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Options September 8, 2016: Noel Martin of Menace on at 1pm!

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Young Gods  Lucidogen   Options 0:00:00 ()
Killing Joke  Follow The Leaders   Options 0:08:23 ()
Menace  Rocks And Dust   Options 0:13:56 ()
Strychnine  Mal   Options 0:17:36 ()
Windhand  Two Urns   Options 0:21:15 ()
Electric Wizard  Raptus   Options 0:28:02 ()
Menace  London   Options 0:34:01 ()
Rainbows Are Free  Last Supper   Options 0:36:46 ()
Shrinebuilder  Blind For All To See   Options 0:40:46 ()
Grand Magus  Varangian   Options 0:48:01 ()
Edge Of Sanity  Silent   Options 0:51:36 ()
Menace  The Young Ones   Options 0:56:38 ()
Interview with Noel Martin of MENACE    1:04:40 ()
Menace  Vote Punk Rock   Options 1:52:00 ()
Menace  I'm Civilised   Options 1:54:44 ()
Menace  I Need Nothing   Options 1:57:41 ()
Menace  C & A   Options 1:59:54 ()
Kowloon Walled City  Daughters And Sons   Options 2:04:13 ()
Faulkenback  Time Between Dog And Wolf   Options 2:09:13 ()
Mastodon  Halloween   Options 2:15:40 ()
Kylesa  Don't Look Back   Options 2:23:49 ()
Griffin  Hell Runneth Over   Options 2:27:02 ()
Black Mountain  Old Fangs   Options 2:30:52 ()
Mantar  Cult Witness   Options 2:34:51 ()
Thin Lizzy  Warriors   Options 2:39:19 ()
Raspberry Bulbs  Lionhead   Options 2:43:21 ()
Canned Heat  Move On Down The Road   Options 2:50:39 ()
Voivod  Into My Hypercube   Options 2:52:45 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:05pm Cecile:

hola, Diane!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:05pm Rich in Washington:

I'm gonna miss this show!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:05pm Doctor Rembrandt:

Good morning / afternoon
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:06pm Doctor Rembrandt:

"we're gathered here today to celebrate this thing called hard rock..."
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:06pm pierre:

Bonsoir Diane :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:07pm Bronwyn Bishop:

Hi Diane!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:07pm ron in S FL:

Thursdays will never be the same.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:07pm Polyus:

Hellooo Diane! Great YG track.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:08pm Frito Puente:

My heart is as heavy as the music is. Diane made Thursday my favorite day of the week.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:09pm Matt in Hillsborough:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:09pm V Priceless:

HEY DIANE!! On this 50th anniversary of the television premier of ‘Star Trek’, I think it only fitting to convey thanks unto you for producing radio that consistently and BOLDLY goes where no radio has gone before! Get back here in time to preview the new Voivod album dropping next year! Yay!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:09pm pierre:

arrr, french accent might be one of my least favorite sound in the world
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:11pm Stevel:

Tear it up, Diane!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:12pm Rich in Washington:

I would suggest emailing the station and politely letting them know you would like this show to make it back to the schedule.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:12pm ian Butters:

Ball sings must come to a spend
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:12pm Listener142985:

Slaughtering it as always. Salud, Diane.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:14pm Cecile:

That's a good idea. Also, not panicking. Joe Belock was off the schedule one summer, and he ended up subbing so much he was on an average of 2-3 times a week. (It also helped that Hurricane Irene showed up and stranded everyone)
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:15pm ian Butters:

so your saying we should pray for me?
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:16pm Cecile:

not really. But I think since everyone knows Diane wants to be on the air, she might be the sub of choice for this schedule.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:17pm timurf:

Menace! Bloody hell...
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:17pm ian Butters:

Banking silly click here for a good pair of shoes
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:19pm Tito "Pepe" Infidado:

Pepe is performing his customary Revolution in NC, rip it up and kill it!!
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:19pm ian Butters:

i know someone who's pet turtle swims well!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:19pm Cecile:

No, that's not what I mean. Sorry, Ian. I mean Joe logged a lot of hours trying to keep the station physically and figuratively afloat. Nobody forgot about him cause he was everywhere.

Sorry for the wording.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:20pm V Priceless:

all's fair in Love, War & Rock & Roll...
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:20pm Cecile:

"helped" was maybe a little bit sarcastic. Maybe I should have said "it didn't hurt"
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:22pm John:

Menace played cbgb September 9 2001. That was an important show for me and my friends as it marked the end of an era. Noel even have my buddy a harmonica lesson at the court tavern gig of that tour. That record was great that came out then
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:22pm ian Butters:

A good bean fell from his flooded house onto his garden. He's been cooking vegetables ever since.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:22pm Listener142985:

Glad Irene Trudell was not involved in any turtle fatalities. Big relief.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:22pm timurf:

Diane, not having you kick off my Thurs. afternoons will mean no outlet for my weekly pent up aggression. Society shall pay dearly. But thanks for rocking our earholes for so many years! Fingers crossed that you'll be back on the schedule someday.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:23pm Cecile:

OK, ian. I said I was sorry. I'm not for hurricanes. Joe just stepped up during a disaster.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:25pm Listener142985:

What did Travis Bickle say about a real rain coming?
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:26pm Dean:

Goddammit. I got nothing else.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:27pm V Priceless:

< note unauthorized AV made for today's show...I need a life! But hey, this ROCK & ROLL is serious stuff, I tell ya! Now I gotta re-set these Thursday hours back to 'ordinary'! ;)
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:27pm coe:

'ello folks
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:29pm Luna:

Me too V Priceless. Just plain ole Thursday now.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:31pm Doctor Rembrandt:

I guess it's like something Frank Zappa once said,
'I'll find something else to do' (paraphrasing as I don't remember his exact words)
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:32pm Polyus:

Everyone name something awesome that Diane introduced you. Me: Rose Kemp.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:33pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:34pm V Priceless:

@ Polyus: Voivod! Knew the name, but never heard them until I got here.
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:34pm PeterD:

Diane introduced me to Voivod.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:34pm Cecile:

Bolt Thrower
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:34pm Dean:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:34pm Devin B.:

(whispers sheepishly): Voivod
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:35pm Cecile:

Kowloon Walled City
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:35pm Listener142985:

Voivod, duh! (more by way of increased appreciation than introduction)
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:35pm Cecile:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:35pm coelacanth:

hi Diane and others
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:35pm Cecile:

flute-tinged witch rock
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:36pm V Priceless:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:36pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:37pm Tito "Pepe" Infidado:

No traste dulzura, a diferencia de la mayoría se viven a diario de rock!! Viva la Kamikaze!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:37pm Doctor Rembrandt:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:38pm Cecile:

That first Abbath solo album "I".
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:39pm Jim Devoid:

Diane, thanks for all you do! I remember getting your play lists in the mail back in the 90's when you gave my old band some air play!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:40pm timurf:

Voivod but also too many to list. New ones nearly every month.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:41pm Cecile:

very true, tim!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:42pm Cecile:

It was also a place where I could request Dio or Free Fall or High on Fire, and know it would probably get played.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:42pm Dean:

Slow down. It isn't "was" just yet.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:43pm Cecile:

I know. But the grief is infectious.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:44pm Cecile:

Also troubling is my favorite little coffeeshop is dark, even though the owner was supposed to open on Tuesday. It looks like stuff has fallen off the walls. I'm kind of worried.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:46pm Dean:

I continue to lament the closure of a really wonderful coffeeshop in Montreal whose name I can't even remember. One word? Started with a C? It was around in the late '90s, but then vanished c.'00. Not fair.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:47pm Diane Kamikaze:

Snap out of it folks! Let's rock! I appreciate the support, but I will be back!
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:47pm Polyus:

@Cecile- which one?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:47pm timurf:

: )
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:48pm Cecile:

St. Paul Coffee Shop, the former Steep 'n' Brew. Juliana ran it. I remember talking to her last Thursday - she said "I'll be gone Friday and Monday". She wasn't open Tuesday, so I didn't think anything of it. But a week later, I'm a little worried.
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:48pm Listener142985:

That's the spirit, D.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:49pm V Priceless:

what timurf said @12:40

@ DK - is that an order?
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:49pm Polyus:

I don't know that one.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:49pm Cecile:

it's tucked in the US Bank building.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:51pm Jim Devoid:

When I read "I will be be back", it was in a total Arnold Schawrzennegger voice inside my head, lol!
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:51pm SeanG:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:52pm Diane Kamikaze:

I would never order around my beloved C-Section!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:53pm Diane Kamikaze:

@JimDevoid, I would be lying if I said that wasn't intentional. Internal voice LOUD n CLEAR!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:56pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

i owe my knowledge of ufomammut to this show. For that alone, you (DK) have earned your place in Valhalla, with a very large umbrella drink.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:57pm MenfussMike:

was that a belch?
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 12:58pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Alexi Sayle for prez!
  Thu. 9/8/16 12:58pm Polyus:

Oh have we got a video?
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 12:59pm PeterD:

I just introduced someone to The Young Ones episodes the other day.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 1:08pm Rich in Washington:

I Need Nothing might be my all time favorite Punk single.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 1:11pm timurf:

the Cherry St. Station show just went on my calendar
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 1:13pm Cecile:

interval training is good for endurance
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 1:14pm timurf:

  Thu. 9/8/16 1:28pm ian Butters:

  Thu. 9/8/16 1:34pm Polyus:

Drummers have to keep drunk guitarists on the rails.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 1:38pm chris:

Hi, Diane. Tuning in just now.... Thanks again for all the years of this show! I'm looking forward to more in future... Counting on it, actually. ;-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 1:43pm Michael 98145:

enjoying this interview. thanks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 1:48pm Michael 98145:

Menacing: img.discogs.com...
  Thu. 9/8/16 1:55pm SeanG:

  Thu. 9/8/16 2:00pm coe:

have to admit very limited knowledge of Menace but from the interview and songs being played my interest has been extremely lifted.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:01pm SeanG:

me too coe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:01pm Rich in Washington:

I NEED NOTHING. Life changing lyrics, even.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:01pm timurf:

thx diane!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hello, Diane, Noel and Team Voivod. Check out www.wfmu.org... and see that there are already some Fun Machine dates planned. Also, the monthly WFMU Big Bag of Wind newsletter says Diane has a new line of clothing coming out. Yay!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:05pm Cecile:

hurray for fill-ins, and Kowloon!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:06pm V Priceless:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:09pm Michael 98145:

i hated to see punk become a commodity
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:12pm jeff frieri:

Gonna miss your show, Diane. All the best and hopefully you'll be back.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:13pm Chris from DC:

Meeting shortly but holding out for Voivod before then. Thanks, you make Thursdays better.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:20pm Agent Peter:

Bring it hard Diane! Don't hold back baby!
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:22pm Dean:

Out for meetings here, too. Will miss this show, Diane, but I'm happy to see fill-in slots in the near future. Still, really bummed.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:26pm Agent Peter:

So much better than Boston's version..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:28pm Michael 98145:

( visual: img.discogs.com... )
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:29pm Cecile:

It's Justlike Priest.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:30pm SeanG:

great RIFF!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:32pm Cecile:

sick organ player.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:33pm SeanG:

like Jon Lord right Cecile
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:33pm Cecile:

you know it, sean
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:34pm Cecile:

also reminds me a tiny little bit of "it's all too much" by the Cars taken sideways.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:36pm Cecile:

what's a pirate's favorite band?

  Thu. 9/8/16 2:36pm Polyus:

He did the Beyond the Black Rainbow soundtrack, which is pretty cool, if a bit cut and paste retro.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:36pm SeanG:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:37pm Cecile:

nowhere fun, I'll wager.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:37pm ian Butters:

that interview made me hungry
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:38pm V Priceless:

@ DK - any insight into launching your own interim podcast/interweb radio thingy, or are the logistics just too involved?

Good question, SeanG!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:38pm JakeGould:

Does the school year affect Cheri Pi? Maybe that’s it since school is starting up again. All kinds of schools.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:38pm Cecile:

I'll bet that's it. First week back for a lot of colleges
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:39pm V Priceless:

if so, she's tardy to the School of Heavy going on right here!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:41pm Cecile:

  Thu. 9/8/16 2:41pm SeanG:

nice one Diane! hahaha
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:43pm Dave in Chicago:

Diane, wanted to let you know I'll be listening for fill-ins and whenever you return. Don't usually make it to the comment boards these last 5 years or so, but I'm always a fan (and occasionally send $) and appreciate what you do. A Lot.
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:44pm Listener142985:

Damn it's almost hankie time. Thanks for the tunes and hope to hear you again soon, Diane.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:45pm Rich in Washington:

WOuld be cool to hear the Kamikaze Fun Machine on the Give the Drummer Radio stream.
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:46pm JakeGould:

Wait… Last show (for now) and no Voivod yet?
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:47pm Diane Kamikaze:

Thanks everyone! I will be working on my backlog of podcasts to get out there in more cohesive form. I'm filling in for Joel St Germain on the Satmid/Sun3am shifts on October 23 and November 6th...
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:49pm Cecile:

way to hit the ground running!
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:49pm bill:

au revoir DK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:50pm Devin B.:

Great show Diane! Looking forward to those fill-ins
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:50pm timurf:

in the meantime I think we should all do a loud 'wolf cry' out of our windows, synchronized precisely at 3:00PM
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:51pm Chucktown Dan:

You'll be like herpes Diane. You always will come back when least expected.....
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:51pm Cecile:

  Thu. 9/8/16 2:53pm Polyus:

Do your boogie!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:53pm PKNY:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:54pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:54pm Diane Kamikaze:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:54pm timurf:

gr8 stuff, gonna miss this!!!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:55pm V Priceless:

Yeah! May you kick the arse of whatever adventure awaits you, Diane! Until your voice and our ears meet again, you ROCK! Thank you! Cheers! xox
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:56pm SeanG:

  Thu. 9/8/16 2:56pm Polyus:

See you on the flip Diane. . .
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Voivod! !! !!! And TTFN!
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:57pm i'll pass thanks:

I will miss you tremendously!
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 2:57pm Cecile:

farewell for now, Diane!
  Thu. 9/8/16 2:57pm Marc15:

Good luck Diane, I will miss you
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 2:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

(Ta ta for now, not "totally thanks for nothing")
Avatar Thu. 9/8/16 3:00pm Cecile:

right on!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 3:00pm SeanG:

thanks Diane!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 3:01pm doncaballero:

Come back soon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/8/16 3:08pm coelacanth:

(belated) Thank you Diane. i look forward to the fill-ins.
  Thu. 9/15/16 7:37pm Noel Martin:

Fanx for giving me and the band the time. It was great to speak to you. See ya soon......Noel Menace
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