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Playlist for 30 November 2011 Favoriting | Driving Lessons

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
J.C. Satan  Hell Death Samba   Favoriting Title Track  Slovenly 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Yo  Deadbeat Sea   Favoriting Charm World  Deadbeat Records 
  0:03:27 (Pop-up)
The Leo Bugariloves  Corpus Tiltis   Favoriting Feelings  Karkia Mistika Records 
*   0:08:47 (Pop-up)
Jablkon  Baba Aga   Favoriting New Music From central & Eastern Europe Vol 1  Tamizdat Records 
  0:11:15 (Pop-up)
Sum Svistu  Svetelny Narez   Favoriting Czeching In: Rock And Roll From The Czech And Slovak Republics  Skoda Records 
  0:13:49 (Pop-up)
Captain Beefheart  Ice Cream For Crow   Favoriting Title Track  EMI / Astralwerks 
  0:16:55 (Pop-up)
Lou Reed & Metallica  Iced Honey   Favoriting Lulu  Yo Mama Records 
*   0:21:06 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  O' Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)   Favoriting Christmas In The Heart   
  0:25:36 (Pop-up)
The Jingle Cats  Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting Here Comes Santa Claws   
  0:29:12 (Pop-up)
Mader  Loons   Favoriting Tangobidet  Tango Records      0:32:05 (Pop-up)
  Ken Goes Driving           0:41:02 (Pop-up)
David Lynch  So Glad   Favoriting Crazy Clown Time  Pias America / Sunday Best 
*   0:53:16 (Pop-up)
Shirley Collins  Space Girl   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  0:56:41 (Pop-up)
The Beatles  Every Beatles Song Ever Recorded Played at Once   Favoriting All The Albums  EMI, Capital, Apple.. Any I'm Forgetting?    1:01:46 (Pop-up)
Olof Arnalds  Close My Eyes   Favoriting Olof Sings  One Little Indian 
*   1:10:02 (Pop-up)
Mum  Green Grass of Tunnel   Favoriting Green Grass of Tunnel  Fat Cat 
  1:14:24 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Organic Orgasm Remix   Favoriting Zoo- The Animal Hop Remixes  Free Music Archive      1:18:57 (Pop-up)
An Horse  Not Mine   Favoriting Walls  Mom+Pop      1:21:59 (Pop-up)
Neon Indian  Polish Girl   Favoriting Era Extrana   
*   1:24:53 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone  Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter/remix   Favoriting I Hear a New Girl: Trouble's 2011 WFMU Marathon Premium  No Label       1:30:20 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
          1:34:33 (Pop-up)
Flaming Fire  The Way You Kill Me (Blood Does Shine)   Favoriting Songs From the Shining Temple   
  1:47:07 (Pop-up)
The Glove Compartment  Bramble Thorns   Favoriting The Hidden Woman  Matching 
  1:51:16 (Pop-up)
J.C. Satan  In The Light   Favoriting Hell Death Samba  Slovenly    *   1:53:01 (Pop-up)
DJ Shadow  I've Been Trying   Favoriting The Less You Know, The Better  Universal / Island 
*   1:56:29 (Pop-up)
  Driving Lesson with Nick the Bard and Ken, who is not a creep.           2:16:48 (Pop-up)
White Noise  Here Come The Fleas   Favoriting An Electric Storm  Island      2:16:03 (Pop-up)
Boom Bip  Pele   Favoriting Zig Zaj  Lex 
*   2:18:10 (Pop-up)
Rheingold  Fluss   Favoriting Rheingold  Capitol / EMI 
*   2:21:23 (Pop-up)
Coolhaven  Locker Flockig Flott   Favoriting Stromblocque Phantasien  Taple 
  2:26:18 (Pop-up)
Disco Inferno  The Long Dance   Favoriting The 5 EP's  One Little Indian 
*   2:28:51 (Pop-up)
David Holmes  Living Room   Favoriting Bow Down to the Exit Sign  1500 / Go Beat      2:34:48 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad  Bared Bard   Favoriting Downtime  ReR / Cuneiform      2:41:49 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
          2:44:42 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad & John Greaves  The Only Song   Favoriting Unearthed  Sub Rosa 
  2:49:25 (Pop-up)
Jim Leonard  Ave Maria   Favoriting Super Saw  EM Records 

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  2:52:43 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Roberto:

First is wirst
  9:01am Cheri Pi:

Yes, J.C. Satan !!! And Ken!!!
  9:01am anne:

greetings from chicago!
  9:04am pierre:

Bonjour Ken !
greeting from Paris.
  9:04am fofo (-.-)zzzzz:

good morning, ken, commenters! Falling asleep here. Hope I can make it through the whole show! (^-^)b
  9:05am Michele:

Ahoy hoy Ken!
Hi Anne! Hope Chicago is treating you well.
  9:06am r i s k y:

  9:06am Sam:

Hi Ken
You're supposed to say Allllright!
  9:07am Detroit Mac:

Time for my Wednesday Ken fix...
  9:08am Sam:

Maybe you should take calls from listeners
  9:08am Haters:

It's just our nature, okay?
  9:09am Sam:

TGIW !!!!
  9:09am Aaron in JCity:

Morning Ken!
  9:10am Sam:

You can do whatever format you want Ken. Push the envelope or not, we listeners will eat it up, sop up the sauce and lick it clean every time. You're a visionary.
  9:11am over here:

Thank God It's WIggly!
  9:11am anne:

Morning Ken, Michele, & everyone! Thanks Michele! not quite settled yet, been w/family & friends, we sign a lease today, moving in on friday. oh moving...gotta love it. and boy is it cold o'er here.
  9:12am trrs:

Or spit it back out.
  9:13am fofo (:

I missed last show. May I request The Only Song by Jonh Greaves and Peter Blegvad? Haven't listened to that song for a while.
  9:14am Patrick:

Baba Aga! A classic if there ever was one.
  9:14am fofo (:

That animated Gif is asking to be morphed into David Lynch.
  9:14am Sam:

Was there ever one?
  9:14am moose:

i used last show to entertain thanksgiving guests
but am thankful for regular
  9:14am J. Joyce:

Then he put a forkful into his mouth, chewing with discernment the toothsome pliant meat. Done to a turn. A mouthful of tea. Then he cut away dies of bread, sopped one in the gravy and put it in his mouth.
  9:15am Dan B From Upstate:

For some reason, I'm reminded of the Muppet chickens.
  9:16am Sam:

Is toothsome a word?
  9:16am BSI:

Let's do this!
I have no idea what that this is, but for godsake, let's do it.
  9:17am glenn:

toothsome's a great word. as is fulsome.
  9:17am still b/p:

High voice reminded me of Andy Pratt, of (brief) Avenging Annie fame.
  9:17am Dave B:

Saw this during the morning blogroll. Just about sums up LULU:

  9:17am BDR:

  9:18am Ken:

Hi everybody! What should we hear from Lulu this morning? Quick!
  9:19am Dan B From Upstate:

One of the tracks you don't like so we have some perspective!
  9:19am fofo (:

The only song I can come up with when thinking of LULU is Tango Balad by Ute Lemper and that other guy.
  9:19am glenn:

how about their cover of 4:33?
  9:19am I.M.A. Dentist:

If toothsome isn't a word, what is it?
  9:21am still b/p:

Ever been in a threethsome?
  9:22am Dan B From Upstate:

Or iced Honey. That's cool, too.
  9:22am Brian in UK:

Johnny Cash 'Live at Toothsome Prison' I was grinning from ear to ear. Damn sharp knife.
  9:22am Dave B:

Tough and ruthless or rough and toohless?
  9:22am Cheri Pi:

Please god, strike me down now. I don't want to live in a world where Lou Reed & Metallica put out awful music.
  9:23am paul:

i just realized lou reed reminds me of jad fair on this song. awesome.
  9:24am citizen snips:

this one is tolerable
  9:24am Hipster:

If this was put out by someone you've never heard of, I'd love it!
  9:24am Brian C.:

If fmu had one of those programs where they play a whole LP, this would be perfect. Or maybe Kenny G could play it on his show.
  9:24am Ken:

I'm with you Hipster! (Change your name though.)
  9:25am paul:

i love this album BECAUSE it was put out by loutallica.
  9:25am Stevel:

Tolerable, yes. Overall though, I think I'm with Cheri on this one.
  9:25am Bad Ronald:

Sorry for trolling...
  9:26am drewo:

Loutallica is purty good.
  9:26am Sentence Repair for Hipsters:

If this was put out by someone I've never heard of, I'd love it!
  9:26am Mark:

I bought Lulu. I like it
  9:26am pierre:

Louttalica or Metalireed ?
  9:26am Sam:

It's nice to hear some Captain Beefheart. Wasn't FMU named after him?
beeFheart Modern Underground, wasn't it?
  9:26am lee:

good to know there's at least 1 good tune on the Loutallica album
  9:27am Mark:

this on the other hand...
  9:27am Dave B:

It was better than CATS!
I want to hear it again and again!
  9:27am Dan B From Upstate:

Wow. It's finally happened. I can't understand Bob Dylan. It's like he's speaking some sort of other language.
  9:27am trrs:

.. and wretch
  9:27am Stevel:

Hey. Lou Reed and Metallica is sounding better already.
  9:27am Roberto:

What does it say about me that this is the only Christmas music I can stomach?
  9:28am Sentence Repair for Hipsters:

Parallelism, ya know?
  9:28am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Christ! Loutallica is bad enough but do you have to follow it with this? I HATE Bob
  9:29am Dave B:

THIS is the best Christmas album EVER:
  9:29am lee:

Dylan and Charlotte Church singing xmas hymns would be great
  9:30am Sam:

Cum lettuce: a door hymn
  9:30am OM:

  9:31am r i s k y:

My co worker calls it 'ABOMINABLE'!!! I say 'LET IT SNOW KEN!!!'
  9:31am still b/p:

Glad to see Elisha back at his drumkit again this week. Caught part of another role-- his always enjoyable turn in Maltese Falcon - the other night.
  9:31am lee:

the tabla on this track is mesmerizing
  9:32am Stevel:

OK, its better now that Bob seems to have regained his voice.
  9:32am Bad Ronald:

Happy Holidays:
  9:32am pierre:

15,49€ SEULEMENT !!!
it's a bargain !
  9:32am Kittehs:

Even we hates that.
  9:32am anne:

yay loons, my favorite!!
  9:33am hamburger:

Jingle Cats all the way!
  9:34am Irene:

Ken, my cats are all looking a bit freaked out over this Jingle Cats tune.
  9:34am Sam:

That porte chat is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen
  9:34am Cecile:

Performance review day for moi.
Could you slide on some Silver Convention or other ridiculous disco to lift my mood? Thanks in advance.
  9:35am Cecile:

Was/Not Was would also fit the bill...
Or the George Michael cover of "Where did your love go?"
  9:35am Michele:

I wish Tonetta would put out a Christmas album
  9:35am Cecile:

I am digging the loons.
  9:36am Ken:

Dr Maimes Dobson is my new personal physician, fwiw. He cured my Lymes Disease.
  9:36am paul:

anyone ever see the jingle cats DVD? it's pretty insane.
  9:37am pierre:

i agree with Michele
  9:37am Stevel:

Cecile: If it helps, I have changed into my peach leisure suit. Cuing the mirror ball now.

Michele: Best Xmas tunes ever!
  9:37am dc pat:

say, where's Krampus?
  9:39am Cecile:

nice, stevel!
  9:39am Sam:

God treats you right
A rump a pum pum
  9:40am citizen snips:

someone call!
  9:40am Roberto:

Oh noes...yr disc jockey is in the disposal
  9:40am Dan B From Upstate:

Ah! Phil Hendrie!
  9:43am lee:

Don't DJ and drive!
  9:43am glenn:

isn't it about time for ken to try weather balloon liftoff pledging again?
  9:43am cerebral pausie:

ken goes driving is fantastic!
  9:43am λɯəɹəɾ:

the caller needs to turn down his radio
  9:44am listener mark:

good morning ken
good morning post office workers
  9:44am AbeSomething:

This is legendary!
  9:44am Dan B From Upstate:

Is driving/talking still legal in New Jersey?
  9:44am Sam:

Don't swear, there's nobody to hit the dump button
  9:44am lee:

long time DJ, first time caller
  9:44am Skirkie:

Come to Secaucus, I have coffee.
  9:45am still b/p:

15SD more than twice as good as 7SD.
  9:45am listener mark:

hope he gets pulled over
  9:45am Sam:

It would be hilarious if he got in an accident
  9:46am OM:

go pick up Andy, let's start up 7SD early
  9:46am Vivian:

For god sakes Ken, get out of the car!!!!!!
  9:47am Robert:

I sure hope that was simulated.
  9:48am Mark:

I hope he doesn't get pulled over, that is a not a very nice thing to say.
  9:49am D.P.:

He's a highwayyy staaaarrrrrrrrrr....!
  9:49am listener mark:

Yes officer, not only am a WFMU DJ, I'm the station manager !
  9:49am Sam:

Yeah Ken, you forgot to mention that you drove laps around Highland Park NAKED!!!!!
  9:49am BSI:

coffee grinder......... or corpse grinder?
  9:50am fofo (:

Ken should pick up hitchhikers and interview them.
  9:52am still b/p:

Can we watch a video feed from a news copter? And see area residents at the roadsides cheering him on?
  9:52am BSI:

This is the best thing I've put in my ears in a moderately long time.
  9:52am Lizardner Dave:

Best bit since "Larry" ended.
  9:54am Dan B From Upstate:

A lot of winners lately. The halloween show, home depot, last week's, um... "only song" marathon. Ken's a champion. What else is there to say?
  9:54am Sam:

Next time you should go over to the post office and pick a fight with them
  9:55am Sam:

Yeah Ken's on a roll!!
Like a big sausage
  9:56am dc pat:

best gif so far. wtf.
  9:56am glenn:

nice corpse grinder ref. one of my fave bad movies.
  9:56am lee:

Ken is a radio genius. Are you listening MacArthur Foundation?
  9:56am Jeffersonic/Jervix:

There were some nice "Lost Highway' type moments there.
  9:59am Torbjørn:

So this is Shirley Collins with this bad-ass version of Space Girl ? .. The Peggy Seeger version is fine, but this one is great. Can't find it on Spotify or youtube, though ..
  9:59am Josh:

I agree with Lee. I looked into getting Clay Pigeon some attention from the MacArthur people. I was unsuccessful.
  9:59am Josh:

I agree with Lee. I looked into getting Clay Pigeon some attention from the MacArthur people. I was unsuccessful.
  10:00am fofo (:

We need Lynchtallica.
  10:01am Josh:

Shirley Collins sang a much shorter version of Space Girl on the 1960 LP Rocket Along: New Ballads on Old Lines
  10:01am moose:

  10:02am Sam:

This is gonna be sweet
  10:02am glenn:

Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger wrote Space Girl in 1952 for a short ballad-opera with the title You're Only Young Once to be performed by the Theatre Workshop. It is a parody on The Ghost Soldier Song which was popular with American soldiers during the First World War and mocks most of the major themes of 1940s science fiction. A version of the song was recorded on The World of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, Volume 2: Songs from the Radio Ballads, released in 1971 on Argo Records.

Shirley Collins sang a much shorter version of Space Girl on the 1960 LP Rocket Along: New Ballads on Old Lines. She was accompanied by Robin Hall, guitar, Jimmy McGregor, mandolin, and Vic Pitt, double bass.
  10:02am fofo (:

hehehe...Yo Mama records is from Germany! Kraut rock maybe?
  10:03am BSI:

  10:03am Sam:

yo-yo ma records on yo mama records
  10:04am still b/p:

You can click on the animated gif and drag to the side and see what kind of straight face or freakmash grab you get in a ghosty still frame.
  10:04am dc pat:

holy crap this is going to get crazy...
  10:05am dc pat:

I'm only hearing about 7 so far though...
  10:05am fofo (:

Tricky question for the Beatles Song: Which song is the one standing out?
  10:05am Sam:

This actually sounds a lot like the end of "day in the life", just before the big piano chord
  10:06am Sam:

For a while Hey Jude was pretty prominent, but not anymore
  10:06am Brian Epstien:

That does it, I'm suing the internet!
  10:06am listener mark:

Can we hear Andy Breckman's debut folk song album,"Hey America, Go To Hell!"
  10:07am moose:

thanks still b/p for the tip
  10:07am dc pat:

now it's getting good!
  10:07am fofo (:

they sound great all together! But... will they blend?
  10:07am Mark:

Capital spelled Capitol
  10:07am hypehat:

this is incredible
  10:08am das:

It's an improvement at least
  10:08am Sam:

I wish I had some LSD
  10:08am Bad Ronald:

  10:08am dc pat:

best song ever.

By the way, anybody check out the Gavle goat yet:
  10:08am andrew:

will someone please switch off the jet engine
  10:09am fofo (:

Now it makes sense why parents back in the old days used to tell their kids: "Why you listen to the Beatles? It's just noise!"
  10:09am Sam:

sooner or later it just sounds like static - everything damps out everything else
  10:09am Dan B from Upstate:

Imagine a world where THIS was the only song.
  10:09am still b/p:

Let's see the girls swoon and scream for THIS on the Sullivan show.
  10:09am Mike East:

I can't believe I'm missing this. Does anyone have any tricks to installing a player on my work computer if I don't have an administrator password? They re did all the computers here and I can't listen to anything.
  10:09am Sam:

Good one fofo
  10:10am Sam:

Good one Dan B
  10:10am dc pat:

it's staticy but there is a kind of rhythm cool
  10:10am kim:

ha, i always suspected they were locusts!
  10:10am alberto:

i had never heard the beatles until now...they're alright.
  10:10am Sam:

What if we all commented at the same time, what would it look like, just a big white screen?
  10:10am OM:

Mike: no Flash installed?
  10:10am dc pat:

I just realized the Beatles were drowning out some dick wiht a leaf blower outside!
  10:11am Bad Ronald:

@Mike East -
  10:11am Sam:

Outside my window is a leaf with a dick blower
  10:11am dc pat:

oh, actually it's the city cleaning up all the gingko leaves...hehe, thanks DC...
  10:11am pierre:

@ Sam : it already happened w/ Fabio, Clay pigeon and Julie. The comment board didn't support the Clay Vs Fabio show.
  10:12am fofo (:

Dan B,

Imagine all the people...

Listening to the Only Song.

Imagine there's no countries..etc.
  10:12am still b/p:

Didn't George already do that on All Things Must Mash?
  10:12am pierre:

Have you seen "The Artist" Ken ?
  10:13am BSI:

What Pierre says is true. The Mayans also predicted such a comment-board calamity, many thousands of years ago.
  10:13am glenn:

is the gavie goat the swedish goat?
  10:14am Ken:

I havent seen it yet Pierre, but it sounds great. Have you seen it?
  10:14am Mike East:

@Bad Ronald: Thanks, but it won't let me install Flash either. Bullshit!
  10:14am Bad Ronald:

  10:15am AbeSomething:

Ohh haven't heard this Mum tune in awhile!
  10:15am fofo (:


Did you tried clicking the Real Audio streams?
  10:16am fofo (:

Or try the 20k Windows feed.
  10:16am pierre:

Yeah i've seen it. Do you want me to give my opinion, for what it's worth (not much)?
  10:17am dc pat:

glenn: yes. No one's burned it down yet...or kicked it to pieces...
  10:17am BDR:

Mum? I mean, yay, but I'd have guessed Irene would play Mum, Ken not so much.....
  10:17am Sam:

After the beatles cacophony this is like the mellowest thing ever. Like eating some crazy spicy mexican food and then having a little light lemon sorbet
  10:18am Ken:

Pierre - Can you give me somebody elses opinion? No wait. OK, YOUR opinion. yes please. I will not take YOUR opinion. Start Now.
  10:18am Ken:

I meant now. Not not. Now. as in: I will now take your opinion.
  10:18am fofo (:

pierre, what is this "The Artist" thing? Is it like a film or installation?
  10:19am Mike East:

"selected file has a .pls or .ram extension that is not recognized by Windows Media Player" which is the only potential player that I've been able to find on this devil box.
  10:19am glenn:

my g.f. follows him on twitter.
  10:19am seang:

  10:19am listener mark:

Mum ? Next up Sigur Ros !
  10:19am Dave B:

@ Mike East: if you're running windows, WinMed should be installed, no?

START > RUN (and paste the following)

  10:19am Sam:

How soon is now?
  10:20am Mark:

I always try to give someone else's opinion
  10:20am moose:

oops i was so involved in this heroic show i let my tea steep for over an hour! here goes...
  10:20am Ken:

Mike, use the flash player from a browser.
  10:20am Sam:

I've always said rappers are all animals
  10:20am Annie:

Tomorrow Never Knows
  10:20am Dave B:

... that'll launch WinMed right to the stream
  10:20am fred von helsing:

  10:20am Mac:

Will the Win player let you open this URL?
  10:21am Cecile:

I used to think an acquaintance of mine was kind of erudite until I discovered he pretty much spewed back Slate and Economist articles verbatim.
  10:21am ?:

  10:21am Frankie:

I thought Grease was the word, not Mum.
  10:21am Cecile:

I started reading both, and now I don't have to hang out with him any more.
  10:21am Sam:

organic orgasms are too expensive - i get the kind that are loaded with pesticides
  10:22am Dave B:

"What's your opinion? We'd like to know."
- WPIX Vice President and General Manager, Richard N. Hughes
  10:22am listener 108365 in bushwood:

well you got my dog's attention
  10:22am BSI:

Moose: that's some good tea, rat there. Black tea steeped for an hour or so = nice tar-like rocket-fuel. I don't do that aged-peep thing so I gotta have some other revolting habit...
  10:22am listener mark:

Let's do the 'drive around the block' thing again. That was fun.
  10:22am Ken:

Pierre - Tell me!!!!!
  10:23am moose:

pix! pix! pix!
  10:24am listener mark:

I'm listener 105306 ! Ha !
  10:24am pierre:

@ fofffffo (: it's a french silent movie

@ Ken : ok, then : well it "sounds" great as it is a silent movie (as you know). And it plays well with what is charming about good silent movies, scenario, comedians. There is clever ideas, i love the main actor, he can be very funny with is face and eyebrows. The director definitively knows what he's doing and treat the subject with respect. In one another, it's pretty classic with good ideas (that, you, man of radio will find interesting i think) sprinkled all over. That said, i wasn't completely trans-something as the medias were. I should say that in France medias were completely going nuts over this.
  10:24am Salem's Lot:

We've got a vampyre problem you wouldn't believe.
  10:25am moose:

yeah i take my tea wicked strong too - this time a third of the water was evaporated and i'm left with something of a concentrate
  10:25am alberto:

i encourage everybody to play the home game! just drove around the block with iphone wfmu app, then when i got back home it was all delayed with my home machine stream.
  10:26am Ken:

Thanks Pierre - So far the reviews here are also gaga over it.
  10:26am pierre:

@ Ken : the picture you chose, is one of my favourite moments in the movie.
  10:27am Ken:

Pierre - I didnt even know I used a pic from the movie - which one is it?
  10:27am Ayn Zwei:

'An' always sounds weird in front of an 'H' word. But so does 'A'.
  10:28am pierre:

It's the one you used for "Olof Arnalds "

@ your service.
  10:29am Dan-O:

Does Molokai still have leper colonies?
  10:29am fofo (:

Great idea pierre! Ken could make funny faces while DJing! That would compensate the lack of excitement when "videoing" a radio show. Besides, Ken isn't that kind of DJ that is best to be heard than being seen. Live streaming webcam is needed.
  10:29am Ken:

Hey! I am going to be giving a talk in Phoenix this weekend and I will show screenshots of today's playlist. So can you all say hello to everybody in Phoenix right now? It's a News Foo Talk. So say Hello Phoenix! Greetings to New Foo. Etc Etc. Go!
  10:30am Mark:

Hello Phoenix!
  10:30am Cecile:

I always wonder how Mel Brooks's Silent Movie never gets discussed with this new uptick in non-talking movies.
  10:30am fofo (:

Hola Fénix!

(Mom! I'm on Playlist!!!)
  10:30am Furnier:

Phoenix? Hello, Alice Cooper!
  10:31am glenn:

hey phoenix. why is everybody in arizona crazy?
  10:31am seang:

  10:31am BSI:

Well it's south of phoenix, but hell: Shout-out to the big-god-damned-ostriches at Picacho Peak!
  10:31am Mark:

Greetings Arizona! I just flew in from Albuquerque and boy are my arms connected to my torso.
  10:31am Lewis:

Hello Phoenix!!!
  10:31am Bad Ronald:

Hello Phoenix and News Foo too!!!
  10:32am Cecile:

What's Rob Halford really like?
Where can I get a good taco?
How come there are so many Phoenix murders on true-crime TV shows?
  10:32am Shirley:

Is Sherriff Arpaio in The Hizouse?
  10:32am AZMAT:

Recall Jan Brewer!!!!
  10:32am still b/p:

Phoenix...leading the way in local climate change.
  10:33am Cecile:

LOL, Shirley.
Has Sheriff Joe framed anyone lately?
  10:33am fofo (:

Gimme me a P!
Gimme me an H!
Gimme me an O!
Gimme me an E!
Gimme me a N!
Gimme me an I!
Gimme me a X!

What it says?! PHOENIX!

  10:33am pierre:

Boooonnnnjooouuuur Phoenix !!!

@ Cecile: i loved Mel Brook's silent movie, specially the Mime Marceau part :)

(btw i higly reccomend the OSS117 movie series from the "The artist" director, it's a good critic parody of how the french governement has acted one some topics - very funny)
  10:33am BSI:

CAP water killed my friend's goldfish.
  10:34am Mark Lindsay:

Arizona ... take off your rainbow shades!
  10:34am BSI:

true story, re: the goldfish.
  10:34am Mike East:

Dave B., your solution worked!!! Thanks for all the help WFMU comments board! In time for Nina Simone, too!
  10:34am Vivian:

Helllllooooo Phoenix!
  10:35am fofo (:

Phoenix, embrace mexicans, our loose your burritos!
  10:35am Mark:

what is cap water?
  10:35am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and prolific posting peoples.
  10:36am fofo (:

hey, Carmichael! Come in! Just excuse my mess.
  10:36am other david:

Take THAT limeys!
  10:37am Concerned Citizen:

OWS protest at 24th and Madison - Credit Suisse. Come on down! 4:30
  10:37am BSI:

@Mark: it's Central Arizona Project water, which is public water supply from Colorado River, legendary for its dodgy processing. There's a tiki bar in Tucson with a brown sludgy drink, appropriately called CAP water...
  10:37am Gopal:

Thank you. But they cut my leg. :/
  10:38am Shocking Desert Bloom:

I'm your Phoenix,
I'm your fire at your desire.
  10:39am Morris Albert:

Phoenix .... Nothing More than Phoenix .... trying to forget my ... Phoenix of loooove.
  10:39am Mark:

thanks BSI now i know
  10:39am moose:

phoenix is like galaxian right?
  10:40am Sam:

What's wrong with driving naked? You're not bothering anybody if you don't get out of the car!
  10:40am BSI:

Hey! Bill Plympton! His movie I MARRIED A STRANGE PERSON is phenomenal.
  10:42am Sam:

Yeah, it's hard to get on FMU because their standards are SO HIGH! Ha ha!!
  10:42am Sam:

  10:43am Mark:

it is not necessary to articulate every thought
  10:43am Webhamster Henry:

Not the first one minute program: John Schnall - Nick Hil lTransitional Moment was often that short - and so was the 1 minute Marathon.
  10:43am pierre:

i have no phone, no bloc, no car.
  10:44am fofo (:


but you have cheese, wines and french women.
  10:46am pierre:

@fofo: my girlfriend is american. :)
  10:46am Ken:

You crazy Henry - The John Schnall Nicholas Hill Transitional Moment was NEVER a mere minute long. It was usually 5-10 minutes.
  10:46am Mehgan McCain:

Erma Bombeck, Stevie Nicks and Jordan Sparks are from Phoenix, America 6th most populous city.
  10:46am Ken:

How you know so much Sam?!
  10:46am glenn:

don't forget sarkoszy.
  10:46am fofo (:

Ok. Send me the french women.
  10:46am fred von helsing:

It's not a Phoenix unless someone burns it down first
  10:47am Swoon:

J'adore les femmes françaises ! Elles me font frissoner ! Elles m'inspirent jusqu'au délire !
  10:48am Jimmy:

Flight Of The Phoenix - Ernie Borgnine owned that movie.
  10:49am Glen:

By the time I get to, Flagstaff...wait, to Tempe...
  10:49am Heinrich Dorfman:

I once made a rubber projectile which traveled 600 meters before encountering an obstacle.
  10:49am fofo (:

J'me non talkes françes, but I c'a'n tryé!
  10:50am Jerry Lewis:

Phoenix?!? I spent six weeks there one night.
  10:50am Ike:

@Mike East, one time I got the media player Foobar2000 onto a locked-down work computer, but I'm not sure how I did it. Plays better-sounding streams than WinMedia. Or you could just bribe the IT guys.
  10:50am Cecile:

I saw the schedule - mostly happy. An hour of Billy Jam is bettethan no Billy Jam.
  10:50am pierre:

@ glenn : would you want to swap president ? i would…
@ fofo : i'd like to, but i pretty sure i'd be in troubles, of some sort…
@swoon : bien vu!

(i'm going out for a few minutes, let's see what i can find)
  10:51am Dan B From Upstate:

Huh. Who would have thought Paris's taste in music was garbage?
  10:51am other david:

I'm amaused at the prospect of someone tuning in for Dave Emory and getting Nardwuar instead, oh to see their face
  10:51am Carmichael:

Holy organ bags, it took me till now to read all the comments. Now to look at the setlist and pictures. See you in an hour. Nice ADHD, Kenneth.
  10:52am Sam:

How do I know so much about what? You mean because I knew you used to drive naked? ;)
  10:52am pierre:

@Dan B from Upstate : Me.
  10:52am other david:

amaused. I am a mouse.
  10:52am Ike:

Ken, I'm very sad to see that DJ Lamin is off and that super-slick non-free-form grandfathered-in music programming is back in his place. How many times do I have to drive naked around your block to get this catastrophic decision reversed?
  10:52am Yngwie Malmsteen:

I was once the fastest.
  10:53am Mike East:

@Ike - a bribe is not a bad idea. It weird because at some point I had itunes on this computer, but I'm sure the IT guy didn't install it, so there must be a way.
  10:53am Musica:

"La Poubelle, c'est moi !"
  10:54am Mike East:

@Ike - I saw your sad face comment on Lamin's show last Sunday. Its funny to me how much you hate Jeff Sarge.
  10:55am Robert:


I get the 2nd word has to do with fire, but it would be too etymologically naive to figure the 3rd word to refer to strength.
  10:55am Peter Cetera:

Getting Stronga Every Day!
  10:57am trrs:

First snow in Toronto. Can you smell it?
  10:57am fofo (:

CTPOH(half T) A
  10:58am Robert:

Maybe INCHENERA refers to engineering rather than fire.
  10:58am Ike:

I don't hate Sarge. He's surely a good guy. His voice is legendary. I just hate his lame, overproduced music. It makes Irwin's top-40 and country selections sound like Jandek. Bleh.
  10:58am βrian:

I miss Donna B, I must say.
  10:58am Bad Ronald:

Smells Like Teen Spirit!
  10:58am Carmichael:

How do you get to the new schedule? I want to complain, too!
  10:59am Ken:

Ike, no matter what I do, people bitch all over me, so it doesn't even effect me anymore.. :)
  10:59am Bad Ronald:

@Charmichael -
  10:59am Cecile:

Carm, it's right on the front page.
  10:59am βrian:

We had first snow in Madison on the 9th. Gone in a day or so, though.
  11:00am Cecile:

I think every Friday should be "raga day", though.
  11:00am Robert:

I rarely listened to Jeff Sarge's program not because there was anything wrong with its production or selection, just that I find almost all reggae & ska soporific, and the last thing I want on Sun. morning is to be put back to sleep.
  11:00am November 30:

Birthdays today .... Clay Aiken (33) - Ben Stiller (46) - Billy Idol (56) - Dick Clark (82)
  11:01am Ike:

@Ken, yeah, I figured that you become immune after a while. But I just naturally figured the Shlockroom would've gone the way of the David & Goliath Show by now.
  11:01am Sam:

Ken I knew you drove naked because it came up once on 7 sec delay. I think it was the show live at maxwell's when it was your birthday and you had your father on. Sorry to embarass you.
  11:01am Bad Ronald:

Per fofo ( @ 9:13 - can we please hear The Only Song by Jonh Greaves and Peter Blegvad?
  11:02am Weather Service:

New Jersey, USA

9°C | °F
Wind: SW at 14 mph
Humidity: 64%
  11:02am Cecile:

Robert, I have to agree with you about a lot of it.
The stuff I enjoy I really love, but there's not that much of it.
  11:02am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm just happy my favorite show is on. I only wish it were 3 hours like it used to be.
  11:02am Dan B From Upstate:

But just like BIlly Jam 1 hour is better than 0 hours, so I'm eternally happy!
  11:03am Cecile:

I am thrilled that Duane is back. And I enjoy the noisefest on Fridays.
  11:03am Carmichael:

Thanks, Ronald!
  11:04am Bad Ronald:

  11:04am fofo (:

I second Bad Ronald on that one.
  11:04am BSI:

well, all my must-haves are still there, so no bitchin' from me.
....assuming we still get Tony Coulter on the alternate stream, yes?
  11:05am other david:

  11:05am Robert:

I think my revulsion might've started when I drove back drowsily from a Sat. night of partying at my friends' in Morristown (they've relocated to Newton) and wanted to stay good & awake heading back to the Bronx.
  11:05am trrs:

It'll stick soon. -32 °C in Yellowknife, today.
  11:06am Carmichael:

No wonder I couldn't find it. It was right in front of me, and the letters were large and bolded.
  11:07am trrs:

-26 °F and air motion from that northwestern direction
  11:07am Cecile:

I gotta say with reggae that it's a super-fine line between hypnotic and boring. And sometimes with sleep deprivation even the hypnotic can be like aural Sominex.
  11:07am Carmichael:

Yes, Tony Coulter, Amanda Nazario and Doug S. are all on the alternate stream, along with a few other thingies.
  11:08am fofo (:


Beejesus! Your nickname should be brrrr instead.
  11:09am Dan B From Upstate:

I used to have a dodge dynasty. Not the worst car I've ever owned, but I definitely felt like Al Bundy.
  11:09am Jan:

Khennnnn, comeonnn, play the music, pluleeze
  11:09am βrian:

I'm with you on ruggy music. But I find ska much more lively.
  11:10am trrs:

The sled dogs are smiling in Yellowknife, today.
  11:10am Cecile:

I still have a soft spot for ska.
Even second-gen, that Specials album has always sounded great.
  11:11am other david:

Oh my dear god
  11:11am mark from VT:

flick cigarette butts and peanut shells at those guys
  11:11am BSI:

Smoking a brick? I am not a creep. Don't eat the organ bag.
  11:11am ?:

didn't Nixon make a speech about "I am not a creep . . ." ?
  11:12am Carmichael:

Lay some rubber, Ken.
  11:13am Dave B:

Orgel Tasche
  11:13am other david:

car crash radio, i cant avert my ears
  11:14am Swoon:

And I love Vermont women. They make me feel (mmm) wholesome.
  11:14am Richard Nixon's ghost:

it was crook, crook I am not a crook
  11:15am alberto:

ken freedman, an american institution.
  11:15am Nixon:

My dog Checkers was a crook!
  11:16am pierre:

btw Ken - did you receive my email about Lonely Kid Quentin ?
  11:16am Dave B:

just what ws that track playing in the background? I want to use it for the Music On Hold system at work
  11:18am Bill Clinton:

My cat Socks was a procurer.
  11:18am alberto:

...and now a game of super freeze out featuring ken & nick!
  11:20am Cecile:

PBI: Dave B, I think it's Zebra Trucks by Young Marble Giants.
  11:21am Ken:

What Cecile Said.
  11:21am Carmichael:

Dog operators are standing by.
  11:21am Dave B:

sweet! Thanks all!
  11:22am BSI:

the boom bip piece was brilliant as hell.
  11:23am Skirkie:

It's is impossible for that dog to hear those headphones. The whole system is corrupt.
  11:24am Shage Sade:

No need to bark,
'Cause he's a dog operator,
Doooog operator...
  11:25am Cecile:

I love the dog. Looks like a Shiba Inu
  11:25am βrian:

Bone conduction. It's a fine way to listen.
  11:25am trrs:

The dog could have one of those hearing devices that are fitted around the two posterior axillary molars.
  11:25am Dan B From Upstate:

The dog does seem genuinely interested to take my call.
  11:26am BSI:

I was gonna say, that's a shiba inu.... therefore, it can't be trusted with headphones.
  11:27am dog:

it's called jowl rock, you wouldn't understand.
  11:27am Dave B:

I thought it looked like Laika.

in honor of that dog, how about "Little Dog" from Lulu?
  11:27am trrs:

( teethy
  11:27am Cecile:

No, I would trust a Maltese or poodle. Their empathy is stronger. Shibas used to help hunt bears. Not many transferrable customer service skills there.
  11:28am mill creek:

Bloody great track ...I'm scottish and living near this music in germany
  11:30am Dan B From Upstate:

Good point, Cecile. But maybe this is a telemarketing dog, in which case a hunting background might help with sales tactics!
  11:30am Ike:

Aw, I didn't want to become one of those people who complains about the new schedule, and then I went and did it anyway. Bummer.
  11:30am Carmichael:

Burnin', burnin' ...
  11:32am Cecile:

Also a good point. Tracking game, er leads, is a good sales skill.
  11:32am pierre:

creating the new schedule must be a hard thing to do.
  11:33am Cecile:

To be fair, Ike, you complain about that show even when it's not schedule time. So I didn't even take it as a complaint against the schedule. :D
  11:33am Ken:

Pierre - It hasnt been hard since I stopped caring whether people hate me or not! :)
  11:34am glenn:

trrs - the first snow in toronto is coming down pretty good. at least here in the junction.
  11:34am Mark:

I'm sorry to hear that Ken
  11:35am Bad Ronald:

My only complaint is the lack of "The Only Song" by Jonh Greaves and Peter Blegvad on today's playlist!
  11:35am Cecile:

Mark, it's surprisingly liberating. You dont' have to worry about other people because no matter what you do, it won't make them happy. (projecting a lot here.....)
  11:36am pierre:

yeah, that's a good attitude Ken; but i was thinking hard in terms of the time taken as well as constructing radios programme that fits well. Trying new stuff and all… do you do this all by yourself?
  11:36am Ike:

@Cecile, wow, I don't remember doing that. I must have commented while blacking out a few times. @Ken, don't worry, Cecile and I still love you. I think.
  11:37am pierre:

@ bad ronald : becareful of what you wish for.
  11:37am trrs:

I hope the snow does accumulate a bit; offset the leafless low light .
  11:37am Mark:

oh I've never cared if people hate me or not, I was making something of a dirty joke
  11:38am Sam:

It doesn't look to me like the schedule changed much at all. Just a couple things got shuffled around.
  11:38am Ken:

What Cecile Said.
  11:38am Ken:

What Sam Said.
  11:38am still b/p:

I think Mark was going for the ba-double-bing entendre.
  11:39am Mark:

I was I was
  11:39am Dave B:

What Right Said Fred Said
  11:39am Richard from Venezuela:

greetings ken and all the listeners.
  11:41am Carmichael:

Ken, could you play all of Dokaka's songs at the same time? Thanks in advance!
  11:41am Dave B:

is this David Holmes of the soundtracks to Out Of Sight, Oceans 11/12 etc?

me likee...
  11:42am trrs:

Hello, Richard.
  11:42am Ken:

Hola Richard!
  11:43am pierre:

Bonjour Richard,
and au revoir everyone, i've to go. See you on the comment(s) board(s).

Kind Regards, to each one of you.
  11:44am Dave B:

@Carmichael - do you know if Dokaka ever did a cover of the Tarkus suite by E.L.P.? I vaguely remember hearing it many moons ago, but cannot find it anywhere...
  11:45am Sam:

Au revoir Pierre.
Me aussi, must go bientôt
  11:45am Macca:

Hello Goodbye
  11:45am Groucho:

Hello I must be going.
  11:46am Don Ho:

  11:47am Carmichael:

Good question, Dave. Don't know for sure, but I'll look into it.
  11:48am Sam:

Forget Rachel. You can do better!
  11:48am BSI:

Holy crap, Dave B., Dokaka Tarkus would be a hell of a good time.
  11:50am Cecile:

Not to mention a hell of a baby name.
  11:50am Stevel:

One song. One world.
  11:50am Dan B From Upstate:

I genuinely love this song.
  11:50am Bad Ronald:

Thank You Ken, You ROOL!!!!
  11:50am Dave B:

I'm pretty sure he (or someone doing a similar thing) did once....

  11:52am βrian:

I've never heard this song before.
  11:53am Carmichael:

I am mesmerized ... this will be on endless loop in my mind ....... it's better than Cats .........
  11:54am still b/p:

If I had a baby with Olympia Dukakis, I'd name it Dakota Dokaka Tarkus Dukakis.
  11:55am βrian:

I never realized that 'ave' means 'yo.'
  11:56am Rober Wyatt:

This is the first verse / this is the first verse / & this is the first verse / this is the first, the first, the first verse / and this is the chorus or perhaps it's the bridge ... never mind.
  11:57am glenn:

i think dakota dokaka doohickey dukakis is better.
  11:59am Carmichael:

Dokaka's version of Tarkus is apparently called Tadokas. Bryce played it on 1/7/11.
  12:00pm Dave B:


Thanks Carmichael!
  12:00pm Pidge:

Great show Ken!
  5:40am fofo (:

Someone left the door open...

Hellooo? Is anybody in here?
  7:02am Ken:

Hi fofo! Yes, it was a mistake! I shall close the door now.
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