsiders
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:29am John McCabe in L.A.:

La France & Les Beatles is my favorite album for cover songs
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:30am earwax:

it's from Bande a part
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:30am BIGgrevs:

Brothers Four - Sloop John B -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:30am Leigh:

kristin hersh "when the levee breaks"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:30am Listener Alexandra:

Highspire: Dagger (Slowdive cover; twice the lethargy)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:30am Caryn:

ah, thanks
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:31am John McCabe in L.A.:

no I believe that is band if outsiders
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:31am tim from champaign:

Oh yeah, Nick Cave's cover of In The Ghetto.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:32am Cecile:

tim, that is a great one.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:32am listener David:

Fuxa - Our Lips are sealed. Trouble played it yesterday
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:32am Joe:

@Tim even if Ken dosen't play this stuff I think you are putting my playlist togeather for later :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:33am Mark:

better Shockabilly covering others would be "Instant Karma", "Red Headed Stranger" or "Life's a Gas" all from the Heaven album
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:33am Otis:

hal hartly riffed same scene with sonic youth in simple men
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:33am Cecile:

YES, mark.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:34am Cecile:

Johnny Cash, Soundgarden's Rusty Cage
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:34am iiiii:

I love that sweet jane cover more than the original. Like the satisfaction cover.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:35am paul:

oh, did anyone suggest that "wicked game" cover that gets a ton of airplay on this station but i always forget who it's by?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:36am Lee:

Sonic Youth cover of Carpenters "Superstar"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:36am Cecile:

I will Survive by Cake.

Oh, I like this cover.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:36am βrian:

Big improvement on Billy Jean.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:37am steev:

Carla Bozulich's cover of Red Headed Stranger is fantastic. And there's Leo Kottke's Eight Miles High, which is pretty odd.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:37am giselle:

Arab strap's Hungry Heart?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:37am Cecile:

he has a great voice. Can't pick material to save his life.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am Cecile:

steev ... that's a great suggestion.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am Leigh:

Tim Curry - I Put A Spell On You -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am giselle:

sorry i meant Aidan Moffat- hungry heart
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am king penguin:

Caryn, watch "Band of Outsiders" and follow it with "The Dreamers."
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am Vicki:

you definitely still need to play some Blanketship
and Hello by Felix Kubin
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am Jennique:

Cecile - I concur! I think Chris Cornell should just go on covering songs until something sticks.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:38am βrian:

It's the forum in black!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:39am some other guy:

@paul: you mean Les Reinnes Prochaines?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:39am Caryn:

Man, this week's show is great! And plenty of links to the songs that Ken doesn't have time to play! Nice.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:39am Skirkie:

Oh! Follow this up with the Kermit the frog version.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:39am Cecile:

good plan, Jennique.
the vid fo this is great.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:39am Skirkie:
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:40am reTodd:

The studio version of Simon and Garfunkel's America by ELP drags in a proggy way
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:41am Caryn:

@king penguin: been years since I watched it, but right now I have my Truffaut and Pasolini box sets to go through.

I always cry at the "Hurt" video...
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:41am king penguin:

"You Keep Me Hanging On" by Overwhelming Colorfast.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:41am iiiii:

Pretenders cover of Needle and the Damage Done goes well with this Cash's Hurt, if not for the peppy Pretender drums.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:42am Bowie:

"I Can't Explain" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:42am Andrew Waterloo:

There's always Laibach's version of Across the Universe
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:42am Brian in Uk:

I thought The Nice (Keith Emerson's previous group) covered America. complete with knife stuck in keyboards.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am trolly mctrollerson:

why is the music so sombre today - is this the lupus playing out?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am tim from champaign:

@ Joe, Thanks man! I hope I don't blow it with this one but how about Cheap Trick's cover of Terry Reid's "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" from the first Cheap Trick album?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am Rick:

"Pond Song" by Brett Nelson and The Electronic Anthology Project
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am JDELZ:

Here's the link for Ulver doing Solitude by Black Sabbath!
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am Ken:

Vicki - Which CD is Hello by Felix on?
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am Clown Eyes:

Speaking of the Carpenters, Cracker ...... Rainy Days and Mondays.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:43am Andrew Waterloo:

Low's cover of Blue Christmas :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:44am Joe:

I love this version of Superstar
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:44am Jeathrow:

"I'm on Fire" Bat for Lashes
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:44am Leigh:

Yat Kha - Love Will Tear Us Apart
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:44am Vicki:

Jealous Guy or Ashes to Ashes by LB's CD called "Pop Artificielle" - it's one of Senor Coconut's aliases (LB = Lassigue Bendthaus)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:44am Cecile:

The Hurt video is a pretty amazing piece of art.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:45am Fern:

Wichita Lineman by Urge Overkill, it's bombastic yet droney.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:45am Doug C.:

Black Hole Sun by Steve & Eydie on Lounge-A-Palooza.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:45am AnAnonymousParty:

Pete Bardens "Seascape"
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:45am steev:

Superstar doesn't need any help being creepy. The Carpenter's original seemed really sinister to me when I was a kid.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am Vivian:

Gosh, how I love Sonic Youth. So glad I got to see them.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am spicyiguana:

smells like teen spirit. by the melvins with leif garrett on vocals. or anything off the crybaby recoord
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am Cecile:

  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am βrian:

Music for 18 musicians, at half speed.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am Vicki:

Here you are - Ashes to Ashes
Angie -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am Joe:

CAt Powers cover of Wonderwall
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am Neg-guh-tor:

You could play The Carpenters covering Nektar Calling all Occupants
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:46am king penguin:

Caryn, I'm coming over (except I don't even know who Pasolini is)!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:47am Cheri Pi:

  Wed. 4/11/12 10:47am Bowie:

"God Only Knows" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:47am miss cheri:

hiya ken--long time no see.this version is kinda cool!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:48am Joe:

Is it safe to say that pretty much any Melvins cover is in the vain of being "Thorozined" :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:48am Cecile:

That was Klaatu, Neg-guh-tor.
My husband has that damn album.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:48am Spankyflop:

The Flaming Lips had a good version of "It Was a Good Year."
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:48am Joe:

This is when you need the video with the song.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:48am fred von helsing:

Spoke Mothamba covering "Control" on Liz's show the other day was purdy awesome
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:48am Wired in Baltimore:

Dean & Britta's "Random Rules" (Silver Jews cover) ... saw them perform this at a small show a few months ago and afterwards made a point to tell Mr. Wareham how great it was that they played that, thinking they did it as a one-off & not realizing until later that they'd released it on one of their albums, keeping intact my Ripken-esque streak of making jackass of myself w/my musical heroes
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:49am Sam:

Bummer, definitely not Jim Henson doing that. Ken does a better Kermit than this guy.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:49am PMD:

Happy Wednesday! I actually get to hear some of Ken's show. The slowness may put me back to sleep though.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:50am Caryn:

Oh, Kermit...

I'm annoyed by Fiona Apple, but her version of The Beatles' "Across the Universe" is a nice slow cover: Don't know what her and Johnny Cash's "Bridge over Troubled Water" cover is like.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:51am Joe:

Irwin played a great lounge version of King Crimson's Epitaph the other day but I can't remember who did it.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:51am Caryn:

Agree with FVH about the "Control" cover!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:51am paul:

jim henson died before the NIN "hurt" came out. would've been interesting to hear him do it tho...
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:51am Vicki:

me and Ergo's cover of Theme from a Summer Place (called Withers in the Waking)
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am Sam:

Or at least someone who actually sounds like Kermit
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am Jennique:

Another great cover is the Cher song "Believe" by Bedhead done only with old presstone phone beeps. Great stuff. Here's a link to a sample.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am NPS:

Richard Thompson's cover of Oops I did it Again
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am Cecile:

Yes! Joe, ha! I know that one. Maybe it's on his playlist...
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am Neg-guh-tor:

Frank Sinatra - it's not easy bein' green
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am Brian in Uk:

Caryn. Johnny Cash's 'Trouble Over Bridgewater' is not one of his best covers.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:52am KP:

King Penguin covering Byrds' Thoughts and Words, slower and psychier. On Keep Off the Grass (various) on Fruits de Mer.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:53am Vicki:

Dictionaraoke's version of Oops I Did It Again
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:53am Sam:

Irwin once played a great lounge version of Nirvana's "Come as you are", where the chorus was all zu-zu-zu-zu-zu.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:53am AnAnonymousParty:

Some gals just can't sing in the shower.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:54am Parq:

That'll wake you up, Pam.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:54am John McCabe in L.A.:

i love this!!
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:54am Caryn:

@Brian: thanks, now I know not to expect much if I ever decide to listen to it
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:55am Marie:

I think this song (cover of "I Don't Want to Fall in Love") is excellent. I wonder if they got the idea accidentally somehow. Hey Ken, hope your health is okay...
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:56am Leigh:

Max Raabe - Tainted Love
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:56am Neg-guh-tor:

Leonard Nimoy-sunny
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:56am Webhamster Henry:

This show seems the ideal place to put in a mention of the upcoming show "Still Better Than The Beatles: A Tribute To The Shaggs" at the Bell House this Friday.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:57am some other guy:

Hey, do you have the single of "lets get physical"? It is really special at 33rpm. No, no, I know, but really! This is not like all the other songs people say that about. It's great.
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:58am Leigh:

Tori Amos - Enjoy The Silence - a deliciously awful cover
  Wed. 4/11/12 10:59am Mike East:

Has anyone mentioned Moe Tucker doing "Danny Boy"? That's reeal slow.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:00am AnAnonymousParty:

Elmer Fudd is sounding rough these days.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:00am paul:

speaking of the shaggs, ida did a great cover of "philosophy of the world"
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:01am Brian in Uk:

Johnny Cash & The Cowboy Junkies can really make a difference covering songs. How's about The CJ's doing 'I Walk the Line?'
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:01am Jennique:

Is this Boris Badenuff singing Joy Division?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:02am earwax:

speaking of elmer fudd, elmer fudd sings fire
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:03am listener David:

ear, I think you're thinking of Robin Williams doing Elmer
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:03am fred von helsing:

Wow the comments page is about four songs ahead of the Windoze stream
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:03am Ken:

Vicki - Is that the same as Whithers in the Whist?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:03am xangoir:

it doesn't get better than this. no sir. love
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:03am Joe:

Thin White Rope - Burn The flames on both the Roky tribute Where the Pyrimid Meets the Eye and on their album Spoor
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:04am Ken:

Where can I find Elmer Fudd singing Fire?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:04am paula pc:

Spoek Mathambo is FABULOUS
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:04am pfg:

Soft Pink Truth - "Do They Owe Us A Living!"
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:05am AnAnonymousParty:

Maybe some of us are commenting from .... the Future!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:05am Vicki:

sorry Ken - it's called In The Waking - it's on Rhapsody in Glue (album) and also on the 7" - i
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:05am Vicki:

definitely do NOT play Do they Owe us a Living unless you want to hit the dump button about 10 times
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:05am paula pc: -- Robin Williams doing Elmer Fudd doing Bruce Springsteen
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:05am listener David:
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:06am miss cheri:

ken--i think on youtube,, try it,,
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:07am AnAnonymousParty:

It was Robin Williams impersonating Elmer Fudd on a comedy LP, IIRC.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:07am Joe:

Lawrence Welk has done some spectacular covers.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:07am fred von helsing:

Is it a better world in the future ?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:09am fred von helsing:

Ah this is the y00t00b version. The live version from meghan's was better, but what the hey
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:09am Michele:

Black Tambourine - I wanna be your boyfriend (Ramones cover)
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:09am John McCabe in L.A.:

stop the show there is now a Hot Dog stuffed pizza crust.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:09am Tom in Chicago:

How about something from Devo's Easy Listening Disc? Like "Can't Get No Satisfaction"
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:10am iiii:

Petra Haden - Odorono - The Who Sell Out
or I Can See For Miles?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:10am Jack:

There's a great cover of "Jump" by Aztec Camera that would work, loving this show (though people working in my area aren't as thrilled)
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:11am Vicki:

oooh yes Petra Haden The Who Sell Out
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:11am glenn:

don't let it bring you down - barbara manning doing mccartney.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:11am AnAnonymousParty:

Corn dog pizza?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:11am Mike East:

I'll third Petra Haden
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:12am PMD:

I thought you bailed on Bette because she started swearing up a storm.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:12am john:

Fall's "Lost in Music" is great.

There's a whole album of covers that the Liquor Giants did, too.

Oh, and Manfred Mann's Blinded by the Light is maybe the best cover evaaaaa...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:12am Marie:

Frank Zappa doing Stairway to Heaven (did not watch/listen all the way through---at work)
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:13am Leigh:

Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston - Sweet Loafed (Butthole Surfers)
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:13am MD:

  Wed. 4/11/12 11:13am KMO:

I'd love to hear Ryan Adams live, blues, acoustic version of Wonder Wall - oh, shoot. Too late. Oh well.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:13am Vicki:

the Coil version of Tainted Love is MILES better, and slooowwwww
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:13am paul:

ahhh, i forgot about the Coil version of this song!!! so perfect for this show
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:13am Mark:

thanks for bailing on "Tainted Love"
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:14am PMD:

Ken, any muzak song. or Hooked on Classics:
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:14am bbell:

Just got back from coffee, if the slow covers will continue into the next hour, here's a suggestion: Sue Jorge from the "Life Aquatic" soundtrack does a few slowed down covers of Davie Bowie songs.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:14am Joe:

Guess TAinted Love didn't make it
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:14am Lewis:

well that didn't last long...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:14am john:

Oh, gawd...this version of this song. I'm gonna cry.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:14am Shane:

That Macy Gray cover album is decent---I like her version of Wake Up.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:15am Leigh:

sorry about that max raabe, ken. :(
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:15am giselle:

James Last, Pokerface?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:16am PMD:

Use something from Megan's premium last year or this...?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:16am miss cheri:

thanx for playing bowie,, ken. i just love bowie!!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:16am glenn:

sue jorge?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:16am tim from champaign:

Oh. oh, oh I got it!!!!! The worst cover of all-time!!!! Miles Davis's sad bastard version of Cindy Lauper's Time After Time.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:16am KP:

Jack, that Aztec Camera Jump is awesome. Whole idea of what doing a cover is all about.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:16am Caryn:

Fabulous cover by Bowie! How have I never heard this before?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:17am KP:

It's March already?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:18am Vicki:

Mull of Kintyre
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:18am Joe:

Lou Reed - This Magic Moment
Till the night is gone
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:19am Leigh:

Nouvelle Vague - Guns of Brixton OR Friday Night, Saturday Morning
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:19am Mike East:

Yes! I played this track at my wedding. My wife made me cut it off cuz people were falling asleep.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:20am frank's brain:

Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé's version of Black Hole Sun is better than Cibo Matto's...and probably slower.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:20am jeff:

hi ken, dino jr.'s quicksand cover might be what you're after.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:21am AnAnonymousParty:

In the future, "Danny Boy is STILL going strong.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:23am Jennique:

Thanks for playing Seu Jorge. Always liked his songs from this soundtrack.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:23am Leigh:

Langley Schools Music Project - Desperado - a great cover of an annoying song
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:23am Marie:

There's that whole album of Neil Young covers that came out in the late 80s (?). It is great.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:24am kurt:

senor coconut smoke on the water on fiesta songs is excellent
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:25am spazioli:

my morning jacket - rocket man, off early recordings 1: the sandworm cometh
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:26am Leigh:

Pat Benatar - Wuthering Heights
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:27am glenn:

oh oh! sweet home alabama by mariachi garibaldi. the best thing ever!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:27am ant:

This reminds me: you should try the Sketch Show cover of The Theme from a Summer Place. Goooood.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:28am jeff:

Mark Kozelek's album of ac/dc covers
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:28am Brian in Uk:

The Pedro Delgados?

Nice one Vicki.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:28am Cecile:

yeah, Jeff, I'm trying to get Ken to play Rock 'n' Roll Singer.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:28am glenn:
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:29am Cecile:

vicki and ergo, this is amazing
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:29am Ken:

Vicki, this is so great. Just beautiful.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:30am KP:

Marie, remember name of NY covers or an artist on it?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:30am Holger:

Ken: Hope you recoverd from the Marathon. All of you did a great job to keep the station going. I miss being on the air as it was a rare priveldge for me from the 70's to the 80's.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:30am Franz Ferdinand:

"Womanizer" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:30am G:

Theme from a Gluey Place!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:30am Vicki:

thanks :))))
there's a little video too -
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:31am some other guy:

Dear Ken, I made you something. Check it out:
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:32am Bryant:

Giant Sand did a nice conga-flavored "Iron Man" on COVER MAGAZINE. Crooked Fingers did a slow "When U Were Mine" on the RESERVOIR SONGS EP. Both quite nice.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:32am jeff:

oh ken, ken, ken...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:32am John McCabe in L.A.:

Langley Project yes!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:33am Cecile:

that GS cover is great.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:33am still b/p:

Bing Crosby -- Hey, Jude!
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:33am Ken:

some other guy - what is it???
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:34am Marie:

Someone's gotta mention it: William Shatner's Mr. Tambourine Man
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:34am Brian in UK:

Full marks to the music teacher on the joanna.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:35am john:

There's also that album of Neil Young covers -- The Bridge. Soul Asylum doing "Barstool Blues" stands out in my mind, but Psychic TV, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:35am wooly:

I need that Langley Schools album.....brilliant
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:35am meghan:

Jimmy Cliff's latest EP has amazing covers on it. His cover of Guns of Brixton or Hard Rain's Gonna Come
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:36am Ken:

Which Neil Young Covers CD you all talking about?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:36am Lee:

Is it too late to hear some Black Velvet Flag?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:36am Not Slow But Retarded:

Bad Ronald "Daniel" -
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:37am Caryn:

Ken, e-mailed you a couple of slow covers.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:37am some other guy:

It's "Physical" slowed down. I think it rules.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:37am Cecile:

oh! Heartworm doing Diane Farris's I Know.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:37am paul:

  Wed. 4/11/12 11:37am AnAnonymousParty:

Well, you might as well hop anyway.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:38am Vicki:

hoorahhh for Tatu!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:38am iiii:

Really great, Vicki. Can't wait to see the video.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:38am Jennique:

Ken, I play this How Soon is Now cover by tATu every morning on my way to work on the subway, imagining I am the one singing it and blowing everyone away with the power of my voice.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:38am paul:

i will never stop loving this. thank you so much.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:38am paula pc:

was this whole show just an excuse to play another version of this tATu? (not that I mind)
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:39am Andy in Berlin:

I like it slow - finally makes sense
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:39am john:
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:39am Lewis:

what about Colin Stetson's "Lord I Just can't keep from crying" or Wall of Vodoo's "Ring of Fire"
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:39am Caryn:

Oh yeah, forgot about this. Definite thorazine cover...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:39am Joe:

I know it ups my creep factor but Woo Hoo Tatu (and Puffy)
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:40am Jeff:

Ken, the Neil young tribute album is called, bridge.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:40am ?:

ring of fire ?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:41am Anulka:

How about Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Tortoise doing Thunder Road?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:41am blip:

there's also ross johnson's version of 'theme from a summer's place' (from 'make it stop'). it's a goodun.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:41am iiii:

Jeff, is Crash Vegas' Pocahontas on it?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:41am Joe:

What about the Wall of Voodoo Ring of Fire?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:42am Webhamster Henry:

Brave Combo, Mood Swing Music, "Girl", with Tiny Tim.
I'll shut up now.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:42am Vicki:

I love this
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:42am Caryn:

The gif actually suits this really well.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:43am BDR:

Wait, you hate Tainted Love more than you hate a fucking Eagles song?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:43am Jeff:

No crash Vegas
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:43am Joe:

I can't stop watching the GIF for Aztec Camera song
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:44am Cecile:

I miss Nick's "fat little insect" phase.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:45am Lewis:

Wall of Voodoo ring of fire:
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:45am Jeff:

Ohhhh, well played ken. Well played... I'll honk driving by the sayrevillle steel mill in your honor.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:45am Caryn:

Ooh, the finger has moved from "now" to "what"... Is that Ken wondering "Now what?" while staring at the myriad of cover options he has?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:46am glenn:

how about the great luke doucet, if we're doing canadiana?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:46am Lewis:

sorry Joe beat me to the punch - I am jumping in and out...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:46am blip:

wait... I'm kinda late to this... are these supposed to be mellow covers?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:47am Kevin Pork:

playing this station and spreading the Wfmu word at Dames Espresso Bar in downtown JC! keep up the tunes!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:47am Joe:

@Lewis the more the merrier or morose in the case of this particular show.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:47am Caryn:

Speaking of Nick Cave, just watched "The Proposition" this morning.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:48am Joe:

@Caryn Wal-Mart is actually selling the Proposition for like 5 dollars. I had really good chuckle when I saw that.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am Mark:

I guess somebody don't like Facebook
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am Ken:

The Morose The Merrier! Great title for today's show!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am paul:

this works.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am giselle:

some of those creepy Tiny Tim covers?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am wooly:

Is this at the right speed ?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am G:

This is what the 45 would sound like at 33
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:49am Caryn:

Nice choice of performer name.
Avatar The Kenschlampen Year-End Fundraiser 2019 Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 4/11/12 11:50am Ken:

Jeff !! I worked at a steel mill in Sayreville one summer! Summer of 1979.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:50am Jeff:

Caryn, to sound über cool say you just "rewatched" the proposition...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:50am Mark:

this is an improvement over the original
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:51am ¶ symbol:

today's show was awesome. thanks ken
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:51am some other guy:

That's just my facebook account name, which was used to upload this, which I can't believe is actually getting played. awesome.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:52am paul:

45's almost always sound better at 33
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:52am Caryn:

@Jeff: well, I did watch it while I DVR'd it. Now I watched the DVD I burned of it. So technically...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:52am Jeff:

Ken, I know. You told me once! Haha. I should be driving by it shortly heading to the cleaners!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:52am Leigh:

Hole covering The Crystals' "He Hit Me And It Felt Like A Kiss"
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:53am Joe:

Revolting Cocks do an interesting version of this.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:53am Caryn:

I think I'm gonna be spending the rest of the month going through all these links...
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:55am G:

stretch that tush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:56am earwax:

what is that device in the gif with physical stretch?
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:57am Jeff:

Stretching tush into plush tush version
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:58am Caryn:

@ear wax: can't remember the name of it, but I seem to remember it helps you get rid of a double chin.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:58am glenn:

it's an inhaler for someone unclear on the concept.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:59am Michele:

Awesome show Ken!
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:59am Caryn:

I remember laughing at that infomercial years ago. It was the shakeweight of its time, except a little less masturbatory-looking.
  Wed. 4/11/12 11:59am PMD:

@Caryn, I thought it was an inhaler for a person with a tracheotomy
  Wed. 4/11/12 12:00pm Vicki:

great show thanks :)
  Wed. 4/11/12 12:00pm Joe:

Thanks Ken
  Wed. 4/11/12 12:01pm Caryn:

@PMD: who knows, it might be multipurpose? Don't most of these products have like a million and one uses?
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