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Playlist for 27 February 2013 Favoriting | Today's Calm Before the Storm Programme

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Matmos  E.S.P.   Favoriting The Marriage Of True Minds 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Buzzcocks  E.S.P.   Favoriting Love Bites 
  0:07:41 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  Guess I'm Falling in Love   Favoriting Another View 
  0:11:33 (Pop-up)
Ruth  Mon Pote   Favoriting Poutre Apparante Sampler for WFMU/Bimbo Tower (V/A) 
  0:15:25 (Pop-up)
Comelade, Bastien, Berrocal, Liebezeit  Rock and Roll Station   Favoriting Oblique Sessions 
  0:21:59 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  0:26:47 (Pop-up)
15.60.75 (The Numbers Band)  Jimmy Bell   Favoriting Jimmy Bell's Still in Townj 
  0:29:31 (Pop-up)
Television  Friction   Favoriting Live At The Old Waldorf, June 1978 
  0:40:14 (Pop-up)
The Royal Jokers  Beatnik   Favoriting Grove's Emulsified Guitar Gods 
  0:44:52 (Pop-up)
Teenage Fanclub  Eternal Light   Favoriting A Catholic Education 

  0:47:17 (Pop-up)
Hank IV  Smile Away   Favoriting Dog: A Best Show Tribute to Ram 
  0:51:39 (Pop-up)
Etienne Charry  Prinsen   Favoriting 36 Erreurs 
  0:55:15 (Pop-up)
LaTlateh prod. by Watar  Boov   Favoriting Khat Thaleth (V/A) 
*   0:58:13 (Pop-up)
Shawn Pen feat Malik Yusef & Styles P the Ghost  Bout That Life   Favoriting  
*   1:00:32 (Pop-up)
Rachid Taha  Barra Barra   Favoriting Made in Medina 
  1:05:28 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Olivia Tremor Control 
  1:10:52 (Pop-up)
My Bloody Valentine  New You   Favoriting m.b.v. 
*   1:16:48 (Pop-up)
Prince Rama  Welcome to the Now Age   Favoriting Top Ten Hits of the End of the World 
*   1:21:32 (Pop-up)
Von Südenfed  Fledermaus Can't Get Enough   Favoriting Tromatic Reflexxions 
  1:25:28 (Pop-up)
Killdozer  Knuckles The Dog (Who Helps People)   Favoriting Uncompromising War on Art Under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat 
  1:29:04 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  1:34:45 (Pop-up)
Petra Haden  A Fistful of Dollars Theme / Goldfinger   Favoriting Petra Goes to the Movies 
*   1:46:59 (Pop-up)
Peter Stampfel  Goldfinger   Favoriting They Came They Played They Blocked the Driveway 
  1:50:54 (Pop-up)
Tom Jones  Thunderball   Favoriting  
  1:52:27 (Pop-up)
James Taylor Quartet  Goldfinger   Favoriting Mission Impossible 
  1:55:31 (Pop-up)
Edward Artemiev  They Go Long   Favoriting Film Noir! Music to Accompany Your Sleepless Nights 
  2:06:04 (Pop-up)
Oranje Symphonette  Midnight Cowboy   Favoriting The Oranj Album 
  2:10:06 (Pop-up)
New Palestine High School Girls' Glee Club  Midnight Cowboy Theme   Favoriting  
  2:12:36 (Pop-up)
Les Reines Prochaines  Opfer Dieses Liedes (Wicked Game)   Favoriting Le Coeur En Beurre-Doublegras 
  2:16:10 (Pop-up)
Hans Reichel  Oway Oway   Favoriting Yuxo 
  2:21:13 (Pop-up)
Matmos  Tunnel   Favoriting The Marriage Of True Minds 
*   2:23:49 (Pop-up)
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa  I Create in the Broken System   Favoriting Open the Crown 
*   2:29:23 (Pop-up)
DJ Not-I  Fool of Mergen   Favoriting Foolklegs - Folkloric Mashups 
  2:32:37 (Pop-up)
DJ Vadim  Bally Umar   Favoriting Dont Be Scared 
  2:41:11 (Pop-up)
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Bill Talks About Hard Drugs   Favoriting Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs 40th Anniversary Edition 
*   2:44:54 (Pop-up)
Grandmaster Gareth  Track One   Favoriting  
  2:50:40 (Pop-up)
HGich.T  Der Haken   Favoriting  
  2:51:36 (Pop-up)
Wing  Ave Maria   Favoriting  
  2:57:24 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

Avatar 9:01am Cheri Pi:

Hey Ken, can we hear some Lil Poopy?
  9:02am common:

coffee and matmos.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:03am fred:

Good morning Ken
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:03am Ken:

Cheri Pi, of course, I know what you mean by Lil Poopy, but can you illuminate the rest of the class?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:05am Brian in UK:

Hello Ken I hope your international normalisation ratio is up to scratch otherwise it is more rat poison for you.
Avatar 9:05am Cheri Pi:

Lil Poopy: 9-year-old rapper's adult-themed videos prompt state
Avatar 9:06am Cheri Pi:

Ah that's a cute cover of a Buzzcock's classic right there.
  9:06am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Once uh week: It's back in a GIFfy.
- Good Morning(?),Virtual Surrealists...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:06am George of Troy:

Great Matmos track.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:07am Mike Noble:

I was recently clued in to a track called "sloopy poopy"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am DCE:

God morning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am jmd:

nicely executed!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am tim from champaign:

ESP - My favorite Buzzcocks song from my favorite Buzzcocks album.
  9:10am F⊙F⊙ (:

Hola Ken and everybody! Cómo estan?!
Avatar 9:11am glenn:

dentition demolition workers.
Avatar 9:11am duke:

My favorite Buzzcocks' song is just about any Buzzcocks' song
  9:11am earrie:

Ken, are you the one who's the proud new owner of a cadaver-bone enhanced tooth? Does it pick up dead air?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12am DCE:

soy bean, how you doin?
Avatar 9:12am Sigurdur:

future modell me Mr DJ?
  9:12am Dave B:

Greetings friendship society members
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:14am Brian C.:

Too bad the Velvets never got around to putting vocals on this track in the studio
Avatar 9:15am Toots:

I love that they didn't.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:15am Brian C.:

I mean, who hasn't had a fever in his pocket down to his shoe?
Avatar 9:15am hamburger:

(wait till lou finds out his mic wasn't plugged in... he's gonna be sooooooo loureed)
Avatar 9:15am Roberto:

No comment yet, just letting you all know I've signed in and am ready to post should a comment present itself.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:16am Sugarfly Waterloo:

Morning everyone
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:16am G:

^^^ That was a comment :)
  9:17am Dave B:

At first glance of the iPhone playlist, without my glasses on I thought the artist read "Rush"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:18am Ken:

Yes earrie, I have pieces of a dead guy in my head and neither one of us is too happy about it.
Avatar 9:19am Roberto:

I'm classifying it as a meta-comment for now.
  9:20am earrie:

Aw, good ol' Chip.
  9:20am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Parrots dance.
Avatar 9:21am duke:

Was the recent one a comment or a meta-comment. Is this a meta-meta-comment?
  9:21am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...unlike White Men.
Avatar 9:22am Toots:

I have a tooth in the upper right rear quadrant of my mouth that feels like the tooth in that Buzzcock's gif.
Avatar 9:22am hamburger:

  9:24am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Similes are like Metaphors.
...Met a three - but it didn't dance...
...No Comment...
Avatar 9:25am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Lil' Poopy needs to tour with Shit & Shine. At least the gigs would end with cleaned venues. Maybe.
Avatar 9:26am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Also: hello.
Avatar 9:26am Cheri Pi:

I wonder how much coke Lil Poopy gets for his allowance?
Avatar 9:27am thedunkel:

morning kEn - whats playing behind you the mic break?
Avatar 9:28am hamburger:

wonder when the marathon dj co-host lineup gets posted?
  9:29am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- Answerthismathquestion:wrong
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:29am fred:

@hamburger: Ken's ongoing zombiefication makes it hard for him to find a co-host, hence the delay
Avatar 9:30am Roberto:

Oy...did Ken just say "whole nuther?"
Avatar 9:30am People Like Us:

People Like Us and Matmos playing in London on 19th March at XOYO
Avatar 9:30am Toots:

God I hope so, Roberto!
  9:31am paula pc:

how anyone could hate on this is beyond me. thank you, Ken...
Avatar 9:31am Toots:

Great. Now he'll never play it again.
  9:31am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Each DJ should be assigned a gif.
- gifs & riffs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:33am Ken:

Aaron, the background music was Curd Duca, Sin World from Easy Listening 5. The CoGHost sched should be posted by the end of this week.
Avatar 9:33am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm very confused and don't know what to do. I enjoy this song and wish to express it, but I fear that if I do, it will never be played again.
Avatar 9:34am thedunkel:

muchos gracias kEn! good gif article good gif video
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:35am fred:

CoGhost? Interesting, coming from someone with a dead person in his head
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:36am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:36am DCE:

been too long since I've seen these guys
  9:37am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Answer this math question: 15.60.75 +like...CAMCEL - !...
  9:40am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

er!: 'CANCEL'
...Mercury Retrograde...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:42am tim from champaign:

Dan B - Just rail on about how terrible the song is and then you'll hear it again. Then you'll get the schadenfreude of bamboozling Ken.
  9:42am Thierry from France:

Seamless transition...
  9:42am paula pc:

@ DCE -- agreed, agreed
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:44am tim from champaign:

Man, this band Television is terrible. El stinko, PU, man. Ken, please please please never play Television again.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 9:44am bbell:

Ken, never apply oil of clove directly to your gums, unless you want a world of hurt. It must be diluted, somehow. The scent of clove still brings back happy memories of getting a toy from the treasure chest at the dentist's office.
  9:47am John:

Those two boys on the bottom right got the raw deal at playtime
Avatar 9:48am northguineahills:

@Brian C: I also wish the Velvets committed vocals to "Guess I'm Falling in Love".
  9:49am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Yes - but they get clove in the next frame...
Avatar 9:49am northguineahills:

I believe that is a tarsier jumping on the leaf to get the grasshopper-ish insect.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:50am tim from champaign:

I love this Teenage Fanclub album!!!!
Avatar 9:50am Toots:

I love this Teenage Fanclub song so much that I hope you play it all the time, Ken.
Avatar 9:51am Cecile:

Hi, all!
  9:51am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...It's like a Vogon Poetry Reading
- except the Audio is actually great
...I mean...terrible...
Avatar 9:52am Detroit Mac:

Late start getting into the show. I had to wait until a break before the usher would let me into my seat.
Avatar 9:53am Cheri Pi:

  9:53am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Answer this math question: tarsier
  9:54am common:

who does uncle albert on this tribute, ken?
  9:55am Rob in Maryland:

"Smile Away" is not a song I would ever expect to hear a cover of.
Avatar 9:55am Lewis:

@Cecile - how ya liking the slush?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:55am Ken:

Common - that one is done by Dump.
Avatar 9:55am Cheri Pi:

My Samoyed smiled 24/7.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:56am Mike East:

@Ken - If you have any control over it, please have this Ram Tribute reissued for the FMU prize warehouse to replace the copy that was stolen from me. I will pledge $$ for it. - Thank You
  9:57am paulWCBN:

not only Dump, but Dump featuring Zachary Brimstead, Esq.!
  9:57am common:

nice! gotta hear that. thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:57am Stevel:

Cheri Pi: Lived with a Samoyed for about 8 years. Sweet pups. Hair never leaves you though. Ever.
  10:00am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Siberian Husky - was epileptic or something - would find him like that - except no smile...
  10:01am RevolutionRabbitNov63: clove...
Avatar 10:01am Cheri Pi:

yeah, now I have a long haired white cat so I can be haunted to my grave.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:02am Caryn:

Dammit, missed the start due to both me and my computer being not so well. But I have learned that your health is not ideal when the first thing on your mind is "I hope that was just my regular morning vomit, and not a sign that I'm actually sick."
Avatar 10:02am Dave B:

Now if you can get Dump, Lil Poopy and Shit $ Shine on one bill that would be EPIC
Avatar 10:04am Cheri Pi:

Dave B- if Dump aren't available Pooh Sticks said they'd do it.
Avatar 10:04am Cecile:

Lewis, it's glare ice now. Not fun.
Avatar 10:04am John Allen:

quick, apologize
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:04am Sugarfly Waterloo:

Lil poopy is what you call it when your kid is potty training.
Avatar 10:05am duke:

Maybe add Pissed Jeans to the bill for some variety.
Avatar 10:05am John Allen:

just say you are sorry. it'll be fine
Avatar 10:05am Cecile:

Avatar 10:06am fred von helsing:

tu ne regrette rien
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:06am fred:

@Dave B: Around five years ago, I went to a show that featured Passenger of Shit and Shit and Shine
Avatar 10:06am Dan B From Upstate:

I can never tell the difference between a DJ Out of Body experience and my employer's cruddy internet connection crapping out on me. Turns out it was an FCC Dump. Guess I closed and restarted the flash player for nothing.
  10:07am berlusconi's nose:

Ho vinto!
  10:08am F⊙F⊙ (:

I've never understood how the dump button works when doing a live show! Me no understand.
  10:09am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Wull - *right now* - my only 'net-capable computer has Windows 2000 & Explorer 6 - which often makes me want to call dinosaurs - if that makes you feel any better Caryn!...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:10am Caryn:

@RRN63: heh, gotta tell that to my desktop with the Windows 97 on it...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:10am tim from champaign:

The Lil' Poopy and MC Peepants 12" is bangin'.
  10:11am F⊙F⊙ (:

Hey! I'm typing this on a Commodore 64. The interwebz looks awesome from here!
Avatar 10:13am Dan B From Upstate:

I abhor this Olivia Tremor Control bed music, and it is garbage and should never be used again.
Avatar 10:13am People Like Us:

you're distorting a bit Ken
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:13am Mike East:

@FoFo - to go back 7 seconds, Ken likely had to get into a box similar to the one in my avatar
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:15am DCE:

strong opinions much, Dan B?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:15am Mike Noble:

I have fond memories of listening to Olivia Tremor Control on Oxycontin.
Avatar 10:16am hamburger:

ulcer stories now taking the place of boiler stories
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:16am rsj:

Big Daddy Kane
Avatar 10:17am hamburger:

was that a bestshow reference much DCE?
Avatar 10:17am Dan B From Upstate:

Was I too subtle?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:17am Caryn:

Things were getting so medical, had to switch to my intellectual avatar.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:18am G:

I had my first ever extraction last summer, age 54, wisdom tooth. Gosh, was that fun. :-)
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:18am Vivian: in Von Sudafed?
  10:19am F⊙F⊙ (:

Mike East,

Is that the box from Primer?!?!?!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:20am Vivian:

Back in my 20's, I had my wisdom teeth removed. A co-worker asked me what painkillers were prescribed to me. When I mentioned Oxycontin, he suggested washing those down with margaritas. I had a hard enough time not mixing up painkillers and antibotics.
  10:21am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...I'd like to be *her* Operating System...
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:22am G:

@RR63: Don't hold your breath, K? :P
Avatar 10:23am Cecile:

I had the easiest wisdom tooth extraction in history.
My tonsillectomy at age 10 was another matter completely.
Avatar 10:23am Dave B:

@fred - that sounds like a shitty show. (sorry for the delayed response)
  10:23am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Wouldja like some clove, little gurrl - ??...
Avatar 10:26am Cecile:

this particular prince rama album is as disappointing as the second (minus Marina Gasolina) Bonde do Role album.
  10:26am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Lil Poopy, Vogon Poetry, invasive Oral Surgery, & clove - an' make it snappy...Mercury's Retrograde & it's getting harder to concentrtae...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:27am Mike East:

yes, FoFo
Avatar 10:30am sFrances from VA:

Oh sweet Knuckles.
Avatar 10:30am Cecile:

Avatar 10:30am Cheri Pi:

What she said!!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:30am G:

Ken knuckles down
  10:31am Neg-guh-tor:

  10:31am F⊙F⊙ (:

Mike East,

Oh, I have great news for you then! There's an entire week dedicated to Time Travel in the Philosophy class in Coursera in two weeks from now (it's free). Professor is a big authority in the time travel scientific or intellectual field. In the student handout there's a list of references in Film (which includes Primer).

Obviously, if you are a time traveler already disregard this message.
Avatar 10:31am sFrances from VA:

hot damn how I still love Killdozer.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:31am Vivian:

Knuckles-best friend of Cupcake dog.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:31am Ike:

@RR63@10:09, don't suffer with Internet Exploder.
Avatar 10:31am Cheri Pi:

damnit- I hope my coworkers don't notice my weeping.
  10:32am RevolutionRabbitNov63:' I mean Snappy - like a turtle.
Avatar 10:33am Jennique:

Have to admit the first time I heard Knuckles the Dog was watching the video of Bill Mac singing it at the WFMU studios.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:33am Parq:

Bill Mac owns this song. I'm just saying.
Avatar 10:34am Cecile:

oh, knuckles. This world was not your home.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:35am ChrisB.:

Good dog, that Knuckles.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:35am Mike East:

that's awesome, FoFo!
Avatar 10:35am sFrances from VA:

I remember the first time I saw Killdozer live I was stunned by how tiny Michael Gerald was to have such a voice.
Avatar 10:36am sFrances from VA:

So true, Cecile. Knuckles burned too brightly, too sweetly.
Avatar 10:36am Cheri Pi:

Bill Mac:
Avatar 10:36am sFrances from VA:

Michael Gerald & his wife own rescue dogs, it's a real thing for them, not just an awesome song!
  10:36am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Thanks Ike - !
...I'll open that Link also @ the same time when I - uh - get a better Browser...
- Does it work w/ Windows 2000, my man?
Avatar 10:37am Cheri Pi:

I think Jennifer Herrema should cover Knuckles...
Avatar 10:38am Cecile:

Legally, in most cases you can't say anything unless the person has signed a release OKing it.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:38am MD:

  10:38am ~L:

Rest cure
  10:39am caver_mike:

Is the music bed the Raleigh Ringers?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:39am Ike:

Yep RR63, I linked an old 2000-compatible version from
Avatar 10:39am Cecile:

sFrances, yes. And he was flanked by his husky, tall milk-fed bandmates.
  10:39am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...needless to say - DawgieStreaming....
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:40am G:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am rsj:

jamdekistan has got to exist already, or rather did, I am sure it was annihilated
  10:40am F⊙F⊙ (:

why are you weeping Cheri Pi?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:41am rsj:

so it would be: New Jamdekistan
Avatar 10:41am KP:

Indoor waterboarding?
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:42am G:

Christie obvioulys has had bigtime ganja munchies many a time.
Avatar 10:42am Cheri Pi:

@F⊙F⊙ (: Knuckles always makes me cry,. he a very, very, very, very, very good dog
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:42am DCE:

NJ is the armpit of the nation...Louisiana, I think that's the asshole...
Avatar 10:42am duke:

I hope DJ Rupture is not on indefinite leave for personal reasons.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:43am MD:

WFMU=the government should stay off the back of FMU!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:43am AnAnonymousParty:

Here in the midwest, even after the disaster in '93, we still haven't learned that trying to contain the river(s) only makes them rise higher when it floods.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:43am G:

Is "WHICHEXIT" banned?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:43am tim from champaign:

Lubbock, TX is the asshole of america. I lived there for 9 months in 2011. Triflin!!!!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:43am MD:

I saw BALROG this morn on my commute to was a nj plate...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:44am anne:

saw a plate on an old car in Chicagoland that said YUM 69 <giggles>
  10:44am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

+ Ike - ! Will checkit - !
Avatar 10:44am Jennique:

I read about the illegal vanity license plate thing and this article came up that Washington state denied "goesto11" because they don't get the Spinal Tap reference.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:44am G:

I bet "FATASSGUV" would not pass vetting.
  10:44am ~L:

I saw an NJ license plate "PSYCHO"
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:44am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm interested in starting unsubstantiated rumors. Fill in the blank:
Former Pope Benedict XVI will be taking over the WFMU time slot of _______.
Avatar 10:45am fred von helsing:

I guess "FKU 69" is straight out then
  10:45am earrie:

Cue the bell ringing priest from Cinema Paradiso.
Or ?
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 10:45am Snortley:

Co-host schedule, so far:
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:46am Vivian:

Wait, what was the license plate again? Missed it..
  10:46am F⊙F⊙ (:

Cheri Pi,

Oh, i see..

Hello doggy, hello dog!

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch Cheri pi!!!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:46am G:

pirated draft cohost scheds.

proprietary corporate info leak!!!!
  10:46am irban:

TIHTHO I think
Avatar 10:46am hamburger:

thanks Snortley!
  10:46am paulWCBN:

lol at TIH2HO
  10:47am irban:

Oh Shit! I get it.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:48am Vivian:

Tee hee, I got it! Silly NJ DMV..
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:48am MD:

Jeff Sarg's show Sunday mornig...but the "retired" Pope has to play songs of love and JA of course...Ken what do ya think???
  10:49am ~L:

I can see why they don't allow POLICE on a license plate, but most of the list is made up of various SNAFU combos? Is SNAFU a bad word?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am Caryn:

No-one tell Oprah "vajay-jay" is not allowed. She'd be so upset.
Avatar 10:50am Detroit Mac:

Christie has done everything possible to retard the opening and delivery of the medical pot laws. A friend was in charge of part of this implementation, thinks everything legal is being done to discourage any success of this program. They even sent the specially grown supply to Amsterdam for chemical analysis (adding 6 weeks to the supply timeline).
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:50am G:

Just another bureaucratic DMV snafu.
Avatar 10:50am KP:

Cheri Pi, thanks for Mac and Knuckles.
  10:51am Sam:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:51am crateslinger:

What was the music behind Ken a minute ago? Glockenspiel Bob Marley and Tren Reznor? Who was that?
  10:52am earrie:

Imagine the waggle of that theocratic bell
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:52am Caryn:

Did Ken get inspired by Bassey's Oscars performance?
  10:53am amEdeo:

Avatar 10:54am KP:

Adele was strangely subdued and an off key. Maybe Ted upset her.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:54am Caryn:

Oh, almost fainting Tommy Jones...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:56am Caryn:

@KP: I love the "Hathaway turned Adele's mic down so that it could be all about her win" joke.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:57am Ken:

Yeah! Adele was NOT fabulous. What bullshit.
Avatar 10:57am Jennique:

James Bond theme request: Hombre Secreto by the Plugz from the Repo Man soundtrack.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:57am MD:

the THUNDER BALL theme just became the new GOLD FINGER for me....THANKS KEN...XOXO!
  10:57am F⊙F⊙ (:

Hey peoples!

Have you heard about BabyMetal? It's Puffy Amiyumi + Sigh + t.A.T.u!! Best combination ever!

If you haven't heard Babymetal you cannot say you have musical wisdom..teeth.

Avatar 10:57am Jeff:

I betcha can't say anything like "thunderball" on your NJ license plate.
  10:57am Michael:

Ken: Seriously:: Ask your oral surgeon or dentist to prescribe 'viscous Lidocaine' for you; it's like what you're using, but much stronger. I hope that you're feeling better soon, and can get an implant if you want such.
  10:57am JJZ:

I expect that it's from the Rockabye Baby series of CDs of greatest hits type stuff in kid friendly sleepytime form.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 10:57am G:

The federal govt right now is deciding whether to hedge back or override the CO and WA laws. An interim document just came out yesterday. That's really the center ring in this circus. -- I know people who work in that area on the west coast, and the feds have been their problem the last few years.
Avatar 10:57am KP:

Ooh I missed that, much as Adele missed the last note.
  10:58am Jack:

Great, must be oscar inspired. Love Petra, her Who Sells Out also great, for more Bond, Sex Mob did a whole CD of Bond music. Love the show!
  10:58am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Oprah & Chris Christie...(*shudder*)...
  10:58am Sam:

Wow this is fantastic. It's not the same James Taylor who sucks, is it?
Avatar 11:00am βrian:

Did you see the team below feverishly trying to resuscitate the microphone?
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:00am G:

The Oscars sucked? STOP THE PRESSES!!!
Avatar 11:00am Dan B From Upstate:

Not enough John Barry in that Bond Montage.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:01am Caryn:

I still remember the 60s tv rendition of Goldfinger where the set design was go-go girls tied up in giant spider webs. What can I say? It's memorable.

And seriously, that Bond montage could've been done better by an 8-year-old with a PC. Sheesh... At least Bassey finished strong, after a shaky start.
  11:02am ~L:

Ken, Since your comedy class ended, do you want to try songwriting next? It's free!
Avatar 11:02am KP:

Caryn, exactly right about Bassey Big finish is all you need. Adele was bad, esp at end. it was puzzling.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:03am Adrian in London:

No more Mudds Up? What a shame, that;s one of my favourite shows on the station.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:03am Ike:

Give it to Lamin?
Avatar 11:04am Cecile:

Kevin Ayers died?

I second Ike's idea.
  11:06am F⊙F⊙ (:


What do you mean comedy ended for Ken ?
Avatar 11:07am northguineahills:

I third Ike's idea.
Avatar 11:07am βrian:

I always thought Amanda had universal appeal.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:07am Planet Tyler:

Are we in a Lucio Fulci movie right now?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:07am tim from champaign:

I was hoping for 2 hours of Lamin to fill in the Mudd Up hole. I love Lamin's show. No offense to SSD. I'll miss Mudd Up too.
  11:08am paulWCBN:

WOAH. i love this so much. i need more of this. thank you ken.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:09am Planet Tyler:

Nevermind, here comes the flute! That's even scarier
  11:09am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

First Babymetal in the Microwave joke - ?
- Anyone - ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am Caryn:

Dammit, remembered the giant spider web, forgot about the weird dude playing Goldfinger, go-go girls were in another part of the same show:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:12am Ike:

Can Ken *really* stop Andy from losing the will to live for two hours, even during the marathon?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:13am Caryn:

@Ike: maybe that's his cunning plan. Perhaps Andy changed his will a few weeks back in Ken's favour, and this is Ken's way of driving Andy to suicide to get the dough?
  11:14am Sam:

This would segue well into the Tokyo complaints choir
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:15am Caryn:

Or any of the other complaints choirs, who are composing complaints about why Tokyo gets all the attention.
  11:15am Sam:

Oh that's what you really mean when you say lose the "will" to live!
  11:17am F⊙F⊙ (:

If I die and go to heaven (wishful thinking) I'd like to have this children sing in there with the angels.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am Stevel:

This music is making me comatose. That's a good thing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am Caryn:

Damn straight, Sam. Ken will probably have a pun about that as he watches Andy die and cackles evilly while wringing his hands like a silent movie baddie.
Avatar 11:18am fred von helsing:

yeah baby !
  11:18am F⊙F⊙ (:

Hold on. I was living in the Midnight Cowboy past. Fast forwarding to the Wicked Game present!
Avatar 11:19am fred von helsing:

Whoa! The favestars are rotating again!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:19am G:

German: "Victim of this Song". no commert!
Avatar 11:19am Dave B:

at low volume, I thought this was Wing singing....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:20am Caryn:

She did go to a Wing place there for a while.
Avatar 11:21am sFrances from VA:

This Les Reines Prochaines is making me unbelievably happy.
  11:22am paulWCBN:

i never realized that that band looked like this:
  11:23am F⊙F⊙ (:

How can someone can think of Wing singing?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Pete from Boston (and NJ):

The government should use Les Reines Prochaines to deliver bad news, simultaneously scaring and calming us.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Caryn:

Gif-wise: Either someone has wrapped her jacket over her in the tightest way possible, or that place has the most sophisticated hospital gowns ever.
Avatar 11:25am Dave B:

@F⊙F⊙ (:

Some might say she is just "wing"ing it!
  11:25am DJ Clem:

I could listen to daxophone music all day.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am Ken:

Caryn, have I EVER made a pun?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am Brian C.:

Tangental topic I've always wondered about, does "finger" rhyme with "singer"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:27am Caryn:

@Ken: hey, if you do decide to make a pun once in your life, you'd pick a special occasion, like when you have driven a long-time friend to his death.
Avatar 11:27am Cecile:

This sounds like a Rednex track - after they completely lost their minds.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:27am G:

Not unless you're from Lon Gisland, Brian
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am Caryn:

@Brian C: only in some regional accents
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am rsj:

best gif ever, i love the panic looks
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am Caryn:

@Cecile: have you ever seen Matmos and Rednex in the same room?
Avatar 11:29am Cecile:

ah ha!
Avatar 11:32am Cecile:

wow, when Arrington turn into Mutabaruka?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:33am Caryn:

@Cecile: this is just what happened when he tried singing using the WFMU Disc Jockey Control Center.
  11:34am clueless in MI:

Caryn: you were referring to Gert Frobe?
Avatar 11:34am Cecile:

Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:35am G:

oops :)
Avatar 11:36am Cecile:

why do you still have that POS?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:36am Caryn:

@clueless: if you mean my "weird dude playing Goldfinger" comment, I mean the weird dude in the tv show I linked to, not Mr. Frobe. Seriously, dude just sits there making faces! With a frigging monocle!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:36am G:

Computer from Dell?

or Computer from Hell?
Avatar 11:37am Dave B:

sounded like Ondar....
Avatar 11:37am Cecile:

Put it in a little boat and have a Viking funeral during Diane's show.
Avatar 11:37am Cecile:

that way you can throw it in the river AND set it on fire.
  11:37am Lucy:

Viking funeral!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:37am Caryn:

Viking funeral, Ken. (essentially a combo of the first two ideas)
Avatar 11:37am Cecile:

hahahhaha Caryn.
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:37am G:

It got tired, the poor old thing
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:37am Caryn:

Jinx, people!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:38am Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Serves you right. This late in your show, all the animated .GIFs and comments on your playlist cripple my browser.
Avatar 11:38am Jeff:

I'll help you destroy that Dell anytime you want. Just say the word.
Avatar 11:38am duke:

Ken You can download more ram
Avatar 11:39am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and all the Wooden Shjips at sea.
Avatar 11:39am Cecile:

Viking Funeral!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:39am G:

The internet's exponential rate of bandwidth increase was designed precisely to cripple and kill older software and hardware. It's not a bug, it's a feature.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:40am Pete from Boston (and NJ):

So you're just going to pretend like M80s don't exist.
  11:41am Neg-guh-tor:

That cumputer shore got some pretty teeth.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:42am Caryn:

Adapted viking funeral, Keith Moon edition: get hotel room, stuff Dell into toilet cistern, throw cherry bomb or M80 in after it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:45am Caryn:

Of course, to minimise the monetary setback to you, use one of the post-Sandy abandoned, about-to-be-torn-down home's toilets instead. Less like Moon, but less hassle.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:48am Caryn:

Surely, the apple would fall under "bong"? Or "munchies"? Either way, doesn't need its own entry in that list.
  11:56am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- Love Keeefy Moon @ least as much as next person
- but anybody not read my Stupid Bachelor Story yet - ?? :
- ...leave your toilet well alone is my advice...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:56am Mike East:

@Caryn - I think the apple is a backup for the bong, which is a backup for the pipe, which is a backup for the papers. Also, I never made one, but I think the apple trick makes more of a pipe, not a bong...could be wrong though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:58am Asheville Jon:

good bye
  11:59am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...& you can eat the apple afters - brilliant...get high, eat Apple, flush Dell - light CherryBombs...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:01pm Ike:

Months? MONTHS? Don't be ridiculous. Nobody wants to hear that. Give it to Lamin.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:01pm Ken:

Bye all!
Avatar 12:18pm Van in DC:

  2:59pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Take 2:
...You can smoke thru the Apple - get high
- eat the Apple, flush the Dell, snub Adele
- & light the CherryBombs...
- Big Finish.
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