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Playlist for 23 November 2011 Favoriting | Time to Rock

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Radio Soulwax  Axe Attack (Excerpt)   Favoriting Radio Soulwax iPhone App  No Label 

*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
Sin Swing   Favoriting    
Lou Reed and Metallica  Pumping Blood   Favoriting Lulu  Warner Bros. 
*   1:06:39 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad & John Greaves  The Only Song   Favoriting Unearthed  Sub Rosa 
  1:17:06 (Pop-up)
John Greaves & Peter Blegvad  The Only Song   Favoriting Unearthed  Sub Rosa 
  1:24:52 (Pop-up)
Pink Floyd  Astronomy Domine   Favoriting Piper at the Gates of Dawn   
  1:32:27 (Pop-up)
Wire  French Film Blurred   Favoriting Chairs Missing  Restless Retro 
  1:35:50 (Pop-up)
Voivod  Astronomy Domine   Favoriting The Best of Voivod   
  1:39:06 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad & Peter Blegvad  The Only Song   Favoriting Unearthed  Sub Rosa 
  1:49:27 (Pop-up)
Ivor Cutler  I'm Happy   Favoriting Ludo  Rev-Ola      1:54:59 (Pop-up)
John Greaves & John Greaves  The Only Song   Favoriting Unearthed  Sub Rosa 
  1:58:29 (Pop-up)
Wild Cherry  Play That Funky Music   Favoriting    
  2:03:06 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Huffin Hairspray   Favoriting Unicorn Chasers   
*   2:11:33 (Pop-up)
Hans Reichel  Oway Owat   Favoriting Yuxo  FMP      2:16:08 (Pop-up)
Hans Reichel  Telling The Truth Abour K Minor   Favoriting Lower Lurum  Rastascan 
  2:18:55 (Pop-up)
Can  Oh Yeah   Favoriting Tago Mago  Spoon Records 
  2:29:58 (Pop-up)
Evolution Control Committee  We Will Rock You   Favoriting Double The Phat and Still Tasteless   

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  2:36:33 (Pop-up)
Billy Nayer Show  Party   Favoriting The American Astronaut   
  2:39:26 (Pop-up)
Creative Writing Exercise!            2:48:01 (Pop-up)
John Blegvad & Peter Greaves  The Only Song   Favoriting Unearthed  Sub Rosa      2:56:16 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am fred von helsing:

excellent start
  9:02am λɯəɹəɾ:

In hindsight, I'd have worked harder to get Ken onto the Super Commitee.
  9:03am mark from VT:

Radio Soulwax also just put out a new hour!
  9:04am Mark:

yeah yeah yeah Space Truckin'
  9:04am Ken:

Playing this off of my iPhone. Somebody call me so we can see if it rings on the air.
  9:05am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

game on
  9:07am Dan B From Upstate:

Cant... quite... remember.... Did the guys from Radio Soulwax say they also have an android app... you know... for the rest of us?
  9:08am Ken:

Just dropped the phone on the floor. No problemo! File didnt even stop.
  9:08am Vicki:

Ken - just heard Hans Reichel has died - you might want to play some daxophone...
  9:09am Ken:

What I recall them saying was "Android App? Those are for old ladies. And little girls." But I might be mis-remembering.
  9:09am Marmalade kitty:

are there credits for all tracks?
  9:10am Ken:

Yes, on the phone, there is a video that goes along with this - not only is every track credited but every LP/CD cover is actually animated!!
  9:12am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

  9:12am Ken:

Oooh, poor Hans! Will definitely play something to bless him.
  9:13am pierre:

Bonjour Ken !
Bonjour Vicki
Bonjour Marmalade Kitty
Bonjour Dan B from upstate
Bonjour ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ
Bonjour λɯəɹəɾ
Bonjour mark from VT
  9:13am Ken:

How much of this should I play? It goes on for 500 riffs and one hour! Egad.
  9:13am Vicki:

yes, I love his stuff
  9:14am Ken:

Pierre Baby! You came back!
  9:14am Google:

well that seems to be an unnecessary characterization
  9:14am glenn:

depends. how much smoking and / or paperwork do you want to do?
  9:14am Bas, NL:

This is a fun guitar riff quiz!
  9:14am still b/p:

Trak-tor! Trak-tor!
  9:15am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

oops! incoming?
  9:15am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm okay with the full hour.

Bienvenue, Pierre!
  9:15am λɯəɹəɾ:

Bonjour pierre!
  9:16am Marmalade kitty:

mbv stooges robert palmer acdc supergrass the who the beatles magic band ono band sex pistols the cramps free velvet underground iron maiden led zep Bowie rage against the machine aerosmith plus more..
  9:16am Stevel:

Let it roll!
  9:16am Dave B:

Kinda reminds me of a live mashup/medley I saw Z perform at NAMM back in 1994.
  9:17am Ken:

Eagles, Aerosmith, Franz Ferdinand, Jimi Hendrix Experience,
  9:17am Van in Dallas:

I'm okay with the full hour as well.
  9:17am Parq:

Every second or third segment has me saying "Oh, of course, that one!"
  9:18am Ken:

Paul Weller, Wild Cherry, Simple Minds, Can! Metallica, Juicy Lucy, Sweet
  9:18am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

fräk yeah that's a DJ-set-in-a-can
  9:18am pierre:

i always come back…
  9:19am Ken:

Raging Slab, Captain beefheart, Anthrax with Chuck D, The Doors, The Mojo Men, Jan Akkerman, Alice cooper, damn i cant even type this fast
  9:20am λɯəɹəɾ:

ustream your phone's screen!
  9:21am doofy mcdorkus:

hey! I recognise some of these! I must have heard them somewhere before... sometime ago
  9:21am Ken:

Cmon people, I dares ya! I've given my number out over the air many times! Call or text me and see if you can get my iPhone to stop playing, forcing me to go to The Stalling Tape.
  9:21am Les Paul:

Yessss, speak, my children, speak....
  9:21am Jack in Jersey:

great... lovin' it...not sure my coworkers are appreciating the volume increase...
  9:21am Dan B From Upstate:

Okay. A few weeks ago piqued my interest, but this sold me. I have to get this app. This is amazing.
  9:21am λɯəɹəɾ:

  9:21am Ken:

jeremy - that wont work.. those soulwax boys are smart.
  9:22am Marmalade kitty:

metallica kinks thin lizzy lenny Kravitz nirvana blur
  9:22am Marmalade kitty:

jimi hendrix the whoo>>>>>>>>>>>
  9:23am pierre:

i'd love to call you from France, Ken, but i don't know your number…
  9:23am OM:

Looking back through my bookmarked 7SD message board chats now. Surely someone mentioned your cellphone...
  9:25am Dan B From Upstate:

Okay. I just downloaded the app to my android phone wihtout even turning it on. Can an iPhone do that?!? (Really, I don't know. CAN an iPhone do that?)
  9:26am Brian in UK:

The Rutles?
  9:26am Mark:

the Carl Stalling tape?
  9:26am Ken:

I dont know Dan, is there a little girl nearby who can operate an Android and tell us?
  9:27am Ken:

Hey! Stop Calling Me!!
  9:27am λɯəɹəɾ:

  9:28am Dan B From Upstate:

I don't see what one has to do with the oth--- hey! That's an insult!
  9:28am Google:

hey hey I'm sensing a trend here!
  9:28am Ken:

That was fun! Now somebody text me!
  9:28am OM:

dead air, just likes i like it
  9:28am eveostay:

Once I put a Bob and Doug MacKenzie song on a cassette tape and mailed it to my favorite (commercial) radio station. They wrote back and told me the quality wasn't good enough to play it on the air.

Fast forward to now. DJs playin' their phones through the sound board. Mind blowing!
  9:28am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

was it E.T.
  9:28am Vicki:

you're still wanting someone to call your cell and cut you off?
  9:28am Sam:

Good morning and bonjour to everyone
  9:29am BSI:

dunno about all this rock & roll business, but that .gif is gonna have me digging thru the old VHS tapes for my Johnny Sokko & His Flying Robot episodes...
  9:29am Irene:

Somebody put a lotta idle time to use for this one. Seamless!
  9:29am Marmalade kitty:

alternative tv steppenwolf Motörhead black sabbath errr fleetwood mac
  9:29am Marmalade kitty:

  9:29am eveostay:
  9:30am Ken:

Hmmm, that was an international call and it barely rang my phone.
  9:31am Vicki:

ha ha that were me
  9:31am Vicki:

to be honest I have about 10 numbers for you and I had no idea which I was calling!
  9:31am Ken:

OK, we're gonna hear the entire hour but that doesnt mean you cant text me hateful messages.
  9:32am Marmalade kitty:

wahwahwaaaaaaaaw wa diddle diddly ded duh duh jang
  9:32am Snortley:

Hey, why don't you run the iPhone dead air app?
  9:33am lee:

this is so heavy, man
  9:33am λɯəɹəɾ:

because it was too expensive to purchase
  9:33am Sam:

Ok, I hate to shit on everyone's parade, but this is REALLY BORING TO LISTEN TO!! Ken, don't play this for an hour, play some real fucking music. Otherwise I'll put you on my enemies list.
  9:33am Dr. S.:

Heyyyy...The 500 Riffs of Bartholomew Cubbins.
  9:34am Vicki:

Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson...
  9:34am Ken:

Yes, Ugty Papas, Clapton, Zappa, wIRE, qUEENS OF THE STONE Age, Nirvana, Stooges, White Stripes, The 4 Horsemen, The Free, James Gang, Downliners Sect, High Volume, Anvil, Dick Dale..
  9:34am trrs:

And if the parade were in the sewer or cesspit ?
  9:34am eveostay:

Request: the _Giant_ film promo track loop.
  9:35am λɯəɹəɾ:

haters gonna hate
  9:35am Mark:

well Sam has spoken
  9:35am Ken:

Sam - Can I ask who else is on your enemies list? I might want to be on it.
  9:35am AbeSomething:

Only on FMU! This is a blast, Ken!
  9:35am Sam:

Someone had to say it!
  9:35am Mark:

Devo!, I got that one
  9:35am Brian in UK:

No Label. No Future.
No Label. The Future.
  9:35am Marmalade kitty:

doo doodly doo doo
  9:36am Sam:

Actually I lost my enemies list. I can't find it anywhere. So I'm starting a new one.
  9:36am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Some of us like this special hour so much it just makes us flip out
  9:37am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

mercifully little straight heavy
  9:37am Ken:

Wow, it's an exclusive list now Sam? I am honored. Please add me to it right away.
  9:38am Sam:

This is pretty much what Nat Roe does, but they're more remixed and interesting
  9:38am hamburger:

this would make for a good air-guitar showdown marathon if one were so inclined...
  9:38am still b/p:

Welcome to the Jersey City Annual Thanksgiving Riffleball Tournament.
  9:38am glenn:

i'm still trying to find out how to do the flippy upside down name thingy.
  9:38am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

Number One with a Bullet, 'e does ya proud
  9:39am Brian in UK:

Speaking of Buddy Holley. How many times does John Wayne say 'That'll Be the Day' in The Searchers?
  9:39am pierre:

i've wrote down "enemies list" on my lists list.
  9:39am Marmalade kitty:

roll the credits
  9:39am Mark:

why the negative vibes Sam?
  9:39am Sam:

You're the first on the list Mr. Freedman. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the rapture.
  9:39am Vicki:

Chart Sweep
  9:40am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

@glenn - google knows all
  9:40am Dan B From Upstate:

My enemy list is surprisingly short. Only two people.
  9:40am Brian in UK:

Chart Sooty.
  9:40am Mark:

you're harshing my mellow
  9:40am Stevel:

That dude with the gloves can RIP!!
  9:40am BDR:

This is my favorite of your many stalling tapes, btw.....
  9:41am pierre:

Quick Question : Is There such thing as a 'Franz Liszt List', or simply a Franz List ?
  9:41am Sam:

It's not really negative vibes, I just find this boring. I know people often confuse honesty with negativity.
  9:41am λɯəɹəɾ:

i haven't heard any sonic youth yet.
  9:41am eveostay:

OMG that last one was my favorite song ever!
  9:41am λɯəɹəɾ:

although i guess SY wasn't known for attacking the axe either...
  9:42am Marmalade kitty:

wah wah wah wah wah wah turn it up
  9:42am OM:

speaking of rapture -- any news? i know mr camping didn't pan out. are we just hanging on for the Mayan end times?
  9:42am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

"Chart Sweepings", now in nacho cheez flavr
  9:42am Frett Butler:

Don't fret the fretfest. Feel it.
  9:42am Ken:

Dont worry folks, I'm gonna play a song in it's entirety as soon as this is over.
  9:43am end times app:

sucky music randomly pasted together = really sucky music, imho.
  9:43am Phuzzi One:

hmmm...haven't made any enemies lately, what needs to be said to be on the list? - and this is excellent background noise for work today
  9:43am Marmalade kitty:

sonic youth blur inxs
  9:43am Mark:

play something from Lulu!
  9:44am Sam:

There will never be a second coming, because there was never a first cumming - Mary was a virgin.
  9:44am trrs:

Nice seams.
  9:44am glenn:

there's a chopin liszt.
  9:44am Ken:

Great idea Mark!! What should we hear from Lulu?!!!
  9:45am AbeSomething:

Yeah! Lulu, that'll teach 'em!!
  9:45am Mark:

Iced Honey
  9:45am Sam:

Crap, the comment board has now been blocked for me (at work) because of my own stupid vulgar comment. Serves me right. Sorry.
  9:45am Ken:

Yeah!!! Lulu!! Which track?! Cmon!
  9:45am Marmalade kitty:

the wonderstuff It's yer money i'm after baby!
  9:46am OM:

steely dan?
  9:46am BSI:

Enemies are easy. I wanted to start an ENTROPY list, but that idea completely fell apart.
  9:46am pierre:

@ glenn : thank you, i feel less alone.

@ Ken : btw, did you receive my mail about Lonely Kid Quentin
  9:46am Vicki:

I think I'd prefer it all at once
  9:46am Ken:

Sam! <NelsonVoice> HaHa! </NelsonVoice> I didnt even block you! You blocked YOURSELF!!!! hahahahahahahaha
  9:47am Nick the Bard:

The better Lulu bonus track...
  9:47am λɯəɹəɾ:

@BSI lol
  9:47am sporkbob:

the excerpt that comes last better blow my effing mind, Ken
  9:47am jill:

mash-ups signal the end of the world
  9:47am glenn:

start a procrastination list, bsi. but it can wait 'til tomorrow.
  9:47am Sam:

I can still post comments but I can't read them. It's like giving a speech when your deaf.
  9:47am Dan B From Upstate:

If you're gonna play Lulu, play one of the tracks you consider bad. You know... so we can get some perspective,.
  9:47am λɯəɹəɾ:

  9:48am paul:

my favorite songs on lulu all happen to be the ones with cursing, i think
  9:48am AbeSomething:

Pumping Blood!! The one where Lou "waggles his ass like a prostitute dog!!"
  9:48am weiterso:

this is quick
  9:49am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Geez, I think I'd estimate my recognition factor here at about 70% or so. I'm curious as to where you think yours falls, Ken. Are you anywhere around 90% or beyond?
  9:49am Ken:

Abe, you had me at Ass Prostitute!
  9:49am Marmalade kitty:

Can I put you on hold you mind holding..?
  9:49am 88 tears:

Chopin Liszt? You'd better change your "add etude," mister.
  9:50am Ken:

I'd say I'm also around the 70% mark Jeffersonic. I recognize most of the others but no way could I name them.
  9:50am dc pat:

yeah, I think 70% is about right for me.
  9:50am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

@jill no it's just more and more of the chronically postmodern media pastiche that substitutes for authenticity
  9:50am Vivian:

Folks, I need to upgrade my phone-which is better iphone 3g or iphone 4?
  9:51am paul:

so many of these songs sound way better in 2 second bursts than having to sit through the entire songs again
  9:52am Dave:

I'd like to see this performed live
  9:52am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

@dave seconded!
  9:53am ChrisB.:

  9:54am glenn:

where's the chris spedding guitar jamboree in all this?
  9:54am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Has there been an Eminence Front sighting in this yet?
  9:54am λɯəɹəɾ:

i HATE my iphone 3g. i STRONGLY urge you not to get a iphone 3g. takes 5 -10 seconds to get the camera warmed up to take a picture. 15 seconds to view my pictures. iphone 4 or droid, if you're a little girl or old lady.
  9:54am still b/p:

Is there a 60-minute Cowbell Convulsion or Moog Maul after the Axe Attack?
  9:54am OM:

would I show my youth if I said I'm at ~25-30% recognition? :/
  9:54am earwax:

Wait a minute. You mean this isn't just one guy playing this?
  9:55am pierre:

(say what you want but, this guy - with the helmet - is skilled)
  9:55am λɯəɹəɾ:

amazon wireless is selling phones for 1 penny this week for new contract plans
  9:55am dc pat:

actually I'm more at 60%. Did a random test of 10 in a row.
  9:55am pierre:

my favourite G. Rafferty song… AAAAaaaah stay, please STAY !!
  9:55am mark:

I think I've heard this before???
  9:56am Dave B:

@Dave/Fred vH/Ken - I'm uploading that Z medley I spoke of earlier. Its about 22 minutes long, performed live at the Shank in Milwaukee back in '95

Should be ready in about 10 minutes.

Line up
Ahmet Zappa-V, Dweezil Zappa-G, Mike Keneally-G, Bryan Bellar-B, Joe Travers-D
  9:56am ƃuıslǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

is there gonna be right smack dab in the middle a ten-minute hairball from frampton comes alive ?
  9:56am some other guy:

I think that if KDAD played this 24-7, well, I would be happy that existed.
  9:58am Dave B:

I have to do the upload remotely from home cause the firewall goons at work block access to DropBox...
  9:58am david from ks:

,,,aahhh hey i like that one n that one n that ah im f**kin stuck
  9:59am glenn:

and no peter green or roy buchanan or james burton or hank marvin or danny gatton or richard thompson either. jeeeez.
  9:59am λɯəɹəɾ:

59 minutes!
  9:59am yayson:

keep em rippin' ken
  9:59am sporkbob:

Somebody give me a cigarette.
  9:59am chronically impatient:

this makes we want to stick my head in the oven and roast it like a Thanksgiving turkey!
  9:59am Marmalade kitty:

the clash beastie boys!!! undertones the cure the cult guns and roses frank zappa lou reed dire straits prince primal scream talking heads...
  10:00am AbeSomething:

I'm so happy that was my 9 o'clock hour!
  10:00am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, man. That was so awesome, it made me late for break.
  10:00am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Naming them all is the 2nd hour
  10:01am moose:

  10:01am don:

jump in the fire
  10:01am Vicki:

please spend the next hour saying everything we heard, Stooges style
  10:01am Vivian:

Thanks λɯəɹəɾ! Sadly, iphones not included.
  10:01am Stevel:

[brains flowing out of ears, dripping onto floor.]
  10:02am Vicki:

ha ha oh good, you are
  10:02am Marmalade kitty:

no beastie boys? :(
  10:03am Gene Autry:

But do you recall...
the most famous
axe lick of all..?
  10:03am dc pat:

I'll help with identification: I heard the Witch by the Sonics. There, I've done my part.
  10:03am Johnny B Goode:

I suppose Ken could have played the album version of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" instead. On second thought, maybe not such a bad idea.

Is that 70% recognition or identification?

I think the guy in the helmet is Robert Fripp .. oh, no wait, he's obviously having more fun than Fripp ever has.

Ken, have you got anything without guitars or drums ... or riffs?

I think this back announcement is going to take a lot more than an hour.
  10:03am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Wow! I couldn't leave the computer until you stopped it! What the...! Back announce! Yikes! AAAIIIgh! Kenny G has possessed Ken!
  10:04am dale:

heard me a frank black riff.
  10:04am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

I'm gonna go roast a turkey for tomorrow and be back in time for the first full song
  10:04am Blurry:

INSANE!!! total flashback. WFMU is just wonderful. Keep it together man
  10:04am Vicki:

it might be helpful to consult with wikipedia for more information
  10:04am OM:

i love ken so much right now
  10:05am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Free career counseling for the 90 percenters?
  10:05am Dan B From Upstate:

I want this prize more than I've wanted anything in the world.
  10:05am OM:

oh god ken take listener calls, this will be awesome
  10:06am Skirkie:

I assume by "Thunderdome" you mean "soccer stadium in Harrison"
  10:07am dale:

kenny g played something a couple years ago that was some retarded people being led in song at the holidays. i desperately need a copy - any one know what it was called?
  10:08am some other guy:

The Children of the Inpatient Music Therapy Program, University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital
  10:08am paul:

this makes me want to listen to the Jack Mudurian album again
  10:09am chronically impatient:

my god ken... i give thanks for nothing. you've skipped straight past irony and leapt straight to contempt. why do you hate us so?
  10:09am AbeSomething:

There it is!
  10:10am Stevel:

Dog prostitute for the WIN!!!!
  10:10am Vicki:

There's also The Social Skill Centre, which I've played on the People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz Xmas Special of DO or DIY - it's on the fmu blog
  10:10am dale:

much gratitude other guy....
  10:10am Dave B:

As promised.
  10:10am paul:

it's "dark prostitute"
  10:11am glenn:

why would dogs need prostitutes? they pretty much got the whole free love thing down to a science.
  10:11am dale:

i just remember someone yelling out 'PUNKIN PIE!!'
  10:11am stefan:

oh man, this Lou Reed Metallica stuff is ridiculous. Totally cracking me up. Thanks for playing, I hadn't heard it yet.
  10:11am OM:

ken hates all of us and it is fantastic.
  10:11am Vicki:

  10:11am λɯəɹəɾ:

I have my ticket for the thunderdome faceoff in hand.
  10:11am AbeSomething:

@paul that's a bummer to learn. Thanks, though.
  10:12am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

oh noes daveB it wants me to log in
  10:12am lee:

this is poor person's sonic youth
  10:13am Big Time Producer:

This is going to be a much bigger hit than that last song. The last song seemed a little too long.
  10:13am pierre:

< a Julien Doré gif… Ken
  10:13am ricardo montalban:

That Loutallica album.
It's a lulu alright...
  10:13am Vicki:

you mean rich person's
  10:13am Marmalade kitty:

not bad for an olde fellow.. lou reed 69 dude!
  10:13am λɯəɹəɾ:

will tina turner be there?
  10:13am Sam:

Ken, for the third hour will you read your enemies list?
  10:14am dale:

thx vicki. silent but deadly night also a fave from your oeuvre
  10:15am Dave B:

Sorry - that link was crap....

Try this one on for size:
  10:16am Mark:

it rocked, but it didn't really roll
  10:17am Rockhood Manhard:

What Ken said.
  10:17am still b/p:

That Lulu heave sort of had homage-to-Burroughs flavors in
  10:17am glenn:

mark read keith richard's book.
  10:18am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

woix !
  10:19am eveostay:

okay, I'm ill now.
  10:19am Sam:

I can read the comment board again now.
  10:19am Dan B from Upstate:

I genuinely love this song.
  10:20am Sam:

This is reminiscent of "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves and it goes something like this..." (repeat)
  10:20am OM:

Ken actually despises his listeners.
  10:21am OM:

... but it makes us love him more?
  10:21am Sam:

Haters be hatin
  10:22am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

brutalize us with someone left the cake out in the rain
  10:22am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and fellow despised listeners.
  10:22am pierre:

i just ate snails.
  10:23am aaron in chicago:

ever notice how 'entirety' is a pretty strange word
  10:23am snail:

Aters be atin'.
  10:23am ?:

Hatters be hattin.
  10:24am Sam:

Marine warning? You mean a bunch of macho assholes in uniform with M16s are going to shoot their way into our schools and execute civilians and topple our government?
  10:24am βrian:

Hello from Madison, the isthmus among us.
  10:24am moose:

we deserve it. we're very bad
  10:25am Dave B:

Isthmus be my lucky day
  10:26am Mark:

maybe this is The Only Song
  10:26am λɯəɹəɾ:

I genuinely love this song.
  10:26am paul:

o i c wut u did thurr
  10:26am Dave B:

@Sam - It's OK. They use these weapons @ schools K-6
  10:26am Detroit Mac:

Happy Turkey to you all... now go get stuff'd.
  10:26am jdelz:

can i place a request for "the only song" by john greaves & peter blegvad?
  10:26am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Oh. My.
  10:26am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

how about the ol' reverse-sort-the-playlist-on-track-length trick ?
  10:26am Dan B from Upstate:

I genuinely love this song.
  10:27am Tristram in Brooklyn:

Freeform at it's best........
  10:27am eveostay:

<img src="">
  10:27am John Lennon:

Now THIS is what I should have imagined.
  10:28am Maria D:

NO!!! Please, Ken. Stop it!
  10:29am pierre:

It is actually quite easy to imagine that this is the only song in th world.
It is META djing
META radio
  10:29am OM:

hahaha Ken is the best. Please play this song at least three or four more times.
  10:29am Sam:

You're going to play it again next, aren't you.
  10:30am Marmalade kitty:

  10:31am Sam:

Thanks for reading the lyrics! I was wondering what they were.
  10:31am Dan B From Upstate:

Today's entire show is a stalling tape, isn't it?
  10:32am λɯəɹəɾ:

Ready to rock!
  10:32am Dave B:

It was better than Cats. I want to hear it again and again!
  10:32am Marmalade kitty:

thats no way to cook a bird.. terrible
  10:33am Carmichael:

How about Seals & Crofts, to ease us into this whole rock thing?
  10:33am eveostay:

Yes and Pink Floyd all in one show!!!
  10:33am Sam:

I haven't rocked this hard since Rocktober.
El You Vie.
  10:33am AbeSomething:

I am genuinely surprised to learn there will be "another song" this morning. I thought we were going the distance.
  10:33am Mark:

there's also a flood watch
  10:34am paula pc:

please don't hurt this song, Ken!
  10:34am jdelz:

hoping for the voivod cover to follow up the original
  10:34am Carmichael:

BTW, this is the ONLY pink floyd. Don't ever forget it. EVER.
  10:34am Greaves & Blegvad:

We are both truly sorry and will never do it again.
We are both truly sorry and will never do it again.
We are both truly sorry and will never do it again.
Are we ready to rock yet?
  10:34am dale:

i don't rock anymore. i bob and weave.
  10:34am Dave B:

Platers be platin'
  10:34am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

hall and oates are the music of the beast
  10:35am pierre:

@Ken: oh, i got it, you don't go on facebook that much, is that it. Would i have more chance by sending you an email directly through the wfmu adress?
  10:35am Sam:

Imagine if Ken gets alzheimers. He might really play the same song over and over and not even realize it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now that's irony.
  10:36am Vicki:

Not sure which is the best Floyd album but it's worthy of discussion
  10:37am facebook:

Send me your data.
  10:37am Ken:

Yes Pierre, email me. Hardly going to FB these days.
  10:37am Carmichael:

Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Vicki.
  10:38am Vicki:

On air, I mean
  10:39am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

@facebook banking passwords too?
  10:39am AbeSomething:

Heard 'Obscured By Clouds' for the first time last night and really liked it. My Fave is Meddle.
  10:39am Marmalade kitty:

Sam, you wouldn't ever tire of your favourite song! sounds good! not sure it works like that though? :(
  10:39am jdelz:

ha! my voivod dreams have come true
  10:40am George Serr:

  10:40am facebook:

I am sieve.
  10:42am myspace:

  10:43am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

  10:43am pierre:

Thanks Ken, this has been done

Does a request for Ptôse make sense?
  10:43am facebook:

I protect you from the other.
  10:43am Carmichael:

Did Seals & Crofts do a version?
  10:44am glenn:

seals and crofts did a great version of "we suck"
  10:44am facebook:

J'écrase la vermine.
  10:45am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

facebook you are my warm woolly brainslipper
  10:45am λɯəɹəɾ:

for those about to rock, we salute you.
  10:46am Mark:

I think this goes on my superfluous cover list
  10:47am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

grey matter bad, crushable styrofoam good
  10:47am facebook:

You are my latin small dotless J with stroke.
  10:47am Dave B:

Those of you toting iPhones, and in the need for field recording, this looks promising...
  10:48am Tams:

we rock hard, but rocks rock harder
  10:49am jdelz:

i'm a huge fan of songs played in their entirety without interruption. love this show!
  10:50am Vicki:

  10:50am TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod:

Scott Muni in for Ken today?
  10:51am Lizardner Dave:

I love the shows where Ken is auditioning for NPR.
  10:51am Adrian Belew:

I repeat myself when I'm distressed, I repeat myself when I'm distressed, I repeat...
  10:51am OM:

Ken gives no fucks
  10:51am Goyim in the AM:

Oh boy. I guess I didn't really survive that car accident, did I?
  10:51am Dan B From Upstate:

While I love this song, I think I prefer the John Greaves & Peter Blegvad version. Any chnace you could play that?
  10:52am JJJ:

ƃuos ƃoɥpunoɹפ
  10:52am Spielberg & Lucas:

Is anybody paying a viewing tax for the images on the playlist or are they in the Public Domain?
If they weren't, I guess they are now.
Ultravox!'s "Rockwrok" rocks off my sox.
Greaves & Blegvad again - now we're rocking.
  10:52am Karen:

You and they have made it simple, to last my whole life long. Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear.
  10:53am robert fripp:

I always thought hew was saying "I repeat my self when under stress"
  10:53am Mark:

any chance of playing the other song?
  10:53am Carmichael:

Peter's doing a cover, Dan. With his other brother Peter.
  10:53am Grandma:

Over the river and through the woods to Ken's house we go.
  10:54am Tony Levin:

He was...
  10:54am Maria D:

I'm ready to submit
  10:54am JJJ:

Quiet Village is the only song
  10:54am Carmichael:

I am a clock. I am a camera.
  10:55am TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod:

This show is a Robert Fripp tape loop.
  10:55am pierre:

"…against your will…"
that's an interesting concept.

And have everyone noticed that "will" and "ill" goes well together, it sound the same.
  10:55am alicia renee:

uncanny perfection for this drizzly morning
  10:55am facebook:

You are the plankton to my baleen.
  10:56am alicia renee:

  10:56am βrian:

Pick up the pace or pick up the mace.
  10:57am OM:

i dunno ken, i think that was enough, let's slow this back down a bit
  10:57am port in gregland:

I could listen to I'm Happy for an entire hour. It feels great. Ken?
  10:57am dale:

so is it pumpkin, apple, or mince for the masses this year?
  10:58am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

I like songs plaid in their entirely without refurbishment
  10:58am anna g:

Thank you for playing "Only Song" by Peter Blegvad and John Graves. It is my favorite song.
  10:59am Marmalade kitty:

David Gillmore v Syd Barrett?
  10:59am lee:

When you said "no matter how hard you rock, there's always a guy who rocks just a little bit harder", it mad me very very sad. So sad.
  10:59am Dave B:

@dale - why not all three at once?
  10:59am earwax:

Yay! Peter Blegvad and John Graves. This is only song I listen to.
  11:00am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

facebook you are the borg queen i am a bullseye in a red shirt
  11:00am jdelz:

can you get the home depot in there to permanently encase this song into the hardware device from which it plays?
  11:00am Carmichael:

I like to think I'm the rockingest of the rockers.
  11:00am Dave B:

this song is actually growing on me, but what it really could use is some vuvuzela.
  11:00am Detroit Mac:

Abandon Ship! Wimmen and Childings 1st.
  11:01am dale:

my mother always said 'i'll have a sliver of each.' that is quite a cake, dave b....did you bake it?
  11:01am lee:

Just once, I'd like to rock the hardest. Is this too much to ask?
  11:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Man, I love this song. If I could unplug my headphones and play an episode of Ken's show for my co-workers, it would be this episode.
  11:01am Carmichael:

Since this is the only song, it's by default my favorite.
  11:01am AbeSomething:

I was hoping to hear this Greaves & Greaves rendition of "Only Song" this morning! Thanks, Ken!
  11:01am The Cowsills:

Anybody wanna hear the Radio Soulwax again?
  11:01am Staples:

Let's Do It Again.
  11:02am OM:

ok, it's 11:00, do the station ID and let Axe Attack carry us out.
  11:02am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Every time I hear "The Only Song" I immediately superimpose Flipper's "Brainwash" over the top.
  11:02am White Boy:

  11:02am Dave B:

The Only Song would make a great hallmark anti-holiday singing card...
  11:02am TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod:

Only with more Jew's harp please.
  11:02am λɯəɹəɾ:

I don't believe the station is licensed to rock that hard two times in one morning.
  11:03am Vicki:

There's another version of The Only Song, who knew? "Unearthed includes "The Only Song," which would later be issued in a more powerful (longer and more cynical) form on Hangman's Hill."
  11:03am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

kool thing !
  11:03am Matterhorn:

I rock the hardest.
  11:04am Lizardner Dave:

Looking forward to the John Greaves Tiny Desk Concert.
  11:04am lee:

what we need a license to rock hard now? live free or rock hard
  11:04am Carmichael:

Wait a minute, there's actually MORE than the only song? Ken, you really need to explain this situation in detail.
  11:04am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Get down! Get Down Tonight!
  11:05am eveostay:

Suddenly, Ken, your whole life makes sense with this song playing.
  11:05am SOPA:

Sorry, your rocking is infringing. Buh-bye!
  11:06am λɯəɹəɾ:

there will always be another station that can rock harder
  11:06am Carmichael:

Point at floor. Point at ceiling. Repeat until song is over.
  11:06am Tristram in Brooklyn:

make a series of photographs of chance encountered people, sharing a set of headphones to listen to music, one of the the earpieces in one person ear, the second in the other........
  11:07am Marmalade kitty:

no one rocks harder than iggy pop according to henry rollins.. rollins knows a thing or two about rockin.. yes
  11:08am still b/p:

That drummer looks like a cross between Elisha Cook, Jr. and Clint Howard.
  11:08am Dave B:

I prefer jelly over jam.
  11:08am Detroit Mac:

Kick out the PaJamas.... Mother lovers!
  11:08am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

lady bacon marmelade
  11:08am MC5:

Kick out the jams!
  11:09am blip:

Are we going to be writing haikus?
  11:09am P. Butter:

Jelly over jam. Now that's what I call a sandwich.
  11:10am λɯəɹəɾ:

someone should check on marko to make sure he's not rocking too hard
  11:10am pierre:

Should somebody kick out the jam?
  11:10am lee:

I rocked hard while thanking Marko
  11:10am Cenovis:

nobody likes me...

  11:11am Carmichael:

I believe that drummer is Doug Schulkind.
  11:11am earwax:

Thanks Marco!
  11:11am λɯəɹəɾ:

Michelle, you rock!
  11:12am Carmichael:

If Ken's show is a'rockin', don't bother knockin'.
  11:12am Detroit Mac:

"Use lettuce between your jam and the bread to prevent the bread from getting soggy in your lunch box" - Mom
  11:15am Carmichael:

This song should put to rest any doubts about Ken's ability to rock at will.
  11:16am Mark:

it does look like the drummer is thinking about getting some
  11:16am TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod:

Wonder if anyone does Tico tico on a Jew's harp?
  11:18am λɯəɹəɾ:

Alright! Definately acknowledging and consuming the rock!
  11:20am Dave B:

\m/ (>_<) \m/
  11:25am Mark:

you may suck but do you blow?
  11:25am aaargh:

  11:25am JJJ:

Today's is a good show :)
  11:27am still b/p:

The drummer is Elisha Cook, and his frame of mind has been correctly read here. This, from an IMDb contributed bio, is about that scene :
"...he enacts a drum-solo piece that is of such crescendo, and played with such innuendo, as to suggest - glaringly - nothing except his own fantasized sexual journey from cymbal foreplay through bass-drum climax."
  11:27am Dan B From Upstate:

Freedom costs a buck-oh-five.
  11:27am Sam:

Only Ken can both suck and rock simultaneously
  11:28am Peter K.:

Could you please play "The Only Song" by Peter Blegvad and John Greaves? I haven't heard it in a while.
  11:28am blip:

Ken, are you depressed?
  11:28am Sam:

I yelled it! Pierre did you hear me?
  11:29am JJJ:

Too many bumps to the head
  11:29am pierre:

  11:30am pierre:

where do you live Sam?
  11:30am Sam:

Harder Ken!! Harder!!!!
  11:30am Sam:

I live in Paris
  11:31am Goyim in the AM:

Confirmation of Reichel's death (in German):
  11:31am pierre:

Which district?
(checking if i could have actually hear you screaming)
  11:33am Maria D:

Is it time to bring back Corn Weenies?
  11:33am Ian:

Elisha Cook drumming scene in all its manic, sexually frustrated glory:
  11:33am don:

happy tom hanksgiving ken -
  11:35am Dave B:

@Pierre - use this:
  11:35am Mark:

is this from the 249th reissue on Tago Mago?
  11:35am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

Just cranks and cranks in glorious Ken-O-Vision
  11:36am Carmichael:

Ken, are you repressed?
  11:36am Sam:

Well I'm at work now in the 15th right next to the Awful Tour
I mean Eiffel.
  11:36am L'Américain:

Que la fête nous secoue !
  11:36am pierre:

@ Dave B : looks a lot like a giant ravioli machine
  11:37am Sam:

Tu es dans quel arrondissement?
  11:38am Marmalade kitty:

Can! The tower should have come down by now..?
  11:38am pierre:

  11:38am Dave B:

@Pierre - here's a more portable model:
  11:39am λɯəɹəɾ:

Ken, are you condensed?
  11:39am Mark:

may I continue to rock please?
  11:40am Sam:

I'm still rocking, I can't stop. WTF do I do ?!?!
  11:40am pierre:

@ Dave B : thanks, i'm now trying to purchase one of these… as soon as i have it, heading strait to the Eiffel Tower, and see what i can catch.
  11:41am Sam:

I don't think you could hear me Pierre. You can only hear people yelling Party if you're in the same arrondissment or a contiguous arrondissement.
  11:41am Detroit Mac:

We're coming to your town. We'll help you party down. We're an American Band.
  11:41am Carmichael:

I'm afraid to say I'm on the verge of total rockness. I may not make it to the end of the show.
  11:43am Mark:

Quel temp-fait til?
  11:43am Mae West:

Are you rocking, or ... ?
  11:43am Sam:

J'ai vu un âne hier sur scène
  11:43am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

Zombie apocalypse preparatory rockout
  11:44am Dave B:

to really rock out, how's about some Magma?
  11:44am Rockhood Manhard:

I've got more rockness in my little.....never mind.
  11:44am trrs:

  11:45am Rockhood Manhard:

Mae! Long time no jigga jigga schlugga schlugga.
  11:45am James Brown:

"Do the mashed potato!"
  11:45am pierre:

@ Sam : où ça ?
  11:45am jonathan:

always mashed potato time
  11:47am Sam:

A Asnières sur seine
  11:48am Detroit Mac:

Sorry I cannot do the written test. I just got called to the Principal's Office. Have swell L-tryptophan tomorrow to all!
  11:48am Mark:

I would love to hear some Magma
  11:48am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Hash browns for me
  11:49am loopy sales:

  11:49am Carmichael:

I would love to feel some Magma.
  11:49am kme in chi:

  11:49am ChrisB.:

Plunk your Magic Twanger, Froggy!
  11:49am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Shockingly sudsy.
  11:49am the yeti:

first one sounds like 50's sci-fi
  11:50am pierre:

sounds like a creative writing exercice.
  11:50am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Ping gong tooth.
  11:50am trrs:

boingy horse clip-clop
  11:50am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Various alien and insectoid greetings of Happy Thanksgiving
  11:50am ratbone:

band of slinkies
  11:50am Marmalade kitty:

hunting for kangaroos on a pogo stick
  11:50am Jaki Liebezeit:

Loopy but groovy.
  11:50am Dan B From Upstate:

Spacey, springy, Horror Movie-y
  11:51am kme in chi:

Jazz at a Jupiter lounge
  11:51am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Children's walkie-talky pillow.
  11:51am Carmichael:

Band of the Hand.
  11:51am λɯəɹəɾ:

suffering from the shocking effects of a testosterone overdose.
  11:51am port in gregland:

microwaves. frog pong. ghost whispers.
  11:52am Tristram in Brooklyn:

  11:52am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Automatic spider scratcher
  11:52am Mike East:

Just got in...if anyone can help...what was the track that I heard which was a mashup of guitar riffs and clips of songs that was on when I was waiting for the bus this morning around 9:35-9:40? I belly laughed when Rock Lobster cam on.
  11:52am still b/p:

I missed the instructions. And my pencil broke.
  11:52am Gene Krupa:

Greaves-y and Blegvad-y.
  11:52am trrs:

dragonflies or fireflies
  11:52am kme in chi:

This is going really nicely with all the animated gifs in the frame to the left: <----------------------------------
I especially like how they occasionally sync up together.
  11:52am jonathan:

leg soup
  11:52am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Steel bamboo reamer
  11:53am Dan B From Upstate:

Chingy, Vibey, Stingy
  11:53am trrs:

funky ER machine
  11:53am Sam:

Pierre, did you get my joke?
  11:53am Tristram in Brooklyn:

  11:53am trrs:

chugging underwater
  11:54am Dan B From Upstate:

Droppy, Heart Beat-y, Basey.
  11:54am ben:

drugs take the brain
  11:54am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

My God, they're all full of stars
  11:55am Clyde Stubblefield:

Clunky but funky.
  11:55am hhc:

Last minute is nearly as good as live.
  11:55am Grandma:

put your clothes on, young lady.
  11:55am Ike:

Hey @Mike East: Radio Soulwax... that thing went on forever. Clearly Ken was running late and picking out records while that went on. And on. And on. Or in the bathroom taking a really, really big dump.
  11:55am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Suck-tart toaster
  11:55am trrs:

'try it now!'
  11:55am Sam:

  11:56am alicia renee:

lost in space chamber 1958/66/72
videogame walking on spongy jungle floor
lightning slice & dice
smallest paring knife
watching bubbled boy bumble bounce off walls,
robot robot
do it again
  11:56am Dan B From Upstate:

Jaggy, Talky, Whizzy.
  11:56am mark from vt:

Home depoty
  11:56am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

reading "The Most Horrifying Period Stories You’ve Ever Heard". this is perfect background music.
  11:56am Dan B From Upstate:

  11:56am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

Vibe horizon widener.
  11:56am trrs:

stretched slow meow-siren
or siren-meow
  11:57am Sam:

Home de booty
  11:57am ɟɹǝp ʌou ɥǝlsıuƃ:

or, was
  11:57am Chanson:

Moi, je suis la seule.
  11:57am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

I'm so glad I didn't miss this song!
  11:58am Carmichael:

My people were fair and had sky in their hair, but now they're content to wear stars on their brows.
  11:58am trrs:

hollywood torpor
  11:58am The Jams Monitor:

Alright! Thank you all for joining us today. Please leave quietly in an orderly fashion, being careful not to rock the jams on your way out - they may not have set yet. And we don't want to have to get the hairdryer out. Imagine a world ... Thanksgiving to you, Ken.
  11:58am sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

¡ooɥooM ¡llı noʎ ǝpɐɯ ʇı lıʇun ¡ƃuol ʎɐp llɐ
  11:59am Mark:

the brunette is saying "If you think I'm getting up on that table you're crazy"
  11:59am pierre:

"Asnière-sur-seine" hahahaha… just get it now…
(you had to tell me it was a joke, i suck at jokes…)
  11:59am alicia renee:

*mind @ ease*
  12:00pm sɐllɐp uı uɐΛ:

Can we re-earth this track after this show please?
  12:00pm Carmichael:

I have post-rock depression.
  12:00pm Jeffersonic/Jervix:

um, okay, like, ss-see, there was this......and....wha' and then a.....nevermind, forget it you wouldn't understand anyway.....
  12:00pm lee:

keep rocking hard y'all
  12:01pm still b/p:

All listeners listen to The Only Song exclusively during all holiday travel and report back next week
  12:02pm Dan B From Upstate:

Fun show. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12:02pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

My two-year-old niece just answered back "all riiiight" to your slowed-down voice, Ken. It was her very first interaction with WFMU.
  12:02pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

My two-year-old niece just answered back "all riiiight" to your slowed-down voice, Ken. It was her very first interaction with WFMU.
  12:03pm Cecile:

Sorry I missed it. Bad ADHD flameout this AM. Happy T-day, you turkeys! Much love.
  3:56pm PMD:

Sorry I missed it too. Damn time zone confusion! I'm in NJ right now. I caught the last 5 minutes. ARG
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